Your Life Pt 5 (by Remarkable_Sue)

“Gowdie hewp!” Goldie examines the area around the stream. Her sharp eyes spot something down the stream. There was a rock dam, but she quickly noticed that the dam was half gone.

Dulcie had followed and saw the dam.

“Oh… Duwcie stiww nu can get nummies…” Dulcie lowers her head in dismay, but She feels the embrace of Goldie.

“It am otay! Gowdie knu what tu do!” Goldie proclaimed. She lets go of dulcie and comes to a dead tree.

Goldie examined the height and she looked to the rock dam to compare the height. She nods her head and she goes behind that dead tree. Goldie used all her might to push and push that dead tree down. The soft dirt let the tree come loose easily enough for her to push it down fully.

“Tada! Gowdie make path fow Dulcie!” Goldie turns to Dulcie who is cheering and jumping in place. She steps into the dead tree and follows Goldie to the other side of the large stream. She happily got to eat some yummy plants.

Gowldie earned +1 in strength.

5 / 10 ----> 6 / 10

Goldie let Dulcie eat to her heart’s content before her belly is full.

“Wets gu back to boxy nestie. Dat am nyu wand fow Gowdie’s hewd.” Goldie proclaimed. Cloud, Sky, and Dulcie all tapped their hooves and agreed.

“Mummah am su smawt!” Sky claimed.

Everyone had a drink of water before following Goldie back to those boxes. Everyone now claimed a box, but Goldie notices that some of the boxes had colored tops. Three are light blue, two are white, three more are black, four are red, and here appeared to only be one yellow box.

Sky chose the box with a light blue top, Cloud chose a box with a black top, and Dulcie is in one of the boxes that have a white top.

“Dat am weird… Bu’ Gowdie chooses…”

  • Claim the second box with a white top
  • Claim one of the boxes with a red top
  • Claim one of the boxes with a light blue top
  • Claim one of the boxes with a black top
  • Claim the only box with a yellow top

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