“You’re A Bad Mummah!” Chapter 16 [By MostlyNeutralbox]

Chapter 16: New Leggies

Erik finally knew what he had to do for Sleet. He had to give her hope. He had to give her legs. Not literally, of course. Brownie’s leg was expensive, and Erik didn’t think he had rubber bands big enough to bind Sleet without snapping. No, what he needed was temporary legs…ones he could take away if she got too uppity. After all, she was getting her spirit back. Erik never wanted Sleet to be in a Wan Die loop and this would help. As for the legs he’d done his research. There was a whole market for legs, abusive or not. Erik went to the abusive section. He found a nice pair. The legs could be dyed in whatever color was needed, and could cradle the fluffy to help support them…but the connections to the stumps were sharp. Sleet would be able to walk, but each step would be painful for her. It was perfect. Erik could hardly contain his glee as he chose a grey color for the legs and placed his order.

When they arrived, Erik took Sleet out. “I have a surprise for you Sleet. You’ve been such a good fluffy recently.” He said. “So…I‘ve decided to get you some leggies!”

Sleet gasped, looking up at her daddeh. She almost made peepees in excitement! “Weggies? Weawwy, daddeh?” She asked, her tail wagging.

Erik nodded. “I know you’ve been asking about them, even though you never had them, so I bought some online.” He remembered his little lie to her, gaslighting Sleet into thinking she never had legs. “They look just like they could be your leggies.” Erik took them out with a flourish. Four short, fluffy looking legs that ended in soft pads that looked close enough to fluffy hooves. He saw Sleet staring at the leggies with utter awe. Erik suspected he could have sprouted angel wings and Sleet would have a similar reaction.

“Let’s put them on.” He told Sleet, and had her lay on her back so it was easier to fit them on.

“Hehe…Seet wong way upsies!” Sleet giggled, not minding being on her back a few minutes.

Erik had the leggies strapped snugly to her body, but she wouldn’t feel the pain until her weight rested on the false legs. Looking at them now, they did look just like fluffy legs. Erik knew Sleet’s legs were different, but he wasn’t willing to spend that much extra when Sleet wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, even if they were a completely different color. Besides…she knew these were new leggies, not grown leggies. He’d see if she even remembered the other day. “Alright, lets get you right side up!” He told her. He happily lifted her, then turned her right side up, relishing the moment he set her on the pokey legs. The moment of truth.

“SCREEEEEE! OWIES!” Sleet’s face twisted in pain as she hopped, er, waddled from one hoof to the other. It was futile, as there was no way for a fluff to escape the pain of Owie Leggies. Erik watched a few seconds with a grin barely hidden behind his hand.

Finally Sleet escaped the pain by falling onto her rump, but overbalanced to end up on her back. “Huuuhuuu….wai weggies gib huwties?” She asked.

“Uh oh, Sleet.” Erik said, feigning concern. “It looks like even the fake leggies know you were bad. These leggies don’t even want to be your leggies.”

“Nuuu! Seet wan weggies!” Sleet flailed in a panic.

“I won’t take away your new leggies. But they’re going to be hurting you. I think you need to prove to these leggies that you’re a good fluffy.” Erik would feel bad for this once beloved fluffy if she hadn’t gone full bitch mare. Now…well, he’d see how long she could last before the next f-ck up. He’d gotten himself into this situation by giving her too many chances. He wasn’t going to do it again.

Sleet nodded. “Seet show weggies am gud fwuffy” she said with determination.

“Good girl. Now lets play. It’s been a while since we played ball, right?”

“BAWW! Seet wan pway baww wif daddeh!” Sleet’s tail wagged happily.

“Alright, go get it and bring it over.” Erik told her.

It was entertaining, to watch the fluffy wince with each step as she waddled over to the low toy box, and grab her favorite ball. It was sparkly gray with white stars. It was made for little kids not just for fluffies, but Sleet liked it because it looked like her. She waddled over in pain, and nosed the ball over to Erik when she was in range.

Erik rolled the ball back, overshooting it a bit so Sleet had to turn and chase it. She looked like she was caught between happiness and pain with her new leggie joints digging into the stumps she didn’t know she had. Erik’s ploy of making Sleet think she was born legless was still going strong. The fluffy wouldn’t even know why she was so distressed when touched there.

It took only three minutes for Sleet’s pain to be too much for fun and she flopped onto the ground. “Huuuhuuuu….weggie huwties….” She cried.

Erik smirked. “Alright, lets get you back into your room.” He said. He picked Sleet up, holding her as if she didn’t disappoint him. He took her back to the closet, but when he set her down… “Do you want to keep your leggies on?” He asked.

Sleet nodded. “Seet wuv nyu weggies.” She sniffled.

“Right. I’m going to take Brownie for a bit.” Erik knew now he had to rehabilitate Brownie or get rid of her. If he let her stay with Sleet, Sleet would kill her. But if he kept her with the rest of the babbehs, they could get hurt, especially since he was still taking care of Goldenrod’s behavior issues. He couldn’t let her go full smarty and corrupt Goldenrod…or even worse, hurt the babbehs more. Cloudy was still sour about her wing being damaged…so…he would probably need to keep her in the bathtub. “I’m sure you can become a good fluffy, Sleet. You were once. You just have to work at it.”

Erik snatched up Brownie, who eeeped in surprise, her legs still bound by a rubber band.

“Daddeh? Time for weggies nao?” She asked.

“We’ll see.” He told her. “For now, we’re going to move you to a new room.”

“Nyu woom? Bwonie haf nyu housie?” She asked, perking up.

“Sort of. Sleet has leggies now so we can’t keep you two together.” He pet her head with a thumb.

“Huuu….scawy fwuffy.”

“She’s trying to be good. Like you should be trying.” He said. “Brownie, how could you think you’d be smarter than your daddeh? I take such good care of you and your siblings. It gives me heart hurties when you do stuff like that.” He looked at Brownie as they arrived in the bathroom.

Brownie shivered to be in the bathroom. The coldest room in the house other than the basement, and the place she’d had the most bad experiences in. Bathtime and punishments. Why were they in here? She hadn’t made any bad poopies or peepees. “Daddeh? Whewe nyu housie?” She asked.

“We’re here, Brownie.” Erik said.

“Buh…whewe nestie? Whewe toysies?”

“Bad fluffies don’t get those things. And you’ve been a bad fluffy.” Erik said, setting Brownie in the tub before freeing her legs. “All you get are your leggies. I’ll bring in some food and water later.” Erik planned to still give her ‘Bad Mushies’ punishment food. A mash that was horribly bitter, but it was very nutritious.

“Bu daddeh! Bwonie sowwy! Wan nestie! Wan toysies!” Brownie protested, batting her hooves on the tub floor, having a tantrum. “Nu faiw!” She protested. “Wan toysies! Wan wan WAN!” She broke into huuuhuuus, and Erik only shook his head and left, debating whether to turn the lights on or off. He heard a splatter of shit against the tub, and turned out the lights, shutting the door as well. He’d let her stew in her shit.

Now…the micros. They’d had some time to settle into their little home, so he’d see how they were doing and give them names. He planned to give them simple color scheme or food names. They were just abuse toys, so it didn’t have to be anything special. He went over to the micro enclosure to see how they were doing.

Let’s see…what did he have? Ah. The first one he’d chosen; red peagusus a white mane. A crybaby. He looked a bit in rougher shape, crying in the corner, a few hoof marks on him. Looks like his weaker nature got him in trouble. He would name him…Apple. He had been sweet in the shop, but he was just easy abuse and stress relief for the others.

Next…ah. The blue and darker blue tantrum throwing unicorn. He was enfing away at one of the mares. He looked like he was enjoying himself. Bratty, blue…he’d call him Violet. After the little brat in that Willy Wonka factory. Swelled up like a blueberry after not listening. The bratty one looked like he was on his way to being smarty.

The last one…light green with a yellow mane. An earthy. He was by the food section and looked fatter than usual…his legs didn’t even touch the ground. Erik sighed, realizing he may have to make sure that one manually mates. Apple too, so he didn’t get inbred foals. They never lasted long, and were stillborn. He didn’t pay money for these microfoals for them to only last two of their generations. He’d name this one…Piggy. It suited him.

Apple, Violet, and Piggy. His boys.

Now for the girls…

The one being enfed was the one who’d threw a tantrum wanting babbehs. Purple with a blue mane. Well, violet was already taken…so he’d name her Indigo. So she’d match her little sex fiend stallion. She was sure to have plenty of babbehs. She was an earthie.

Next was…ah. The fluffershy failure. As tempting as it was to name her her that…it was a bit too long. She looked like she could be a match for Apple. They could be cowards together. He’d call her…Butter.

Finally…the last mare that was…on the move. Lavender with a pink mane. She waddled over to Piggy and started humping the side of him. Yikes. What would he call her? Nymph? Yes, that worked. Well, he decided to interfere a little. He reached in, and sat Piggy on his rear, holding him up.

“Daddeh?” Piggy asked, looking up at him. “Wha doin?”

“Helping you.” Erik said. “One of the girls wants to have babbehs.” He nodded to Nymph, who wasted no time. “I’ve decided to name you all. You’re Piggy, and Nymph.” He said to them.

“Wuv nyu namsie! Wuv gud feews!” Piggy exclaimed, clapping his front hooves which made a soft ‘plaf’ sound as they made contact.

“Wuv gud feews!” Nymph exclaimed, apparently not giving a sh-t about her new name. Ah well.

Next two… He grabbed Butter, and put her by Apple. “You two are Butter and Apple.” He said. “You should make friends.” He told them.

Butter looked elated to have a name but hid with a squeak to see another fluffy.

Apple teared up both from the name and the hiding. “Nyu fwiend? Nu hides! Pway!” He poked her a few times with a hoof, only to get a small squeak each time.

“Uh…keep at it, Apple. She’s just shy.” Erik said. If Butter didn’t want to have any kids…well, he could just use one of Indigos to mate with Apple, and he’d see how much it took to scare a microfluffy to death.

Now…for the happy couple. Violet had fallen off Indigo with a cry of ‘GUD FEEWS’ and was on his back, his little chest heaving like he ran a marathon. Erik smirked a bit. “You two are Violet and Indigo.” He said, patting which one was which.

“Viwet is fiwwie namsie!” Violet protested, puffing up his cheeks.

“No it’s not.” Erik said gently, as if placating him. “It’s a color. And a flower. Don’t you want to have a pretty name?”

The microfluffy seemed torn between his programming of playing nice or having a name he didn’t like. It seemed the programming won, just barely. “W-wuv nyu namsie, daddeh.” He mumbled, looking away.

“Wuv nyu namsie, daddeh! Ingo is soon mummah!” Indigo happily exclaimed.

Erik beamed. “That’s fantastic news!” He said. “Good job telling me, Indigo. You’ll be getting special soon mummah food for your tummeh babies. You and Nymph.” He said, having set Piggy back down, and hearing Nymph talking about her tummeh babbehs. Piggy was…back to eating. Maybe when he’d outlived his usefulness Erik would plug him up, and see how long it takes him to pop.

“I’m glad to see you all getting along.” He said, as if Apple wasn’t still beaten up in the corner. “I’ll come back tonight with the new food.” He left, only after checking his phone to make sure the camera was online and at a good angle.

Next…the foals. Goldenrod hopefully learned his lesson, and the other foals should be playing. Hopefully Cloudy was better by now.

He went into the room, and sighed.

Goldenrod. He’d dragged his diaper on the ground until it tore, so now there was shit in the playroom, and Goldenrod was trying to hide in the corner, shit stained ass in the air. The other foals were complaining about the smell. Peppermint noticed him first.

“Daddeh!” She exclaimed, running over, pawing at his leg. “Daddeh, Gowdenwod make bad poopies! Babbehs gud! Make gud poopies in wittabox!” She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

Erik nodded, kneeling down and avoiding the shit. “I believe you, Peppermint. Good girl for telling me.” He pet her gently, which caused her to coo. “Go play with your siblings. I have a mess to clean up and an alicorn to punish.”

Peppermint let out a scaredy fart at the idea of anyone getting punished, but ran off to play with Cloudy. They were rolling a ball back and forth. Sunrise was cuddled up with Knight. Sunrise was watching FluffTV, while Knight used Sunrise like a pillow. Adorable. Erik sighed and got the cleaning supplies, cleaning the floor, getting closer and closer to Goldenrod. Some scaredy poopies dribbled out of him and Erik sighed. Now he lifted up the scared foal, the remnants of his diaper around his waist. “Goldenrod. The diaper was put on you to prevent you from making a mess. And now you’ve made a mess.” His voice was cold. “I kept you out of all the foals because I thought you were a good, kind fluffy. You’re starting to be a bad fluffy like Brownie.”

The foals all gasped. Brownie was known as the worstest fluffy ever! She tried to be a smarty, and even hurt Cloudy!

Goldenrod started to sob. “Su sowwy, daddeh! Gowdenwod pwomise be gud!”

“You’ve promised that many times now, Goldenrod. You’ve stolen miwk, you ruined the diaper, you’ve made messes. You’re getting the sorry stick and spending the night in the sorry box.” Erik decided.

“Nuuuhuuhhuhhuuuu!” Goldenrod started to cry, his tail between his legs.

“More than that, you need a bath.” Erik said. He had finished cleaning the floor, so he took Goldenrod to the bath, wincing as the smell hit him. Right. Brownie was here too. He’d have to clean Goldenrod in the sink. He placed him in there, and looked over at Brownie.

“Daddeh! Housie nu smeww pwetty!” She protested as he set down some food and water he stepped outside to get. It was in the closet right outside the bathroom after all. Water was from the skink.

“That’s too bad, Brownie. Too bad you pooped on the walls. It’s your fault.” He said with sympathy.

“Buh…nee cleanies!” Brownie claimed.

“Nah. I don’t feel like cleaning right now. I just cleaned Goldenrod’s mess.” He said, and turned away to ignore Brownie’s whining and protesting.

He focused on Goldenrod, turning on the warm water. After taking off the diaper from around his waist, he stuck the foal’s lower body under the water, ignoring his flails and screams.

“Wawa bad fo fluffies!” Goldenrod cried, his little leggies waving in a frenzy.

“No it’s not.” He said. “You’re not going to get hurt while I’m holding you.” He said. He cleaned off Goldenrod and dried him. The fluffy looked a bit calmer after he was cleaned.

“Tank you, daddeh.” Goldenrod said, his tail wagging a bit.

“You still need to be punished.” Erik said, and Goldenrod’s tail then drooped.

Erik got out the sorry stick, and gave Goldenrod ten whacks on the rear. Then applied a new diaper. “If you don’t mess up this diaper, maybe you won’t have to wear one anymore.” Erik said, coaxingly. He pet Goldenrod’s head and put him back in his room, shutting the bathroom light off again.

Putting him back in the sorry box in the now clean room, Erik went to check on Cloudy. She didn’t have to wear a bandage anymore, and the scar was tiny. Her fur had the slightest little kink along the scar line. He gave her pets. “Looking good, Cloudy.” He said. “You’re a pretty fluffy, even with one wing.” He assured her.

“Weawwy daddeh?”

“Really, princess.”

“Daddeh, am Cwoudy, nu pwincess.”

Erik chuckled, having forgotten Fluffies usually took to that one name, and forgot most other terms of endearment. “Yes you are.” He said. He looked over Peppermint, who was doing a simple sliding puzzle. It only had three pieces. “Good job, Peppermint.” He said. “You’re so clever.” As many mistakes as Erik had made, even he knew not to call a fluffy ‘smart’. So he used other words.

For his two lazier boys…well, Sunrise had been playing earlier. “Are you learning, Sunrise?” He asked.

Sunrise looked over at him. “Yus, daddeh. Sunwise wearn how to be dancie babbeh.” He said, his tail wagging.

Knight was still snoozing away, snoring lightly.

“I’ll assume Knight is having a good dream.” Erik said. “See you later, my little fluffies.”

Erik left, feeling rather accomplished today. He had plans, but they needed time to come to fruition.


good to see this continued


One of my favorite series, always a pleasure to get another installment




I love how sweetly he treats the good fluffies, it warms the cockles of my heart!

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I love this story with a burning passion.


Ah I hope more of this comes along. I’d be interested to know how he justifies treating micros as disposable abuse toys while he at least tries to convince himself he takes good care of the other fluffies.

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More is coming. I’m working on the story right now, just stuck on a few parts.
I’m definitely trying to show how hypocritical Erik is. Convincing himself that this abuse is fine. It’s okay because they’re brats.

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Hey at least you’re addressing it, a lot of stories don’t think anything through that far!