Ye Olde Fluffy I – Mendicant upon my Homestead (Commissioned for RandomAp) (InfraredTurbine)

Deus Vult!

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Oh, definitely.

William Shakespear made up words to hit the syllable pattern that sounded best and everyone started imitating it, modern English is basically Doctor Seuss speak.

We dropped so many letters and so much punctuation that the rules no longer make sense and have to rediscover/repopularize shit.

We just straight up steal words from other languages. We forget how to spell and speak words in English sometimes so when we start using them again we just go with whatever language the English speaking academics are weaboo for this generation.

The only issue is when people pretend English is some kind of respectable pedigree, instead of being the radioactively mutated offspring of one of those Mexican hairless dogs and a two-headed possum.


yeah in Brazil we tend to “transform into verbs” a lot of english words.
Nowadays ppl started to realized how important is to learn it and how beyond you can go once you speak it.
I’m an English teacher around here and yep, I’d call it a radioactive possum who colided with another one in an aerial colision near a nuclear plant