"World Tour" Part 3 by NobodyAtAll

Part 2

While Calvin is stalling the Caldroid, several miles away, the ChaotiX squad sent to Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock, works on retrieving the Omega Drive hidden there.

This squad consists of Miles, Future Quin, both Marleys, Danny, Reilly, and Ghost.

As the coordinates indicate that the Drive is somewhere inside the massive rock formation, Danny and Ghost have phased into it.

Meanwhile, Miles and Future Quin hover high above Uluru, staring off into the distance, towards the site of Calvin’s battle with his doppelganger.

Future Quin looks especially worried.

“Last time around, my dad lost this fight.”

Miles looks at him.

“How did I die? How did we all die?”

“After the Caldroid killed Dad, it went berserk. It was furious that it had been beaten. It headed straight to the School, and killed everyone there. At least, everyone it hadn’t already killed after being activated. And after that, it just didn’t stop.”

“So… so how many people were left?”

“I can’t give you an exact number, Miles. But from what Uncle Victor said… not a whole lot. There weren’t any fluffies left, either, except Marley and Scarface. So, if my Victor and Scarface are still alive, Scarface is the last of his kind.”

Miles rubs his chin as he thinks.

“What’ll happen to them if we win, anyway? Will that timeline still exist? Or will it be replaced with the new one?”

“Time travel doesn’t work like that, you heard Stahlberg. As Uncle Victor explained it, the two of us going to the past created a branching timeline. It is possible to go to the past of your own timeline, but that takes a lot more power than we had to work with. So the changes we’re making here won’t affect anything back there. And there’s probably also a timeline where the future Caldroid showed up, but we didn’t. I’m guessing you guys lose in that timeline, too.”

“Harsh, but not inaccurate. So what are you gonna do if we win? Are you two just gonna go home?”

Future Quin shrugs.

“I have an unpleasant feeling that there isn’t anything left back there for us. I know how hard it is to kill Uncle Victor and Scarface, but something tells me the Caldroid found a way. So I think we’ll probably just stay here. I’d like to see what the world’s like when it isn’t destroyed. Everyone I care about is alive here. I was only a baby when it all went down, so I can barely remember what it was like back then.”

“You mean back now.

Future Quin rolls his eyes.

“Don’t start that shit with me, Miles.”

Miles cracks a grin.

“Language, young man!”

Because of all the shit Miles had gotten for swearing when he first enrolled at the School, he deeply enjoys the chance to put someone else on the receiving end.

“Young man? I’m almost 17, Miles. You only turned 16 a few months ago. I’m older than you.”

Miles’ grin gets even wider.

“I’m pretty sure you’re only about a year old, actually.”

Future Quin groans.

“I said don’t start that shit, Miles.”

If Miles’ grin could get any wider, his head would be split in half.

“I’m gonna wash your mouth out with soap if you don’t stop swearing, you naughty little potty mouth.”

“Aaaarrrrgh! Stop it!”

Several miles off the Australian coast, the Caldroid finally came to a stop when it crashed into a cruise ship.

The ship is now sinking.

As the Caldroid floats above the ship, it watches the humans, fluffies, and various other non-humans aboard the ship making their way to the lifeboats, or helping others do so.

It points a hand at the ship, in blasting position, and calls out to everyone aboard.


Everyone looks up at the Caldroid, and they start to cheer, thinking they’ve been saved.



The entire ship, and everyone on or around it, is blown to smithereens.

Calvin catches up with the Caldroid too late to save them.

Still wreathed in white flames, he glares at the Caldroid with burning red eyes.

“You’re gonna suffer for that.”

The Caldroid turns to him, and starts laughing.

“I don’t think so! You can’t stop me. I told you that. You can’t kill me. You can’t even wound me, even if you hit me as hard as you can. All you can do is delay me. And even then, I can beat you by endurance alone. Because for all your power, you’re still just a frail little fleshbag, and I’m a unstoppable machine. This fight was over before it even began. I. Am. Inevitable. And I will achieve perfection.”

Calvin puts both hands out in front of him, readying his own energy blast.



And lets it rip.

A massive beam of white energy, as big as Calvin can muster, screams towards the Caldroid.

The Caldroid taps into the Omega Drive’s power once again, preparing to catch the beam with its bare hands.


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