"World Tour" Part 2 by NobodyAtAll

Part 1

In the Black Forest, the ChaotiX squad sent to Germany digs up whatever the Caldroid didn’t dig up.

This squad consists of Roland, Terra, Famke, Chakra, Susan and Xavier.

As Roland and Famke are moving the dirt around to search what’s left of the warren, Terra and Chakra dig a mass grave for the feral herd the Caldroid wiped out when they protested the destruction of their home.

Since Susan and Xavier are currently in their power armors, the identical expressions of disappointment on their faces aren’t visible.

“I think Cal was right, Xav. We’ve lost this one.”

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the squad sent there searches the ruins of a large building that was probably a house of ill repute.

This squad consists of Drake, Diablo, Annette, June, Greebo, Seth, Andre, Dwayne and Simone.

The bones of many humanoids are scattered across the place, and what’s left of the now non-functional neon sign outside proclaims that this place was called the T TT TW S R.

Seth and Andre look around at the mess, as Dwayne and Simone move the various heavy objects between the squad and the Drive.

“Sheeeeiiiit. The fuck happened here?”

Annette turns to Andre.

“Vampires. Theys ain’t all as nice as Henry. Judgin’ by the looka 'em, they’s been 'ere forra while.”

Seth turns to look at one skeleton, which seems to have been impaled by a falling chandelier.

“So these are vampire bones?”

June nudges a vampire skull with the tip of her boot.

Most witches tend to prefer big heavy boots.

“Ooh, I’ve talked to Henry about this. The vampires ya get in these parts is nasty little buggers. Some kinda mutated strain of vampirism. Make’s em look more like ghouls or snake monsters when they’re in feedin’ mode. Greebo, don’t touch that, you don’t know where it’s been.”

Greebo stops sniffing a small cross on a chain that someone had apparently shoved down one vampire’s throat.

Annette nods.

“I bets they wuz using this place t’lure victims in. They’d wants the kinda folks who nobody would miss. Criminals an’ lowlifes.”

Andre looks around again.

“Yeah, I’m trying to imagine this place in its prime, and I would not be able to resist. I bet they had every kinda pussy here.”

Drake and Diablo walk in, looking very concerned. Drake turns to the witches.

“We just looked out back, and there’s a huge temple under this place. We’re right on top of it. Looks real sinister. Lot of crashed trucks there, too. We’re gonna need to tell Des to send some wizards in to deal with that. He can’t do it, he’s working on the Sun Pearl project.”

“Dewe wuz sum weawwy mest up poopies guin awn hewe.”

June cracks a grin.

“I hope he finishes it soon, I’ve been tellin’ Henry he could do with a nice tan. He says he misses going to the beach.”

Annette disregards this, and turns to Drake.

“We’ll tell Des as soon as we’s gets back.”

“Guys! We found it!”

Dwayne and Simone run up, Dwayne holding a red Omega Drive.

Annette beams at Dwayne.

“Well done, you’se two. Where wuz it?”

Dwayne cracks a grin.

“In a lockbox under the floor. I think it was here for years, and these stupid bastards didn’t even know.

Dwayne gestures at the vampire bones strewn around the room.

Simone smiles smugly.

“Ha! Dummeh vam-piyahs. Dey onwy fowt abowt da booboo-joos.”

Andre cackles.

“See, that’s the problem with most vampires. They never think past the next meal. They waste so much time feeding, they never get any other shit done.”

Annette nods again.

“An’ even when they’s don’t gotta waste time feedin’, summa them still does it anyways. Summa them is still bitin’ people.”

“Yeah, but we cool with most of them niggas now. Long as they keep sipping the red drank Valerie made for them insteada bitin’ necks, ain’t none of them gotta get Belmonted. Most of them are as smart as Henry and Carmilla.”

Annette nods yet again.

“An’ the ones who ain’t don’t deserves no mercy. What does Belmonted mean?”

“Ya don’t play a lotta video games, do ya Annie?”

“Fer mosta my life, I’s couldn’t be ‘avin’ with them tekkno gizmos. I’s still can’t figure out 'ow to work the bloody controller.”

“Maybe start with something simple.”

I just barely dodge the yellow blast of energy the Caldroid fired at me, and as I’m flying away, I look back and see the smoke clear around the crater the blast made.

Jesus it’s huge. If I hadn’t dodged, I’d be dead.

I look around. Where’d the bastard go?

Then I see the Caldroid in the distance, flying towards the place that I know the Drive is hidden. No longer glowing yellow.

Ah, crap. I need to keep it away so the squad can get the Drive first.

I fly off in the same direction. I fly as fast as I can. I take out my blipper, and turn my body to steel. I keep my white flames burning around me.

When I hit my top speed, I blip out.


You can set the blipper to preserve your momentum, and I just did so. Don’t ask me how that works.

So, when I blip into the Caldroid’s path, I slam into it at maximum speed.




And send the bastard flying away from the Drive.

I have no idea where it’s gonna land.

Part 3