Working Mare [Part 6] By: Capgunboy

Working Mare

Part 6: Sketties

Be Ken, a stay at home father with a law degree; and you are freaking the fuck out. You’ve been looking all over the house looking for Blossom your 10 month old dandelion yellow fluffy. You were outside; keeping a safe eye on her while she trimmed the grass with her teeth. You had to go use the bathroom, so you decided that she would be safe enough since you were just going to be gone for a couple minutes. But your bowels decided that this would be a good time to try and purge everything you had ever eaten ever, so it took you a bit longer than was originally planned. When you got back to the yard you noticed that blossom was nowhere to be seen, and her cart was missing as well. You looked into Cheryl’s room to check and see if maybe she took Blossom for a walk, but there your daughter was, doing homework on her bed. You asked her if she’d seen Blossom, but she answered in the negative, thinking that she was supposed to be outside doing the yard work, like you had thought as well.

A little concerned, you looked anxiously around the house, the main floor, the upstairs bedrooms, and even the basement when the previous floors turn up nothing. She doesn’t appear to be anywhere in the house. You decided to go out into the yard again to check and see if maybe you just missed her the first time, when you noticed that the gate latch is unhooked…SHIT.

You panicked running back into the house you call Cheryl and she comes quickly due to the tone of your voice. You told her that you think Blossom must have gotten out and immediately she heads out to go searching the neighborhood. You were about to run out with her when the more logical side of yourself remembered that someone should stay home in case she came back and since Cheryl had just left and Carol was out with friends, it fell to you to remain behind pacing back and forth anxiously.

Scenarios begin running through your head as to what might have happened to your fluffy pony. Could she have been kidnapped? Had some abuser seen you walking her one day and had taken an interest in the yellow fluffy? What horrors might Blossom be enduring right now? That sick bastard could be beating her bloody with a metal pipe! Or shoving tacks and pins into her hooves and eyes! He could also be… you gulp at the prospect of what a potential perverted abuser might do to your innocent little Blossom. You think about calling the police, but you are unsure if they would actually do anything about it. The law and fluffy ponies is still hazy, as there are constant debates as to whether they are animals or just ‘biotoys’ as many of the pundits put it.

You remember that the cart was missing as well, so that tells you that she likely left on her own, though to what purpose, you cannot guess. You had attached a cord to the latch of the gate years ago so that your daughters could reach it when they were younger, you suppose that blossom could have reached it, but it would have been difficult for her to pull it open. You make a mental note to get the cord removed when this was all settled. You think though, that even if she got out under her own power, she still could have been abducted in the outside world, she had never been out on her own before, and you don’t know if her lessons on stranger danger ever actually stuck. Or if the lessons even mattered at all as if a human wanted to overtake a fluffy pony, it wouldn’t take much effort at all.

All this anxiety is making your stomach sour, you are about to go take some milk of magnesia in hopes to quell the sensation when you hear some tapping coming from the patio door. You rush over and see the small yellow fluffy with her hoof to the glass. When she sees you she smiles brightly and begins bouncing excitedly. You rush over to the door and slide it open with more force than is necessary, causing it to bang loudly when it reaches the end of the tracks.

Blossom starts in surprise and you shout “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN YOUNG LADY!” she squeals and tries to back away quickly, but instead knocks roughly into her cart knocking it over. Its contents spill onto the patio and the fluffy pony goes running to the bushes. You’re about to go out after her when you look down and see that in the cart… were some frozen spaghetti dinners… she went out for that? She must have gone to the corner gas station down the block. You have passed near it on your walks with her before, but why did she get so many? You count them and see five in total, and you realize that she must have gotten them for all of the family, you, your wife, your daughters and one for herself. You can’t confirm it of course, for all you know she bought all of them for herself; but the thought makes all the anxiousness and anger you were feeling melt away.

You rush out to the bush that Blossom is cowering behind. You kneel down slowly, not sure how approach her, and see her pressed against the fence, shaking uncontrollably with her front hooves over her face. You see that she has a tan strap wrapped around her midsection; you look back at the cart thinking that maybe she ripped the harness off it in her panic, but you see that the leather hoop is still intact there. You wonder what the strap is, but now is not the time.

“Huu huu, daddeh Ken scawwy…” you hear her mutter to herself.

“Blossom…” you say as calmly as possible, but still causing her to start when she realizes that you are right in front of her. “Blossom, I-I’m sorry that I lost my temper with you, I was just so scared when you disappeared like that…”

She lifts one of her hooves up and says “Bwossom s-s-sowwy sniff Bwossom just wanted to s-supwise Bwossom’s famwy wiff tasty sketties, Bwossom no m-mean to make daddeh Ken angwies sniff Bwossom s-s-sowwy”

So she did get them for your family, though you remember that she said her family, which told you that she considers you and the rest of the family as her own, which was a humbling thing to consider. You reach out and try to pet her on the head reassuringly, but she recoils, still scared that you might start shouting again. “It’s ok little one, I’m not angry anymore, please come out”

Slowly she lowers her hooves and asks “Daddeh Ken no yeww anymowe?”

“No, no more shouting Blossom, I promise, just please come out” you respond smiling, “But we do need to have a talk.”

The yellow fluffy slowly comes out from behind the push and nuzzles your outstretched hand; you pet her for a short time, calming her down. You then ask “Blossom, do you know why I was upset at you?”

She looks up at you with her brilliant green eyes, thinks for a moment and says “Bwossom leave house wiffout asking daddeh Ken or mummah Shewyw?”

“Exactly” you say, surprised that she guessed correctly on the first try. “But also because you thought it was ok to leave the house alone. You need to remember Blossom; there are people out there who would hurt you very badly just as soon as look at you.”

Blossom frowned and looked down at the grass. “Bwossom sowwy daddeh Ken, Bwossom nebbah weave again…”

“Well… let’s not be so hasty…” you pause, “what you did, despite worrying us near to death, was very sweet and thoughtful; so I think that as long as you ask us, and have one of us with you when you go out… it should be ok from now on.”

Blossom looked up her eyes shimmering, “Weawwy?”

“Yes, really” you reply. Blossom smiles brightly and begins bouncing in joy, “But!” you say holding up a finger “you have to promise that you will ask us when you want to go out shopping, is that clear?”

The fluffy pony looks up at you, a familiar determined look returning to her face “Bwossom Pwomise daddeh Ken, Bwossom no go out wifout famwy”

“Alright then,” you say, satisfied; “now let’s get that spaghetti into the freezer before it thaws completely.”

You head into the house, the yellow fluffy bouncing at your side as you walk. You scoop up the instant dinners as you enter the house and put them into the freezer. You had initially planned on making some beef biryani for dinner, but you suppose the family won’t be too disappointed with instant spaghetti, especially after hearing what Blossom went through to get it; though you realize that you should probably leave out the instant part of the description when presenting the dinner to your family. You look down at the fluffy pony and remember about the tan strap around her. “Oh yeah,” you ask; “I forgot to ask what that thing around you is.”

“This?” says Blossom, sitting back on her hind legs revealing her belly. You see that the strap is actually a fanny pack, your fanny pack… from the nineties… needless to say you haven’t worn it for years for a multitude of embarrassing reasons. “Mummah Shewyw gave this to Bwossom, saying that Bwossom could use it to carry her munnies when Bwossom goes on ewwands!”

Oh crap, you realize you forgot about Cheryl. You quickly call her cell phone and explain that Blossom had come home on her own and she tells you that she is on her way back, feeling relieved.

At dinner that night, before anyone could notice, you quickly prepared the spaghetti and plated it so no one would guess that it was from an instant dinner. Your family gathered at the table sans Carol who was still out with her friends, your wife Mary, while confused at the lack of Biryani, was content with spaghetti, stating how proud she was of Blossom’s bravery in acquiring it. She had heavy bags under her eyes from the long day, even though it was the weekend, she generally used them time to consult with the police and gathered information to help her in her investigations.

You had set up a short stool at one corner of the table in between you and Cheryl where you allowed Blossom to sit; thinking that actually letting her sit in one of the chairs was a step too far. You had never given Blossom spaghetti before, and she looked at it with a voracious look in her eyes. However, she somehow managed to control herself until you had started eating as well; then she dug in like there was no tomorrow. You make another mental note that if you were to ever do this again, you would tie a napkin around her neck beforehand, as she was getting red sauce all over herself. The spaghetti was surprisingly good for instant stuff; it was well seasoned and there was no dried out noodles. After dinner, Cheryl did the dishes as it was her chore, and you took Blossom into the bathroom to get the tomato sauce out of her fluff. Mary went into her study to do more work; though not before complimenting you and Blossom for a good dinner.

Blossom wriggled uncomfortably during the bath, but managed to not freak out, and while you were rinsing her off Carol came to the door to the bathroom peering in at what you were up to. She must have come home without you noticing, and you couldn’t help but notice that there is the distinct smell of tobacco smoke on her; though you decide that this is not an appropriate time to question her on it.

“Ugh, you gave that thing Spaghetti?” she says, brushing her purple hair out of her face.

“How can you tell?” you ask, noticing that blossom had moved around in the bathtub to put you in between her and Carol.

“It reeks of it all over the house, duh. And by the look of it the little… horse rat made quite a mess”

“Well, it may surprise you, but we didn’t give ‘it’ spaghetti, SHE bought it for us, in fact there is a portion left that she got for you in the fridge if you wish. At this Blossom poked her head out from behind you just enough so she could peek out at Carol, a look of hope on her face. You, of course, didn’t want Carol of all people to know that the spaghetti was instant, so you had prepared it separately and stored it in the refrigerator in a Tupperware bowl.

Carol stared at the soggy yellow fluffy for a bit, then turned to leave saying “Yeah, whatever, I didn’t have dinner yet anyway.”

After she left, you looked down at Blossom with a wry smile on your face, saying “I think that’s about as good as we’re going to get out of her for the time being.” The fluffy pony gave you a half smile and you lifted her out of the water and gave her a good toweling off followed by a nice warm blow drying.


Sorry its been a few days, ive been away from my computer so ive had to try and upload this one on mobile… hopefully it looks ok.


I’ve been voraciously following this story. Blossom is a real peach. Love your work and eagerly waiting for more.


Dr. Fluffylove, or How I learned to stop bitching and love the pony.


Yay Blossom!!!

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