What the fuck is going on with BBcode?

I can’t use [size] tags to make big text anymore, and the [color] tag for scarlet has vanished, forcing me to use the hexcode instead. These are both pretty important things for my stories. I can make do with the hexcode, but the text size issue is a pretty big one, no pun intended. And I can’t help but feel like there are more problems I’ve yet to run into.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on, if this is a BBcode issue in general or part of the recent changes to the site, but I can’t find anything anywhere, so if someone more tech-savvy than me can explain and/or fix this, that would be great.

Just to make a point:

This is with size=7, the maximum size:


This is with color=scarlet:


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I just messed around with it. You will need a bigger number. The biggest I can make a word is with the number 900.


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Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. Now I’ve gotta figure out what size all that big text in previous stories was. For consistency’s sake.

Maybe the FAQ page about BBcode should be updated.

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Or maybe the BBcode plugin should be updated because the last update wasn’t quite right

Note: BBcode plugin has been updated again


The way new sizes in BBCode work is odd. Size only starts increasing at 40, and stops at 999.

Text size 1
Text size 10
Text size 20
Text size 30
Text size 40
Text size 45
Text size 50
Text size 55
Text size 60
Text size 65
Text size 70
Text size 75
Text size 80
Text size 85
Text size 90
Text size 95
Text size 100
Text size 105
Text size 110
Text size 115
Text size 120
Text size 125
Text size 130
Text size 135
Text size 140
Text size 145
Text size 150
Text size 155
Text size 160
Text size 165
Text size 170
Text size 175
Text size 180
Text size 185
Text size 190
Text size 195
Text size 200
Text size 205
Text size 210
Text size 215
Text size 220

Text size 800
Text size 900
Text size 999

We have nothing to do with these changes. The only thing we can do with the plugin is turn it on and off or update it when possible.

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I meant the part about 7 being the maximum size.

Honestly, I think I can work with this. If the maximum size has been increased, I can write even bigger characters and even bigger explosions. Painting the medium like that is fun.

But if it’s just a temporary thing, I can live with that too. It pays to be flexible.

I can’t be certain if the change is temporary or not.
But it certainly is annoying

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Annoying, yes, but not the worst thing that’s happened. We can adapt to this, I reckon.

With text this big, I could finally give Azrael a line. Haven’t you seen by now that I’ve got a knack for turning lemons into lemonade?


at least tell me if it’ll return or if imma have to edit my guide

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“has been updated again” mate y’all are killing me. What is canon now? What has been updated? Changed?

first my pizza arrives one hour late and now I find out something changed and I don’t know what but I want my guide to be correct sigh

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All of the plugins we use on Discourse (our forum software), and even the core Discourse installation itself, get regular updates.
Sometimes the updates aren’t completely tested before they’re pushed out and they can cause problems.
Most often, a second update to the plugin that is having problems gets pushed out a day or so after the update that broke features, in order to fix those features again.

This is not done by me, or anyone on our staff. This is done by the developers of Discourse, and the plugins that are available for Discourse.
We have absolutely no control over the errors, nor can we give you a definite answer on whether they will be rectified.

My best answer would be to give it a week and see if problems are cleared up
If they are not, we may need to edit things such as the BBcode guide
If you do not feel like updating the guide, I will find someone else to edit it instead.


Nah, I wanna curate the guide myself, if it’s alright with you

I understand how annoying buggy software is and that you can’t do much, I don’t hold it against anyone, sorry if I sounded rude (i didn’t have my pizza, so-)