We seem to be missing a lot of history here.

Of course it’s obvious that moving from the Booru to this new website would mean that not all things transferred over, and sadly a lot of my favorite artworks and stories from the booru didn’t transfer over. I can only imagine that many other people feel the same way.

When I originally started posting here again, I set out with the plan to basically start fresh with content so I can rewrite certain stories without people getting too confused, though now I’m seeing that there’s more missing here than I had originally thought.

Should I repost my old stuff here, or would that gum everything up too much? And if I were to repost these stories, what would be the best way to repost them? Some of my stories have upwards to 50 or so parts.


Okay, I know it’s filthy rich coming from me…

But damn!


ok so basically we have all the art. you are not seeing it all because

  1. currently the entirety of the 42GB folder with old works is reposted by 2,5 guys
  2. if we speed things up and start to re-upload more, the new works will drown in the old stuff and die without ever being noticed, so we have to do it slowly

unfortunately, i don’t know the exact state the story archive is in (because i don’t work with it), but there are defiantly some saved ones, that is for sure.
if you have your stories saved, you can re-upload it, but with a speed of several parts every day in order to avoid mass drowning. a featured topic with the reading order (like the one @NobodyAtAll have) will be nice too


Depending on how long each individual part is, @Thesaltt could combine multiple parts into one part.


also, there is a chance that “images-by-others” and “text by others” are muted for you. go to your profile page → categories → muted, and check if that is the case

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It would help the re-uploading crew quite a bit if you would re-upload your works.
Each new topic can have 150,000 characters. That’s usually enough for multiple chapters to be on the same page.


Alright, I’ll see what I have in my archives and repost what I have. Unsure if I’ll post several parts in one post (like one post has parts 1-10 etc.) or edit them down to have a fluid transition in one post.


At the point in time of writing some of my stories like the original draft of “Special Cases” I was writing a part or chapter every day. Then I obviously got burnt out because I was chasing the dragon of praise and acceptance which was when I retired.

My current rewrite of Special Cases is looking to be a much longer run, considering 4 parts are out and I’m only barely covering what part 1 or 2 had in my original works I think. Gonna be going slow and steady this time.


Hey, I get that. When I’m done with a Saga, I like to slow the tempo down, and give anyone who wants it a chance to catch up.

And I just got done with another Saga, so I’m gonna do that right now.

If you’re wondering what I mean by Saga: think Dragon Ball. Yeah, it’s like that.

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When it comes to my longer runs, it’s more of a continuous slice of life it seems. The reason why “Special Cases” went on for so long was because it was basically just the everyday life of the main character torturing his little derpy fluffy for love. I’d browse through the booru, see an image or story that had a new torture method and go, “Oh man, I wanna write that out!” and then go to town on poor Robin.


That’s not a bad way to do it. I’ve gotten plenty of ideas by doing that. I see an idea I like, I try to tinker with it, see if I can do something with it that isn’t usually done with it. Or I’ll take one of the older concepts, like, say, garden fluffies, and try to do a new take on it. It’s like Gunpei Yokoi’s “lateral thinking with withered technology” design philosophy.

I do slice of life stuff too. My characters are, ah, unusual, and they do, um, unusual things, so I like to show them doing normal things as well. I like the contrast between the fantastic and the mundane, two wildly different worlds colliding.

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I’d post stories as spolired chapters all in the same post. That’s what I did for a few of my longer stories. It keeps everything in one place and doesn’t clog the Latest page with old stuff.


I never got to see the booru only recently found this so any stuff from there would be cool to see.

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This, please! Its very helpful :slight_smile:

I started my own because of what @NobodyAtAll did. I’m not the only one!