Vanilla the Hunter fluffy- By: ProfessorOlive

vanilla with blood
Vanilla without blood

This is Vanilla.
Consider her to be in the same herd(?) As Mocha, Latte, and the yet-to-be-seen Ganache

She’s a carnivorous fluffy with a taste for her own kind, a sick genetic experiment, and a wonderful opera singer.

She’s based off of the horse breed Akhal Teke and she lures in her prey like an old school vampire, she prefers to eat stallions after having fun with them


Did you know: sometimes tekes are born hairless?

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I did! I did some research on them and 3 other breeds for the other “horse breed fluffies” that the prof has as pets :3

Did you know there are vampire fluffies ?

( And in the booru days, cannibal fluffies hard green swirly eyes)

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Neat! I learned this like a couple days ago looking for a horse tailbone reference and I got all these naked greyhound horses. They uh. They really need their fur on to look good.


:0 I knew about the vampire fluffies, I didnt know about the green eyes!
kinda reminds me of the snake from the jungle-book lol

I can show you, if you give me a moment.


hell yeah! I love all that old booru shit

I’m stil digging but i send you a PM with some of them,

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ooo succubus fluffy, awesome lol


One of my favorite artists on the site drawing my absolute FAVORITE breed?! What manner of dream is this?! :heart_eyes: :grin:

I love her, she’s soo cool looking!


:pleading_face: oh……
you’re so sweet :green_heart: thank you!


Oh pretty.

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looks and sounds more like a hunting friend
doesn’t make much of a difference tho

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yeah I was trying to see what the real difference was

seems other cannibals have like… lowered mental capacity? like eating fluffies is their sole purpose and drive and they Can’t help themselves? but idk and i liked this better for her

Considering she has fangs she could be a vampire fluffy.
You wouldn’t even need to change the picture.

I havent seen many cannibal fluffies though, maybe the lowered mental capacity drove them to canibalism.
Or they are even more mentally degenerative, because they are cannibals.

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it’s actually way more simple. hunting friends are usually a lab product and have cat eyes. cannibals are usually a product of a genetic mutation and have spiral eyes

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scootafluff have a good example of a cannibal fluffy

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I’d say the latter? Since in many cultures and legends where cannibalism is frowned upon
(and esp eating the brain)
the cannibal goes crazy with the need to eat more
which is due to real world prions in the brain

Hmm… See she eats them. Not just sucks their blood.
Prof made her as a obligate carnivore and she just started eating her own kind.

This one is oddly cute.