Useless Alicorn [Sexygoatgod]

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Poor thing. :frowning:

(You gonna eat that?)


Help yourself, just leave me the liver


He really went

Phineas gage

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so was he an alicorn with underdeveloped wings and a horn? Might have still been of use as a breeder, even if extremely unlikely with those colors and genetic defect. I guess useless alicorn has a better ring to it than almost-completely useless alicorn.


Exactly. I find alicorns always have the usefulness of their genes. Even with bad colors, their children can have good patterns.


Of course, this poor guy doesn’t even have that going for him since he has bad colors and no patterns.


That’s a caramel latte Fluff!

The Fluffy of the middle class.


isn’t that more a color combination, not a pattern?

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In my headcanon most alicorns are mules, unable to breed, making them even more rare and breeding a mutated (able to breed) alicorn to another even more worth while.



Keep the springtime confetti. Gib maor Coffluffees.

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hmmm, I always figured that alicorns born of base model fluffies could still breed and it was just trying to mate the different breeds of fluffy (sea fluffy, fluffalo, hunting friend, etc) that could cause non-viable offspring or mules. I mean, the unicorns, pegasi, and earthies can all breed with each other just fine, even doing so as if they were the same species and not even different breeds, and you usually get mules or ligers when you mate different species that only became separate species relatively recently.
You could also get a similar effect in the case of ring divergence but that doesn’t really fit here.

Can I have some

It’s less “species interbreeding” and more “genetic instability”, as the foals would have been supposed to be one of three normal breeds. An alicorn being a mutation or a fused embreo.
I simply call them a “mule” because it’s a different “species” of fluffy.

I suppose that genetic instability would be a pretty good reason for the “mule” effect. Still think some could breed but at that point you’re just laying low odds on top of low odds. That would mean that a male alicorn that could breed would be worth a small fortune.

I kind of chock a lot of Fluffy strangeness to being literally manufactured in the womb rather than just growing from the placenta. They’re a chimera in that as the zygote develops organelles that freefloat in the amniotic fluid merge with it which is where the programming come from, at a certain point the mother’s body produces [sci fi shit] that alters the genetic makeup of the fetus, and yadda yadda.

A Fluffy clone will not look like the Fluffy that it is cloned from.

I figure wing buds are supposed to latch onto a specific organ during early development which normally happens if they are genetically predisposed, horns are an altered DNA change that happens if a specific gene sequence is present and exposed to pronuclear injectors. Just because a Fluffy is genetically suited to be a Pegasus or Unicorn does not mean they were reached by the things that make them grow wings or horns. Some Earthies are genetic Unicorns or Pegasi.

Alicorns are a heterozygous chimera, a Fkuffy who absorbed a twin early in development. They have the wing organ and the gene that the DNA-altering pronuclear injectors latch onto. An Alicorn is not actually more likely to pass this on, since it is a freak occurrence. Instead, an Alicorn mother is more likely to have the conditions in her womb that will cause twin absorption, the father merely provides an increased amount of Pegasus and Unicorn offspring to possibly fuse.

As for why fusing happens and how heterozygous chimeras operate? We don’t know in real life. Those are things that exist, you are likely one of them.

As for why they are smarter, Fluffies who get more nutrition and attention seem to develop better overall. This is even more pseudoscience bullshit (until I come up with a good reasoning), but lets say fused twins have two unbilican cords (“Gee, Munstah, why Munmah wet ou hab two tummy nummie sketties?”) and/or move closer to the top of the womb and thus are closer to her heartbeat and voice.

Have some videos.

You bet! There’s plenty for both of us!

I also got some homemade bbq sauce for it :yum:

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That’s the spirit!

I also brought a portable bbq let’s cook!

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