Typical Abuse (Artist: Titanfluff)

43078 - abuse artist_titanfluff dey_gud_babbehs dey_gud_babbehs_week explicit foal-abuse foal_juice foals impending_death late


This is too much :sob: that person is damn cruel.

And underneath that contraption are the squashed bodies of babbehs :tired_face:

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I want to try it out actually



Well…enjoy :sweat_smile:

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My brain says: aaaaaaahhhh…


Looks like the stuff chicken nuggets are made of.


We don’t fucking care what you shitrats want. You fucking shitty foals gonna die.


If you bought the squishinator, you’re going to use it.

Like when someone gets a new grill and suddenly wants to have bbqs all the time.


Baaaybeees! Well, at least future smarty is going down too.

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Put the mother in it when you’re done.

Actually, I think those go through the meat grinder, instead.

The mother would probably WANT to be in it after they’re done.

those tears and anguish look d e l i c i o u s

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Always appreciate a willing participant :slight_smile:


Its one of those things that depending how you wanted it to go things could change dramatically. Mind you, I’m not actually interested in any of these, but…


Squish mama like you said.
Keep mama alive, tell her not to get pregnant again.
Get her pregnant again so she has more foals to squish. Repeat until wan dai.
Press “pause,” show its a recording being shown to other fluffies. “This is what happens if you have babies without permission.”
Babies squish through and a jellenhiemer’s face smiles from the red goo.
Smarty survives for reasons and is convinced of immortality.

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Playdough getting intense with their Fluffy abuse toys.

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Pit Smarty against other fluffies. Reenact Achilles vs Hector.

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Mmmm kool-aid just needs some sugar

Bullet wants a job like that
Not for abuse he wants the meat