Two Sides - Chapter 4 - Made by LenexTLI

The only light that filled the backyard was that of the moon sitting on the cloudless dark sky. Bushes and twigs cracking and moving as something sneaked into the backyard, Max oblivious of that fact. As the moons light shifted a bit, it revealed a bush moving, as if something was trying to get through the thick barricade.

“Meow!” A cat, it meowed as it scurried through the garden silently and swift leaving as fast as it came. Quietness filling the cold night when suddenly a little face peeked out through one of the bushes, a fluffy, its face only a tiny bit illuminated by the moon.

The fluffy looked in all directions, scanning the area for any dangers and the cat, seeing only fresh and glistening grass in front of him, enticingly. The red fluffy going back into the bush, turning to the herd.

“Smawty find wots of nummies!” He whispered happily, and clearly proud, to a herd of fluffies hiding in the bushes.

The herd now moved out of the bushes, a total of six of them. The herd was made up of three stallions, the biggest one being a bright red, the stallion walking right behind him being a dark purple, covered in scars from apparent battles with other fluffies, and walking next to the purple stallion was an orange stallion, all of the stallions being earthies, except for the red stallion, who was a Pegasus. The orange fluffy looked around with a worried expression on its face.

“Smawty suwe dis is safe nummie spot?” The orange stallion asked the smarty, clearly still scared from the cat.

“Dummeh Owange fwuffy nu be scawedies! Smawty gib sowwie-hoofies to meanie munstah!” The red stallion exclaimed proudly and loud, him apparently being the herds smarty.

As the three fluffies walked into the backyard, staring at the amazing nummies in front of them, three mares followed them from the bush. It was two normal earthie mares, one pink and the other blue. The last mare was white, and unlike the others pregnant, sitting down on her rump and starting to sing the off-tune ‘mummah’ song that fluffies would sing to their ‘soon-babbehs.’

“Mummah wub babbehs. Babbehs wub mummah.“ The pregnant mare sung lovingly to her ‘tummeh-babbehs.’

The fluffies began eating, enjoying these delicious ‘nummies’ that the smarty had found. As they ate, some started shitting everywhere, as fluffies do, the stallion taking a bit of grass in his mouth and bringing it over to the pregnant mare.

“Fo’ speciaw-fwiend su tummeh-babbehs gwow big and stwong an’ become smawty tu once big.” He said to the mare, clearly being her ‘special-friend,’ or her mate.

“Fank yu speciaw-fwiend fo’ bestest nummies fo’ bestest tummeh-babbehs.” She said, hopping around a bit in joy and munching down on the grass.

The smarty looked at his special friend happily. She was the prettiest fluffy he had ever seen and thus knew that their babies would be pretty as well, also knowing that once they were big, they would become smarties just like him. It filled him with glee imagining giving his children the biggest ‘huggies’ and teaching them how to become a strong smarty, just like him.

The fluffies finally finishes eating, leaving bits of grass torn of and revealing patches of dirt on the lawn, there being multiple pieces of shit everywhere from the fluffies defecating.

“Dis wiww be nyu nummies spot fo’ hewd.” The red smarty spoke firmly, acting as if the garden belonged to him.

“Buh smawty…” The organge stallion asked, the worry on his face returning, “what if meanie hoomin cum?”

“Dummeh fwuffy, nu wowwy," the smarty said, slowly getting pissed at the constant talking of the orange fluffy. "Smawty gib dummeh hoomin wowsted sowwie-hoofies!”

“Owkay.” The orange fluffy accepted, knowing he would get ‘sowwie-hoofies’ too if he talked more.

“Dat wight.” The dark purple toughie spoke, “Toughie an’ smawty wiww pwotect hwed!”

The herd moved back into the safety of the bushes, lying down and falling asleep from all the delicious nummies. The white pregnant mare gently rubbed her stomach, telling her ‘soon-babbehs’ that they would all be special and gets lots of ‘wuv’ and ‘huggies’ from her and smarty, eventually falling asleep as well.

Max woke up early in the morning, the sun barely having risen in the horizon, a small glimmer of sunlight fading through the closed curtains. He walked into the kitchen yawning, carrying the book about breeding he had bought at Fluffy-Mart in his hand, placing it on the kitchen counter as he turned on the coffee machine. He had learned quite a bit about reading, this book proofing to be rather useful. He had learned about how different types had personalities and traits associated with them, how mares reacted to certain colours and breeds of foals, the breeder having to be careful that the mare wouldn’t kill a Alicorn, for example, simply because the mare saw it as a monster. He also learned how different colours could raise or lower the cost of a foal. Overall the book having given him a lot of insight into breeding, making him feel a bit more confident about his idea of breeding fluffies.

As Max took a sip from his coffee, he looked out the window, almost spitting it out. He swallowed and looked at the garden in disbelief, the garden having looked like a small tornado had moved through it, with patches of grass missing or being scattered throughout the garden, and if it weren’t for the immense amount of dumps in the garden, he might had just believed that.

“Oh, for fuck sake….” Max moaned, placing the coffee muck on the counter.

He had heard stories of fluffy herds decimating gardens, but this never having happened to himself, or at least until now. He wondered how long it would take to fix all of the mess they had made when he saw a small movement from the bushes.

He moved closer to the window, getting a clearer view, seeing an orange fluffy walk out of the bush, yawning sleepily, squatting down and taking another massive dump.

“Fwuffy do gud-poopies.” The fluffy spoke happily but still half asleep, trotting back into the bush.

Max just stood there, feeling heat rise from deep within his body. He put on his shoes, slowly sneaking outside and towards the bush. He slowly pushed the twigs aside to look into the bush, not wanting to believe what he saw—there lying a herd of six fluffies, all sleeping as deep as babies, snoozing away as if they had not destroyed his entire garden. Max walking away to get the water hose and give them the biggest scare of their life, but a sudden idea popping up as he picked the hose up. He quickly walked back to the bush, taking another peek inside, taking a good look at the pregnant white Pegasus mare.

He couldn’t believe his luck, there being a fucking feral pregnant Pegasus mare in his garden, and on top of that, having one of the rarest and most desirable colours that people wanted, white. This mare alone being a gold mine. If he had luck and her foals were also white or another desirable colour and Pegasus’s, he could make a shit-ton of money, and if he was extremely lucky she might even have an Alicorn or two. And with that, he made up his mind, having found his free breeding fluffies. But as he was about to grab the mare, he remembered that stress was bad for fluffies, and if he was to just grab her while she was sleeping, it would result in A LOT of stress, which could affect the foals badly. He pondered, suddenly getting another brilliant idea, quickly checking the yard for any holes, finding one rather fast, placing a big clay pot in front of it to prevent the fluffies from escaping.

Max silently walked back into the house, quickly grabbing his shoes and car keys, taking another trip to Fluffy-Mart to prepare. Him having an idea on how to capture the fluffies easily and without causing the fluffies stress or fear in them.


Interesting! I’m enjoying this! Was a little concerned about the abduction tag but… this is an interesting way to do it. “You can’t leave” functions about the same as “I’m taking you with me” in this case!


Hm. Looks like he cares enough not to be violent, I like it!

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I personally don’t like mindless violence/abuse, and Max is the same way, but IF a fluffy deserves it, well, that’s just how it is :3


I’d like to see how he deals with smarty without upsetting the mare, maybe have her turn against him somehow?

The smarty shows some consideration of his special friend, but not enough to be sure he doesn’t have smarty syndrome. This could go a number of ways, especially depending on the style of breeding Max plans.


Nuice story so far, can i hope for a dead smarty maybe?

Fair’s fair.


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Big mistake always to any smarty: thinking he can give humans hurt if he tell them to leave :man_facepalming:, biggest mistake - this person is looking for breedering mare and his mate is the perfect one.

At least orange is bit more cautious.

So far his smarty is slight caring for his “pretty” mare…I wonder what his reaction if her brood be not what he wanted.