Tumbly booru dump by Muffin

55401 - Silver_lining artist_muffin baybehs birth_defect cute defect foal funny happy hugbox pet_store sadbox shelter tumbwie_babbeh 55404 - abuse baybeh birth-defect bullying defect dummeh_babbeh emotional_abuse fluffy_abusing_fluffy foal foals food rejection sadbox smarty smawtie smawty tumbwie_babbeh unfair 55437 - abuse artist_muffin bullying crying dummeh dummeh_babbeh emotional_abuse fluffy_abusing_fluffy lonely munstah psychological_abuse rejection sadbox shit sorry_poopies tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh 55442 - abandonment artist_muffin happy hugbox pet_shop poopie_babbeh rejection sadbox safe sowwy_poopies tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh 55451 - artist_muffin birth_defect defect hugbox pillowfluff rescue sadbox safe shelter tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh 55455 - artist_muffin hugbox pillowfluff rescue sadbox safe shelter tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh 55479 - Silver_lining artist_muffin cute friend fwends happy hope hugbox muffin optimist pillowfluff rescue sadbox shelter tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh tumbwie_fwuffy wawa 55498 - artist_muffin cute dumb hope hugbox optimism pillowfluff rescue rolling sadbox shelter sick stupidity tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh tumbwie_fluffy 55508 - artist_muffin comic cute ellen funny happy hugbox pillowfluff sadbox tumbly tumbwie tumbwie_babbeh tumbwie_fluffy 55515 - Fieldtrip accidental_abuse artist_muffin birth creepy cute defect fluffycare funny hugbox pillowfluff sadbox scared skeleton stupidity tumbly tumbwie 55522 - artist_muffin hugbox muffin psa rant sadbox tumbly tumbwie 55884 - announcement artist_muffin birthdefect hospital pillowfluff tumbly tumbwie 55981 - announcement artist_muffin cute fwuffy hospital hugbox hugboxer muffin tumbly tumbwie tumbwy 56189 - artist_muffin funny hugbox muffin pillowfluff tumbly tumbwie virus yeet 56209 - artist_muffin beanie bubblegum cafe coffee gowdie_tribute hugbox marble muffin pillowfluff poopsmear protect rq_tribute safe tribute tumbly 56608 - artist_muffin commission hugbox sam_adams_guide tumbly 56842 - artist_muffin commission sam_adams_guide tumbly tumbwie 56922 - artist_muffin birthday cake cute hugbox oculus party tribute tumbwie tumbwie_fluffy 56978 - artist_muffin hugbox hugbox_defence_league muffin munstahmummah pillowfluff pride rainbow tribute tumbly tumbwie 57134 - Coalheart_tribute andre artist_muffin coalheart crush cute fluffy_shelter_for_the_abused hugbox piggyback pillowfluff tumbly tumbwie 57142 - artist_muffin lava lightsaber munstah munstahmummah parody starwars tumbly tumbwie 57158 - artist_muffin gravity hugbox muffin neutralbox questions shitpost space tumbly tumbwie 57204 - artist_muffin hugbox muffin munstahmummah pillowfluff tribute tumbly tumbwie 57214 - artist_muffin hugbox hugbox_defence_league muffin psa sadbox shitpost tumbly tumbwie 57253 - Pinkyfluffy_tribute artist_muffin commission holiday italy muffin pinkyfluffy tribute tumbly tunbwie vacation 57256 - Mod's_are_gay artist_muffin hugbox hugboxlandia inspired muffin pillowfluff poopie_babbeh queen shitpost tumbly tumbwie 57282 - artist_muffin hugbox hugboxlandia just_a_joke muffin nuke shitpost tumbly tumbwie weirdbox 57470 - artist_muffin magic muffin munstahmummah pillowfluff rule34 shitpost transported tumbly tumbwie weirdbox 57816 - Avocado artist_muffin avocado_tribute cannie carpdime_tribute hugbox little_avocado muffin tumbly tumbwie 58047 - artist_muffin lost mm muffin sadbox storyline tumbly tumbwie 58162 - artist_muffin betrayal mm muffin munstah_mummah payback pillowfluff tumbly tumbwie sketch-1600825130400 sketch-1601574849201


I was lucky two of my pictures had disappeared before the booru went down for good. Because they alerted me of the instability in time, I had already saved the comments to my pictures before Guzziman’s betrayal! :smile:


I intend to have a tumbly emote here, before long.
He’s the best.


In what sense? Just that he shut the booru down? I never really figured out what happened other than him being tired of anons being assholes.


I call it betrayal because he did it in the most damaging way possible. Just last month before closing the booru, he assured people that the booru’s license had been paid for the next year, only to shut it down when they were least expecting it. And whereas the previous owner had made sure to leave the site in Guzziman’s hands, Guzziman just deleted everything right under the noses of people specifically asking if they could help.


Ah I see. Thanks for bringing me up to speed!


that’s what happened? I was tabbed off a binge of Deadweight stories, noticed a comment about no more booru on reddit, and tabbed back to find nothing with no warning. I’ve since found notepad saves of my stories I didn’t know I had, but it still sucked.
Thanks for the explanation.


@Fluffbot @Shadowfox The worst part was that with the booru gone, a lot of fluffy art, while archived, now has lost context as a lot of lore and comments were gone. While a lot of the comments were abuse-centric, negativity or didn’t have much weight, there was something really interesting discussion, lore and even additional art in the comments. Now its all gone, and its going to be harder to understood some art without the context.


Tumbly is such a gift to this community!


:tumbly: :babbeh: :coco: :derpy: :flufflepuff: :fluffyshy: :flutterdab: :foal: :gibsketties: :gotsketties: :herdking: :hmm: :martini: :martinidrink: :mm_grin: :myeh: :pepe: :shrug: :skippy: :vigoda: :vito:


Keep up the good work this is great.


So happy to see the classic restored to its proper glory.


This weird kind of hugbox + Weirdbox it’s soooooo damn cute!

I love your work!


I lost it when doc asked “do you wanna go for a walk?” and Muffin just glared at him lmao.


@Gloopy_Goblin Actually that isn’t a doctor. Thats Samuel Adams.

Ill have to get round to uploading the Ssm Adams guide on this site in full


MunstahMummah x Muffin OTP


There is a literal porn emoji for that and I felt my soul shattering like a porcelain dildo.


The fluffly, the legend, the tumbler - glad to see Muffin’s OC here!


I finally got what that fluffy was saying in the star wars comic.


Thank you! I wondered what happened…