Tulip and Daisy's Sketti Day (by fluffysomething)

AN: This story is based off of Bestest Mummah, and is a shorter story than I usually make. Enjoy!

You are Tulip, and you have the best human mummah ever! She gives you sketties sometimes, hugs you, and has a big saferoom for you and your baby, Daisy. She’s not really your baby, but her mummah was a bad mummah.

“Day-see! Wakies! It Sketti Day!” You cheer, gently patting Daisy on the head with your nose.

“Sketti Day? Wub sketties! Wub mummah!” Daisy giggles, getting out of your soft bed and running downstairs for sketties as you roll downstairs with your new leggie-board.

“Girls! It’s Sketti Day! Here, eat up and then play!” Your human mummah says, putting two big bowls of spaghetti in front of you both.

“Sketti! Wub hoomin mummah su muchies! Wub!” You shout happily, munching the spaghetti and accidently getting it on your brown fluff.

“Uh oh! It’s bath time, then you can play.” Your mummah coos, picking you up and putting you in the sink.

“Wub wawm wawa! Wub baf!” You giggle, popping the bubbles in the sink happily.

“Play time!” Your mummah says, picking you up, gently wrapping you in a towel and taking you downstairs to watch TV.

“Wub teebee!” You squeal, getting put down on the couch by your mummah and the TV flicking on.

This is going to be the best Sketti Day ever!