"Too innocent" (Part 8) by:MightyMorphinFluffy

As Miss Gwen takes you all back to the playroom you can’t help but continue thinking about that mummah and daddeh. Why do you have the feeling that you know who they are?

“Am Geowge otay? Why ou wook sad?” You hear Selina ask

“Geowge saw a mummah in da bad mummah woom an it feew wike Geowge know ho da mummah is…but Geowge cu can fink who. Geowge saw a daddeh in da gud daddeh woom an it feew wike Geowge know who da daddeh is too…buh Geowge nu fink who. Geowge hab thinkie pwace owwies. Geowge jus feew weawwy saddies.” You say as your vision becomes blurry and you start to tear up.

“Nu cwy Geowge. Ou figuwe it out. Sewina gib huggies an make you feew bettaw.” Selina says as she gives you a hug. Your crying doesn’t stop though.

“Huggies nu wowk?! Dis am wowse dan Sewina thought. OPEWATION FWUFFPIWE AM A GO!” You hear Selina shout.

You hear footsteps approaching and all of a sudden you feel multiple other fluffies nuzzle and hug you.

Your crying ceases as you look around…it’s the rest of your friends!

“Tank ou bestest fwiends fow make Geowge hab happies again. Geowge wub fwiends.” You say as you coo and wipe the tears from your eyes.

“Anytime fwiend.” You hear Eric say

“Wai…Whewe Hypewion an Miwwie?” You ask

“Dey am makin dewe way swowy buh suwewy.” Eric chuckles as he points his hoof to your left.

You look over and see Hyperion carrying Millie on his back as he struggles to make his way towards the pile.

“Nu can do it! Sissy gwowin up too fast! Hypewion nu can cawwy!” Hyperion says to Milly with a slight chuckle to which she laughs in response.

“Can Bwuisew hewp bwudda pwease? Nu wan gib bwudda huwties.”

“Otay!” Bruiser says

Bruiser makes his way to Hyperion and picks Millie up by the scruff before gently placing her on his back and taking her back to the fluffpile and placing her down.

“Tank ou Bwuisew.” Millie says with a smile before nuzzling Bruiser

Bruiser responds with a look of surprise before giving an excited smile and wagging his tail.

“N-Nu Pwobwem Miwwie.” He says before sitting down next to her.

Hyperion Looks at Bruiser with a look of anger before he looks at Millie and calms down slightly.

“dummeh Bwuisew stay way fwom sissie” Hyperion says under his breath.

“Hey dummehs!” You all hear Samson’s voice and you all turn to face him

“Howy poopies does dis mummahfwuffah ebah gib up?” Selina asks

“Guess who foun mowe tuffies an eben a speciaw fwiend?” Samson says

“Samson!” Bruiser cheers while tapping his front hooves together in an effort to clap.

“Bwuisew! Nu cheew fow him! He da wun dat we nu wike cuz he meanie. Siwwy Bwuisew.” Millie says in a playful tone

“Oh…wight…Bwuisew fowgot” Bruiser says with a shy smile as his ears droop

“Yea cuz Bwuisew dummeh! Ou aww dummehs! Buh dat nu mattew cuz ou nu babbehs nu mowe an neithah am Samson, tuffies, ow speciaw fwiend. We awmost too owd fow daycawe. An so awe ou. An dat mean dat wen Samson am out…Samson and tuffies am gon find aww ob ou. Ou nu wiww wike wha Samson an tuffies wiww du to ou.” Samson says with a cocky grin

“Wha we do tu ou?!” You shout at Samson

“Nuffin weawwy. Samson jus nu wike ou. An Samson du wha Samson wan.” Samson says as if it’s an obvious fact.

“Yea weww gud wuck wit dat.” Hyperion says

You look at the five toughies and suddenly get that feeling again but it isn’t as strong as it was when the feeling came from looking at the mummah and daddeh. It’s almost Like you know them. The fact that four of them have their eyes are locked onto you with a look of disgust and hatred just makes it even more strange. Do they know you too? Did that mummah and daddeh know you aswell?

One of the toughies however is different. It’s looking at you with a look similar to that of how that daddeh was looking at you.

The nice toughie is a brown colt with a green mane and tail. Why would Samson choose a fluffy with colors he would consider “poopie”?

Then there are the other toughies.

The first is a white mare with a purple mane and tail.

The second is light blue with a mane and tail that are a darker shade of blue.

The third is green with a light blue mane and tail.

Then there’s the last toughie…a yellow mare with a pink mane and tail…it looks just like that mummah…except the mummah was pink with a yellow mane and tail…could this be that mummah’s babbeh?

Actually…now that you think about it…that daddeh looked…just like you.

He was white with a blue mane and tail. Could you be his babbeh?

No…no no no no. That’s ridiculous! Your daddeh is probably still wandering the streets somewhere. Just like the rest of your family.

So why do you not believe what you’re trying to tell yourself? Why are you doubting yourself?

Before you can think about it you feel someone rub up against you. It’s Selina checking on you.

“Am Geowge otay? Ou was standin dewe fow wong time. Samson an odda meanies aweady weft. Wat wong?” she asks worriedly

Your wings flutter as you get a smile on your face. You’re gonna ask her if she’ll be your special friend. It’s so sudden and it’s coming out of nowhere but you can’t wait any longer. You don’t want to wait any longer.

“Geowge am otay…can Geowge ask ou someting?” You ask

“Ob Couwse!” Selina says joyfully

“Otay…hewe we go…Geowge wike ou Sewina. Geowge wike ou a wot…and Geowge was wondewin if ou wouwd be Geowge’s Speciaw Fwiend.” You say to her with a smile.

“Oh…S-Sewina nu know…Sewina wike Geowge too buh…Sewina nu suwe if Sewina wike Geowge wike a speciaw fwiend yet…Sewina nu am suwe if wan be Geowge speciaw fwiend. Sewina nu eben suwe if wan speciaw fwiend yet.” She says.

Your smile fades…your wings are no longer flapping. Your tail is no longer wagging and your ears droop.

“o-otay Sewina…Geowge undastan. If it make ou happy den ou nu hab to be Geowge’s speciaw fwiend.” You say before giving her a hug and going to the nap corner.

You don’t get to fall asleep though because Miss Gwen comes by and tells you that daddy is here. Normally you would be excited…but you aren’t. You say bye to all your friends and Miss Gwen takes you to daddeh.

He asks you questions about your day…you don’t answer.

He tells you that you’re almost big enough to stop going to daycare…you don’t respond.

You’re silent the entire drive. You don’t say anything when you arrive home. You walk past the fruit mix that daddy had made for you before he went to pick you up. You just go straight to your saferoom…straight to your bed…straight to sleep.


I’m happy to see an example of a fluffy saying no to being asked about being a special friend, and not in any negative kind of way. It wasn’t a no because you’re ugly or dumb or crippled, it was a simple I’m not ready and I honestly don’t even know if I want that kind of life yet.

And I’m definitely assuming all these new tuffies are from the herd he was born into, but who the hell adopted a whole herd and enrolled them in daycare?


I think those are his siblings


Yeah, the yellow and pink one definitely is. Probably the “bestest babbeh”.


Seems the past is catchin up… George owner better notice that or even ask the daycare…on these quietness he is having.