Tomorrow Will Be Another Day Part 1 (By Zereal)

Tomorrow will be another day. Part 1: Candy
It’s dark, you are scared, but you cannot really move at all. You start panicking, trying to get out of there, you wobble around your little tiny hooves.

You are a fluffy pony.

You seem to be able to move the more time passes. But its still very dark, cold, and… wet?
You are still very scared, unable to comprehend, unable to understand where you are. Then, light, you make your way to the light, with the help of the walls, you are still very scared, you are fully out, you chirp in the hopes of making everything better, suddenly, you are picked up,someone is picking you up, you should be scare but, you feel comforted. The creature then speaks again, the voice is very soothing, you can’t make up what its saying but that doesn’t matter, because you feel safe, you feel loved.

However, there’s still one problem, you are still very hungry, you start chirping once again, and the entity places you somewhere, you don’t know, but your instinct tells you to suckle, and so you do. You aren’t hungry anymore, all the goo around you has been cleaned, making hearing and seeing easier, you still can’t open your eyes though, but at least know you can understand something, whoever saved you from the dark place, is your “mummah”.

Mummah, what an interesting word, you don’t know its meaning, and still it brings you comfort. You can trust your mummah, she loves you.

You are very tired, you should sleep now. Tomorrow will be another day.

Its been a while, but now you are able to open your eyes, observe the world around you, this world is beautiful.

You finally can see your mummah, you can speak, barely, but you are able to. You chirp happily, with some “wuv mummah” in between the cheeps. She tells you something, but you weren’t listening.

You started hopping around playing with some rocks, you explore your surroundings, you check the box where you and your mummah sleep during the dark times. You play with some of the “foodie backs’’ where your mummah gets the nummies to make milk. You find a puddle of water, it had been raining yesterday, so there are still some everywhere. For the first time ever, you can see yourself, a pastel blue coat , and a violet mane,you had a horn, so you must be a “hornie babbeh” but then you saw them, two wingies on your back, that didn’t make any sense, you had the horn but, you also had wings? Mummah told you that a fluffy could ony have one of those two.

You must be a munstah fluffy.

You ran back to your mummah, panicked, and you asked her about it, you are very scared and confused, were you really a munstah?

“Babbeh nu am munstah, siwwy babbeh! Mummah wuvs wastehs babbeh”
“Buh babbeh chirp babbeh hab wingies AN’ horn”

“Mummah nu cawe, u am wastes bestes babbeh, and mummah wuvs you”

Your mummah was a brown coated, yellow maned pegasus.

“Babbeh wan’ miwkies?” She asked.

Your tummy rumbled, I guess its really time for eating after all. You suckled the milk from you mothers bosom.

You felt strange, you have had this feeling before, but this time it was different. You questioned your mumah about it.

“It time fow babbeh to wean how tu maek gud poopies”

She lead you to the big green box.

“When babbeh nee’ to maek gud peepees or gud poopies, babbeh com hewe and do it hewe” She explained. “Gud fwuffies make gud poopies”

With your new knowledge, you shat on the trash bin and headed back to the safety box with your mummah. It’s getting dark and you should go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day.

You wake up, its a little bit cold, your mummah isn’t here, she must have gone get some nummies for milkies. She will be back soon.

In the meanwhile you go play, you feel a little bit lonely, there aren’t any other fluffies around, in fact, there aren’t any other beings around, just the occasional hoomin coming to take out the trash.

You are just happily hopping aroud when you find something that horrifies you, next to some bushes, you find the corpses of three little fluffies, they must have died when they were born, and judging by how far they are decomposed, you can deduce that they were born the same they that you were born, but that isn’t right, your mummah only had one child.

It takes some time but you start piecing things together, those were your bwuthas and sissies, they weren’t as lucky as you were, and never woke up. You start crying, thinking of what would’ve happened if they hadn’t gone forever sleepeis, you’d be playing with them, having fun, hugging them, sharing lots and lots of wuv.

After a while, mummah comes back, you greet her with tears coming down your face, she seems really worried.
“wha’ happen babbeh? Wai you cwy?”

“Sissies and bwothas gu fowebe sweepies an’ babbeh nu can pway wif them!”
She seemed confused, until she remembered what happened. The day you were born.

It was a dark and rainy day, she had been swollen for a while ever since her speshiuw fwiend gave her specshial huggies. Your daddeh would bring her nummies so that she could have the bestest babbehs. Finally the day had come, she screamed, in order to get your daddeh, Bwue, a white pegasus, to come, everything was going fine, they were being birthed without any trouble, 2 fillies and 2 colts so far, but unfortunately, her call for help did not only attract Bwue, a kitty munstah came out of nowhere looking for its next prey, Bwue knew thay would all die if he didn’t d anything so he charged at the stray cat, but it wasn’t enough, with one swipe, the cat took out the mighty Bwue, her speshiaw fwiend, the fluffy who she had spend the entire time with had died.

She cried, but she knew she couldn’t stay there, but it was too late, the cat had her cornered, for whatever reason, the cat started playing with her children, as a cat does. They didn’t survive, swollen corpses full of mortal injuries, the cat retreated with Bwues corpse.

Mummah was devastated, she had lost everything she cared about, but then a miracle happened, she had one last babbeh, a munstah fluffy, but it didn’t matter, because it was her last babbeh, and she wouldn’t let him die so easily. So she devoted herself in taking care of him, in taking care of you.

With that story, you hugged her mummah, thanking her for eveerything she had done for you. You were not a babbeh no more, you could eat grown up food. So now you will help her gather resources from now on.

For now, you go back to sleep.Tomorrow will be another day.

Today is a new day, you start by reassuring mummah that everything will go okay and that she doens’t need to worry about anything.

For the first time that you leave the alleway, you are kind of nervous and excited. You explore the town, there are some hoomins that stare at you, and a lot of vroom munstahs roaming around, you are scared of the vroom munstahs, but that doesn’t stop you from continuing your quest, find some food for your mummah.

After walking for what it feels like hours, you finally reach your destination, a big green park, full of nummies, there is grass, berries, everything you need to survive.

You approach the berry bushes, mummah told you to carefully examine the berries, because they could be dangerous, that is very silly, nummies dont hurt fwufies, but if it comes from mummah then she must be right.

You find some big round fruits, you drag them to your makeshift backpack, made out of a piece of cloth, your mummah gave you it to bring the num nums.

It takes you a lot to get enough food, but finally you manage to get enough nummies to get through the cowd times your mummah told oyu about.

There is, however, a big problem, you picked up too much food, and now its too heavy to carry it all the way back.

That makes you sad. You are a dummeh fluffy, you won’t be able to bring the food, and mummah wll go foreber sleepies because of you.

Then it hits you, its better to bring little nummies than bringing no nummies. So you start leaving some of the bigger berries to the point that you are able to carry it.

By the time you head back its already dark, mummah must be worried about you. The path home is very different in the dark, there are more munstahs arround, but you should be fine, there are tiny bwight baws.

It takes you a while but you finally make it back to the safety box, its silent, maybe mummah has gone to sleep because you took so long. You enter the box and you start to cry, blood splattered everywhere, the only hting left rom your mummah is her head, you scream as loud s you can, griefing the death of your beloved mother, the noise attracts the murderer back, a meanie hoomin was holding the corpse of your mummah in his hands.

You are angry, you are mad, you drop the bag full of nummies, you no longer care if you die or not, you are going to avenge your mother’s death, you charge at the attacker he kicks you far away into the road, what were you thinking, a fluffy agaisnt a hooman, you are boudn to die. Your legs are broken and you can’t move, the hoomin laughs, this is it, this is your end, still, you won’t go without a fight.

Sliding with your only front hoove working, leaving a trail of blood behind, you approache him, he just kicks you again, it hurts a lot. But you kept going, that annoyed him, you were no ordinary fluffy. It didn’t matter though, another kick and you couldn’t move at all, you were lucky if you had died there, but the torment had just started, he ripped one of your legs off, it was the most painful thing that you’d ever suffered. This was your end, you were going to die in a very painful way. Maybe if you just sleep, the pain will go away…

Tomorrow will be another day.

You wake up,is this the skettyland mummah had told you about, that’s great, you will meet your family now. Or will you?

“We have him, hes coming back!”

“Good. Hey little fella, how are you feeling?”

Its a hoomin, but it isn’t the same hoomin that gave forever sleepies to your mummah.

“Fwuffy feewing funny, nu can feew weggies.”
“You see, im sorry, but ou had your legs ripped out by a psycho, he had escaped the asylum and went rampant on some ferals. You were lucky enough to have survived another day.”

“Fwuffy nu hab … weggies?”

“I fear not, but there s someone that wants to talk to you, its the person that saved you.”

“Hey, little guy, do you have a name?”

“Fwuffy nu hab name”

“Alright, so how about, Candy?”

“Candy wub namesies”

“Alright Candy, my name is Kyle”

“Hewwo Kywe, u am new daddeh?”

“Uhm, yes, yes i am.”

This day was great, you have a new daddy. You will have a house, toys and sketty. Its sad that you had to lose your weggies and your mummah in order to achieve that. At least now, your life can only go uphill from now on.

You still feel very tired, but now you have a daddeh to take are and gib wuv to, so you can’t let him down. You will wake up and make his life better, with or without your weggies.

After all, Tomorrow will be another day.


[So I'm back after being dead for about 2 months, i've been busy. But im coming back to action. Hope you enjoy my new series, Tomorrow will be another day, a series about feral fluffies' lifes]


Oh wow, I was not expecting such a kick to my stomach… Great story, I’m looking forward!

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