Toffee (part 1) [wolfram_sparks]

No doubt the owner has issues. But come on, putting your children into a machine that spins clothes and hot water around? Letting them soil your owner’s fresh laundry? That’s negligent. She had it coming.


No shit? Welcome to fluffdom, my friend!

Note: not human children. Fluffies.


This is amazing, and I can’t wait to see more. I love the aspect of truly using the fluffy’s own stupidity against it, in a way where the dumb cunt mare could never even come to blame its owner.

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Who cares, they’re fluffies. They were made for suffering.


wolfarm keep going like that!!! make toffe suffer like nobody can do

Great work. Hahaha nice end, what a stupid mare so protective for her foals to other fluffies and then she do something stupid like this. Hahahaha she get what she deserved I guess. Good plan to sterilised her, so she can’t have any foals more. Now we now she is a stupid mare, there was a big chance that her foals would also be stupid. Better stupid foals are death then alive.

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NOOOOOO not the heckerino foals !!!11

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This, “hugboxers” are a bit cringe if you ask me

“Abusers” are a bit cringe if you ask mr

there are no constants in regards to who is cringe here. except one
fluffies are cringe

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To be fair, those who take either way too seriously are pretty cringe.

like i said, only one constant

you are using the site correctly, also that kinda made me create a tear

Awwwww beautiful

you are using it correctly

Wolfram your art is one of the big three that got me hooked and this is probably one of your best works. It’s too good to leave I can’t wait for the next part


Nice to see you here, Wolfram! You were always among my favorite old school Fluffy artists of, certainly the one I always got the most excited on seeing. I find myself going back to your comics pretty consistently. Glad to see your stories continue to be fantastic ones. I’m really glad you’re here and I can’t wait to see more!

I believe this is the correct way to use this site, and thank you kindly for all your hard work.

Should have stuck them in the dryer and let them air fry!

When Part 2?