Time Passes [Sexygoatgod]

How could I not pay homage to the one and only best image of all time?
For Theme Week: Theme Week 005 - In Memory Of


The Jellen hunger…


YES! I am SO glad someone decided to remake this image!!!

For the formerly uninitiated, this is a remake of the “First Jellenheimer” image which can be found here

Though we have lost the comments section from Fluffybooru days I can tell you that the user BigBowlOfSketties said (paraphrased) “Those aren’t foals. They’re something else entirely. I think I’ll call them Jellenheimers”
And ever since then there have been these unexplainable little red guys with creepy smiles associated with fluffies.


Know what’d be cool?

If the Jellenheimers were formally her own babbehs

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Him but i get what youre saying

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I love how your art style contrasts with subject matter so well, @sexygoatgod! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much~ <3

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Man you’re fast. Nice work as always.

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The jellenheimer genesis! Wonderful artwork

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Well, they do need a foothold into this world. What a beautiful Genesis for Jellenheimers.

Mummeh unable to save her babbehs as they’re dying, but the scientists baffled that the “babbehs” are still alive.

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It’s a stallion, stinky


I didn’t know jellehammers had also other colors as red.