They did the Mash (L.AVaught)

Be Elvira

You have lost the hideous Appendage which once again formed from your back

you are safe but the Trauma lingers

you require comfort so as to blot out these dark memories

perhaps you will go to the magic screen to watch the stories of gods and monsters when the world was new

and before the coming of your race

and marvel at this era before color

still that will not be enough

you must seek out the Mother Goddess

for though she disciplines you, she provides you with life and comfort

still though her silky touch may help you need to move

need to get over it yourself

you know what to do

you shall ask the Goddess to start the heavenly choir
and you shall partake in Bacchic rites

you approach her as she stares into her Box of infinite wisdom

supposedly everything is on there

yet you, a mortal cannot possibly understand it

you clear your throat and begin to speak

”Mummah can you Pway Elviwa’s song pweese”
Be Evelyn

you love your fluffy

she’s so sweet and cute

and brave!

well brave for a fluffy

like she likes to be scared!
granted what constitutes as fun scary is classic monster movies and scooby doo but that’s a lot better than most fluffies.

You oblige as you pull up the tab on your computer and start the video.

”I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise”
Elvira begins to dance happy as can be

you sometimes wonder what she’s thinking though as she happily does the stock fluffy dance sort of in tune with Pickett’s singing


she would have loved the songs of “The King and the Jester”.

or they’ll scare the shit out of her. both outcomes are good

Dis fluffy is quite S M O R T