Theme Week 005 - In Memory Of

As many of you know, we are swiftly coming up on a dark anniversary.
On Sept 30th, 2020 went offline, never to return.
Many of us have memories of the place, and the people there.
Some are great memories,
some aren’t so great,
but they’re memories worth keeping, all the same.

In this theme I would recommend making fan art of creators that have not joined us here.
Or perhaps your own version of a piece that you loved.
Or art in the style of a creator you respected
Art based on a story from the previous website
Creations based on some story that you loved, or would have loved to see continued will also be accepted.

This theme is also open to the people that were never a part of fluffybooru.
All you really need to do to participate is to get out of your regular style, and create something based on someone else’s work.

During this theme week, I’ve asked our reuploading crew to be more open to suggestions
If there’s art/stories that you’ve missed, tell us about it, and we’ll try to get them re-uploaded so long as we have some sort of permission to re-host them.
Otherwise we’ll try to send you those images/stories privately.

Entries for this theme will be very loosely interpreted.
All categories are welcome to participate. So yes, even enfie babbeh or human-fluffy-sex is going to be accepted this time. There will be notices posted when we collate the entries, stating whether the work is controversial, or has questionable themes.

The deadline for entries will be 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time, October 1st
Countdown Timer

To enter your creation in this theme week, please include a link to this post in your submission.

Winners of Theme Week 004 will have “sandbags” applied to their scores if they participate in Theme Week 005
1st place @Foxhoarder will have -3 points
2nd place @infraredturbine will have -2 points
3rd place @OtherCoraline will have -1 point


Booru shutting down may have been a tragic event, but without that we wouldn’t have had this website. Fluffycommunity anniversary next?


We might recognize it, but there are so many more fun things to do in October.


Creepy, spooky, and sweet things, perhaps?

Also, cue the dancing skeletons!


But isn’t this the first year anniversary of the website? This is a big deal! You and the mods have kept this website from drowning itself in it water bowl, so we can keep enjoying the lovable, punchable creatures that we’ve all fallen in love with. I’d say that’s something worth celebrating. From the ashes of the old will the breath of life renew.


We can always say “celebrate the past year, but make it spooky”. Kinda fitting for our small empire of evil


Should archived story requests be made as a comment or should a message be sent?


Messages will probably work better so they’re not lost as easily.
You can send them to me.

more than one entry is acceptable ?
there is more than one guy that I want to be remenbered

can you explain a little bit more about this sandbag points stuff ? xD

In past competitions there were times when the same person would win over and over and over again, to the point where if they participated at all, then others would not.
To alleviate the chances of this happening again, we decided that after the votes are cast, the winner of the preceeding Theme Week would have a -3 modifier applied to their score, the runner-up would have a -2 modifier, and the third place winner would have a -1 modifier.
These are applied after the vote is taken.
These only apply to the Theme Week directly after the person’s win.
(so they will have absolutely no effect on Theme Week 006)

Yes you can have multiple entries, but they’ll be considered as one large entry when it comes time to vote for the winner.


thanks :smiley:

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Ah the booru, such a love … hate relationship. I am happy its gone, alot of my art was to violent and controversial for today’s viewing audience l. But then again im starting from scratch. I no longer have 1100 pictures, its now 100 + which is fine for now.


The idea that there is a 1000+ images you made that you consider more violent and controversial than your current work and I will never get to see them is quite distressing.

At some point I hope that we’ll do the same thing for CarniviousDuck’s work that we did with Artist-Kun’s. It took quite a while but @Mr_Owl was able to repost literally all of AK’s work from the booru years.

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The theme week is reminiscing old booru by doing fan art of OG booru artists. Right?

If you were on the Booru, then yes
If you were not, then it’s a time when you can pay homage to any creator that has influenced you.

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I was on booru for years. but only post my work once or twice.

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You can reminisce about literally anything that you loved (or hated) about fluffybooru, 4chan threads, etc.

(But I’m trying to nudge this in a more loving direction. I want to pay homage to the people that kept those websites up and running)

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