The World Tree - Chapter Six - "Complications" [By Pyrofireflame12]

Hey everyone, sorry that I’ve been gone for a long time. Shit happened but now I am back, ready to write more fictional horses struggling to survive in the wild. But before we jump into this chapter, a couple of things need to be explained.

The story has had a time skip, which was about a week. During this time, our intelligent smarty had found a new home for his herd and had spent the week setting everything up alongside the fluffy that they found. Also, the original three hit adulthood during this time.

Also, they finally get their names.

PS: I will be including a list of the fluffies in the smarty’s herd in the Table of Contents, so go check that out when you’re done with this chapter!

Your name, is Auburn. You lived with your owner, who was an aspiring fluffy breeder. She picked you off the streets from your evil mother, who was ready to kill you from birth for being an alicorn. With pink fluff and an auburn mane, you also got a lot of hatred for not having an eye bleeding color for your mane.

One small problem living with your mother: you did not want to be breeding stock. But today you were standing in front of a fluffy named Aqua. A blue stallion with a black mane, who was also an alicorn. You felt uncomfortable the entire time, waiting until he spoke first. You were like this for a few minutes until he spoke up.

“Du Aubuwn wan haf spesh-” He began. You felt panic rise in your chest.

“N-no!” You blurt out, wishing you kept your mouth shut after seeing the look on his face. He was sad and confused about your way of talking.

Yet another boon that felt like a curse. Your higher intelligence, alongside your colors and wings and a horn made your mother desperate to have you become a mother. But you couldn’t bear the thought of it. It just felt wrong to be with a regular fluffy, and the thought of having your children sold away for a profit and then the process starts all over again felt painful. You look back at Aqua, feeling your heart drop from the look on his face.

“I don’t want to have children… Is it okay if we could just be friends?” You say. Fluffies always love new friends, right? But what if he got angry, or sad, and started yelling out for his owner? You hated what your owner did to you after these unsuccessful breeding attempts.

But to your relief, he smiles. “Dat am otay. Aqwua wub nyu fwends!” You release a breath you had no idea you were holding in. You nonchalantly bounced the ball back and forth for the next hour, dreading the moment you got back home.

The drive home was silent. When your owner opened the door, she tossed you onto the kitchen counter before you could start speaking. She turns to you, a furious expression on her face.

“What is WRONG with you? This is the fourth time, you piece of shit!” She explodes. You start to hold back tears as you begin to plead.

“Please, Mama. It’s not as simple as you might think-” She slams her hand on the counter, startling you. You whimper as you accidentally bite your tongue. She continues her rant.

“It’s always that excuse. It’s complicated, it’s not that simple!” She says, mocking you with wild hand gestures. She growls and kicks over a chair in her rage. You shrink back, fearing the worst.

“Why can’t you just be normal like all the fucking rest? You leech off of my money, I provide for you and this is how you repay me!? No wonder your mother was going to kill you!” You couldn’t hold back the tears. You don’t know if you were crying out of fear, sadness, or frustration at this point. You hold out a hoof, pawing at the air.

“Mama, please! I’m sorry! I-I promise I won’t do it again!” She turns to you, and you regret what you said. She starts laughing, walking over to you. Then, she throws a glass cup into the wall. That could be you. It would be you.

“BULLSHIT!” She roars. “I know damn well that the next time I bring you over to someone, you’re going to start telling me this all over again! You need to learn your place.” You freeze in terror as she picks up a knife. You knew it would be useless to run.

She turns back before you could process all of this, and wildly swings at you. On instinct, you dodge back but feel the knife cut you directly between the eyes. You scream in pain and start stumbling back.

“I’m sorry! I mean it! P-please! Calm down-” You choke on your words as she grabs you firmly. She stares into your eyes, fury washing over her.

“I’m just going to surrender you to some cheap breeding mill. They’d give me more money than you ever could, with your stubborn attitude.” You start struggling, trying to beg for any kind of mercy. But she continues. “I’m going to leave you with wounds that can heal, I want you in good condition.”

She throws you onto the counter and grabs your back left leg. Then with a sharp twist, pain shot through you like lightning. You screamed in pain, cried for her to calm down, to stop all of this, but she just told you to shut up. She grabbed you by your horn and dangled you in the air. You couldn’t meet her gaze. She grabbed your torso, and with a sharp yank part of your horn snapped off. She dropped you on the floor, and you had to bite your tongue to keep yourself from screaming.

“Stay there, shitrat. I’m going to go make a call.” Your owner orders. Whimpering in pain, and just wishing you had decided to listen instead. You had no desire to run away. But you knew what would happen to you would be so much worse. You realize she left the front door open.

You attempted to walk, but as soon as you put pressure on your broken leg, the pain overwhelmed you and you collapsed. You began to soundlessly limp your way out the door, whimpering to hide the desire to scream. Passing through the door, you turned around and went around the fence, walking into the forest in the backyard. Most fluffies ran away into the city, so this might be a better choice. All you heard was her angry screaming, and objects breaking as you fled into the greenery.

A while after you escaped, rain began to pour down. You slightly quickened your pace, ignoring the pain as you let the tears run free. You tried to keep your mind off of the negative thoughts, focusing on the journey. But you just couldn’t block them out.

She was right. Your mother, your siblings, and your owner. You were just some stupid monster that never lived up to anyone’s expectations. Your birth was a letdown, all those failed breeding attempts were a letdown for everyone involved, all because you were so stupid and wanted to have something that would forever be out of reach.

You sniffled and sobbed as you kept hobbling forwards. It felt like an hour, but then you heard voices.

“Nu knyo wai fwuffies haf tu find nummies. Cwovew gwow nummies. Nu wike sky Wawa.” A voice whines.

You hide behind a tree. Ferals could be even worse than humans, and you watched two fluffies walk into your vision. The one who just spoke was a tan color, with a brown mane. Another one easily stood out more. He was red, and his mane was a mix of black and orange stripes. The red one walked with a more confident stride and turned to the tan one.

“Yesh. Cwovew gwow nummies, bu’ hewd stiww nee’ nummies. Smawty sai tu find nummies, den fwuffies find nummies.” He responds.

You carefully considered your choices. The two didn’t seem bad, but you didn’t know about their smarty. You were exhausted, soaking wet, and injured. They were your only hope. You began to stumble out from your hiding spot, and the two saw you instantly. You opened your mouth to speak, but you accidentally put pressure on your broken leg and collapsed.

“Help… please… it hurts…” You whine, hoping they would take pity on you. You began to black out, and the last thing you felt was the two grabbing you.

You woke up in some kind of structure. You could see that it was made of mud, leaves, and sticks formed into a den. You feel pressure on your broken leg, but not as painful. You crane your neck around and see that something has been strapped to it. Two flat pieces of bark were connected by cobwebs, restraining your leg’s movement. Only humans could do that sort of thing, why would one be out here? You could see that it was night, so you figured that a long time had passed.

You look down and see the collar around your neck. Then for the first time in your life, you felt anger well up inside you. Why should you have this on? Why would it ever be your fault for just wanting to have a nice life instead of making foals and money for your owner? You grip the pendant with “Auburn” engraved in it, and start pulling it off. You ignored the slight choking feeling, but you thrashed around to tear it off.

With a final snap, you felt the collar slip off your neck. You dropped the collar to the ground and regretted all of the thrashings. Your broken leg hurt again, and you might have reopened your head wound. You lay on your side and sigh. You close your eyes, enjoying the free feeling of your neck without the collar.

You woke up to something poking you, and you sprang up in fear. You heard a slight yelp and looked to see a brown foal staring at you. The foal was carrying a bundle in its mouth, and when it realized you were looking at it, it dropped the bundle. It carefully unwrapped it and pushed it towards you. Inside was food, and then you realized just how hungry you were.

You dipped your head slightly and began to eat the food. You paused slightly as the taste sank in, then started eating faster. It tasted much better than the kibble your owner gave you, so you wolfed the rest of it down. The foal watched you, grinning to itself. It was a bit unnerving, as the first thing you noticed about him is that his red eyes had an odd spiral pattern. When he smiled, though, it was a bit scary since all of his teeth were quite sharp.

Then again, what right did you have to judge someone based on appearance? Here you were, dirty, missing half your horn, a nasty cut on your head, and a broken leg. That stupid dream of having a loving family was likely gone, as fluffies would despise one another over any kind of lasting injury.

The foal began to tap your head as you looked down, tail wagging. You looked up, and he sat down.

“Hewwo! Am Fenwiw. Am nyu fwend otay?” He introduces himself, head tilted slightly in concern.

You giggle a bit and answer. “I’m okay.” You looked back at the wrapping around your leg. “Who did this?” You prompt him.

He looks surprised at your voice. Most fluffies are, but you’re thankful he hasn’t started screeching about a monster yet. You notice his limbs twitching as if he wants to go tell everyone he knows. Then his head perks up, realizing he forgot your question.

“Smawty hewp…” His voice trails off as he looks at the collar on the ground. You feel your face flush with embarrassment, before you ran away you would have never acted like that. You were raised to be polite, so you felt ashamed that you lashed out so violently. He reads the pendant on the collar, then springs up. “Aubuwn!”

You smile at him and nod, confirming his idea. He giggles in excitement and takes a final look at you before scampering off. He was nice, even if he was a bit scary. But you can’t help but think there’s more to Fenrir than you or he knew about. You push aside your thoughts and look at the leaf wrap. It was held together by a small green stem, stretched around, and tied into a knot. Fluffy hooves were too fat and clumsy to do this, so how did one manage to? Fenrir just bit through it, mostly.

You had been alone for a while, but you didn’t mind much. But now you felt thirsty. There was no way of telling where the nearest source of water was, but this herd had to have some way of getting it. You cleared your throat and called out.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Nobody answered, but a head poked in through the entrance. The fluffy began walking in. At first, you thought she was a unicorn, but then you saw that she was an alicorn. With a blue mane and sandy yellow fluff, she had a curious expression on her face. It quickly changes to a smile, and she lays down to speak to you properly.

“Hewwo! Am Seasheww. Nyu fwend nee’ hewp?” She asks.

You nod and answer. “If it isn’t much trouble, would you be able to bring me some water? I can’t walk…” She doesn’t seem surprised about it. She just nods and runs off. A minute later, she comes back, pushing a bowl of water into the den. The bowl was already filled, so she sat down and watched you gratefully lap at the bowl.

After you had your fill, you pushed the bowl away and looked at Seashell. “Where did you get this? Do you live with humans?” You ask. The bowl was man-made since a fluffy’s idea of a bowl would likely be a hole in the ground.

"Dis pwace was Cwovew's homesies wif Cwovew's mummah. Cwovew wet hewd wive in wand!" She shouts. You laugh a little despite your situation. She certainly was energetic and seemed very innocent.

You’re about to speak when you hear footsteps. Seashell looks back and puts a hoof over your mouth. She says nothing but giggles to herself, and you can pick up a bit of mischief in her laugh. You give her a questioning glance, but she looks back when the footsteps fade out.

“Hewd gun’ suwpwise smawty wif Aubuwn.” She explains.

“Why? He’s already met me if he treated my wounds.” You see a sly grin form on her face. Not innocent. This was a trickster.

“Bwuddah haf hooman tawkies tu! Wike Aubuwn!” The first thing you gathered was that Seashell was the sister of the smarty, which explained why nobody minded an Alicorn in the herd. But it felt like time had stopped when she finished her sentence. You thought you were the only one out there. Something tugged at the back of your mind, but you pushed it away. It was a stupid idea.

Sure, the only reason you didn’t participate in these breeding attempts was that you felt like it would be wrong with a normal fluffy, but you likely had no chance. You were missing half your horn and likely looked like you fell through a dumpster. Any fluffy with common sense wouldn’t even want to look at you, but these fluffies kept showing you kindness.

You noticed Seashell had left. Probably off to go plot with the others. You sigh and lay on your right side to let your broken leg have some form of elevation.

Sometimes you wished you weren’t born with this mutation.

it took me like three days to do this, fucking hell
anyways some little facts about Auburn
she tries to be as polite as possible and has never said a single swear in her life
low self-esteem
just needs someone to tell her something nice about her

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Now I will disappear and never make myself known until I decide to do something with my life.



You are doing something with your life. You bring joy to others through writing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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