The Waters (H.P Fluffcraft collection) (written by Simo/Zygonus)

It hurts.

You’ve been here for as long as you can remember, and it still hurts.
You never knew your parents, yet you know they exist, sometimes you call out to them in your sleep. You’re wet, but it doesn’t bother you, you are always walking in shallow water, sleeping in it, drinking from the seemingly endless pool.

You aren’t unhappy, your life is calm, quiet, you have food and water, you’re warm, you’re in pain.

Everything hurts.
Why does it hurt?
Why must you suffer


A sound pierces the silence

That wasn’t you

It came from your left

“Hewwo?” A voice said

A voice?

“Huuhuuu… wan mummah”

It is! Another voice!
Someone is here with you!

You don’t have to be alone!

You don’t have to be sad!

You don’t have to be quiet!

You don’t have to be slow!

You don’t have to stay still!

You don’t have to be hungry.
You don’t have to be hurting.
You don’t have to be in pain.
You don’t have to question.

You have to hunt.
You have to feed.
You have to kill.

You locate the source of the noise, they have been screeming for a while now.
You stalk them, slowly, the pleasure of seeing them in fear exhilerates you. Your movements make no sound, the periodic huuu’s and screeeee’s are so inviting.

Your hunger tells you to strike, but you wish to follow it more, hear it scream more, feel its fear more.

It slows down, you have been tailing it for some time now, savoring its suffering. The small creature in front of you suddenly collapses, taking water into its lungs and soaking its fur. A sputtering cough begins to emit from your prey.

No! No! No! It can’t die! You need to kill it! Is it dead?!
You scoop up your prey and instantly notice its high pulse and raspy breaths. It’s alive. Almost by instinct you wrap your… hands… gently around the creature, it’s soft. But that’s not your concern. You squeeze on the upper torso of your prey and a sputtered wheeze comes out, the breathing seems clearer. You repeat the process until its breathing is clear. It won’t wake up. But it seems to be resting, exhaustion must have gotten to it.

You will not let it die that easily.
You will be the one to take its life.

You lay in the water, your prey resting on your back, You must keep it from drowning.

While you wait for it to recover, a noise echoes throught the abyss.


It’s that time again, the only time you see light.
When the clock begins to glow.

You have spent countless hours in front of that clock, taking in the light of the lantern and watching the pendulum swing. Oh, the pendulum. Its hypnotising rythm is the only thing that gives you peace. It is your solace, it is your peace, no one else can have it, it belongs to you alone.

Your prey has awakened. They screem as they realize what you are, that they are not alone, that they have something to fear.
You sit still as they try to run away.

Once they begin walking again, believing they lost you, you begin to stalk them again. It seems that this creature is losing hope, its crys have gotten softer.

You are concerned.
Your prey has begun following the noise of the clock.
Why would they follow it? Do they want to see it? Do they want to bask in its dim light? Do they want to follow the rhytmic movements of the pendulum? Do they want to take it from you!?


You will not let them.
You will destroy them here and now.
You will protect your solace.

You notice your prey is gone, you must have been deep in thought.
No matter, you will find them.
You already know where they are.

You crawl slowly around the clock, savoring the soft “huu’s” coming from behind it.
As your eyes meet for the first time, your prey is frozen, your predatory glare piercing its mind.

You rise to stand upright so the creature may take in your form.

It never takes its eyes of your face

You step forward.

Your advance seems to have awakened it from its trance, it turns and runs to the front of the clock.

You are one step ahead

You stare your prey in the eyes as you let out a shreak. The sound has paralyzed the poor creature, it is now frozen with fear, helpless to your advance.

You cleave through the flesh, bone tears and shatters. Blood spreads in the water below.
The hunt was a success
You were able to feed
You were able to make it suffer
You were able to protect your precious clock.

In satisfaction you lay down, looking into the clocks interior. You lay in the soft glow of the light, and watch the pendulum swing.


He tried so hard but in the end didn’t even matter.

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Very strong vibes of “The Outsider”. Great atmosphere and building of tension.

This was such a great story! I really like how you wrote it in such a cryptic way! You have such a nice way of writing stories, can’t wait for more! c: