the stages of enlarges ages by random_viewer_of_fluffies

enlarge are not just used for in houses family, but in stores as well! these fluffies are filled with replaceable poopie stopper, which a handles can replace into the fluffes the shopper re-question, classed at shopper helper,
these fluffies are train to follow and stop at with the cart their tied to, they are also train to inform parents if their kid tries to get off without telling parents or if someone touches or grab kids without warning.
shopper helper are train to not lesson to the all of other fluffies, or of any animal.
when brand new shopper helper will gladly want to be ridden and with be more talkies to the kids and parents
somewhat use one, will being to be reluctance, using punishment and telling them their bad fluffies will stop this behavor
old one, they refused to let kids ride them and punishment no longer work on them, best to send back to saler and buy a replacer


I’m envisioning this ending with giant pillow fluffs.


with the right request you can have them pillow for the right price tho, just remove their leg braces will make them unable to move, the braces also make them do a penguin walks cause their unable to bend their knees


Again, Don’t forget to put your name in the title. :slight_smile:


Hey, uh, ahems can I get a older shopper helper, please?

Oh, certainly, this way please.

How many are you looking to be replacing?

Uh, I am not sure, last time I heard from the shift manager was 12. We’re using the older ones for the elderly people, since they are less prone to drone on as the newer ones do.

Ah, I see. So, I have sent a message to my team out on the loading dock, and they’re getting ready to bring in 12 new helpers. Let’s go to the back, and handle the paperwork and I will be off.

Uh, sure, do you need a manager?

Nah, I’m just signing off on the drop off, and reimbursement check for the full amount for the 12, per Hasbio Global’s Enlarged Helpers Program agreement. Just make sure you hand everything to your manager.

Will do, um, care for anything while you get the paperwork done?

Uh, yeah, I will hell Hell Juice and 4 breakfast sandwiches?

No problems, I will get right on it.

Hey, if you want anything, get it, I will pay you when I get my stuff!

Really, sir, why thanks!

CB Radio crackles alive

“Jason, we’re done loading, heading to get out breakfast food, see you soon”

“Copy that, over and out”

One of the newer helpers is being lead by, it’s chatting away with an employee

Suuu happeh guud feews! Heawt hewties nu moh, nu im scawdies box im vwoom vwoom macheen. Uh, hewp, got tu goh poopeh soons, pweese, nee make guud poopehs!!

The employee stops by the hidden shelf area, sealed from the customers so the Enlarged Helper can shit freely in the modified litter box

Tankju nise missah! Wub nyu housies!!


ohh how lovely of and hugbox ending.

if the old one are returned, they must likely end up as pillow fluffies till they sold. if they want “nu mowe wides” then they don’t need “weggies” anymore, thou going to them seller and asking will get you plenty of them.

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Well, they’d have a contract with Abuser’s Anonymous, Hasbio Global’s Enlarged Helper division in my head cannon. AA is more of a covert way to actually be a total degenerate Abuser. After all, I have a version of Enlarged Helper Fluffies who work in carnival and ride shows that travel about setting up shop in large parking lots.

Surprisingly, in my head cannon, they’ve pride themselves on having the safest rides one can enjoy over a weekend, Carnival and Ride shows.

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lol nice, already love it

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