The Sleeping Foal (by: Lettuse)

Water is the only thing that exists. It’s cold and heavy, it sucks the energy out of everything, it makes everything useless. There’s no use fighting a flood as a fluffy, your to weak to even imagine doing it, but you fight.

Your in a cold, stone box, you crawled into it to escape the rain. When the box started flooding, you climbed, you know that water’s bad for fluffy’s, and that you have to stay away. Now your sitting on a brick Ledge, it’s horribly cold and the water’s up to your hooves. Your fluff is soaked, you fill tingling all through your body, and you don’t know why.

That’s ok, the important thing isn’t you anyway, it’s your last baby. Right now he’s curled up in your arms, he looks so cold, Maybe if you hug him tighter, he’ll warm up?

You hold him closer to your chest, pushing your snout to his small body. He can’t even chirp… he can only give a weak cry, hardly audible over your chattering.

Slowly, a smell assaults you. Your too tired to process it, but you know it smells bad. Your head’s foggy, you can’t make out what floating in the water, But it’s starting to take shape.

Grey? No it’s blue, and It’s furry. It’s a weird shape… is that a fluffy? Is it sleeping?! Wait- it’s not breathing , it’s bloated, it’s dead.

It’s just a foal.

You look down at your own baby, he’s not shaking anymore, just breathing. He doesn’t deserve this… Suddenly, You fill anger flood your mind, your baby doesn’t deserve this, nether did that foal, nether does anyone.

Adrenaline pumps through your veins as you look for an exit, for light. You HAVE to save your foal, he can’t die like this! He’s never had a special friend, or have babys, or even have sketties! He can’t die!

But, there’s no escape. You’ve already checked many times. If you could escape you already would have. The water’s up to your hips.

Your not going to let your last baby die like that foal. You know what you have to do.

He’s asleep, good. The only movement he’s making is his chest, as he struggles to breath. You open your mouth, you’ll do this quick, so he doesn’t have to suffer. You place his head on you tongue, all you can fell is your overwhelming love for him. I love you baby.

You bite down.


That was a pretty harrowing story for being as short as it was. Really good job!
I don’t know if I agree with the bad-mummah tag though…


Yeah not a bad Mummah at all, we don’t have enough fluffy mercy kills.


Wonderful, thoughtful short story.

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Imagine the PTSD if she survives in the end