The revenant. (A horror poem.) [MrCreatureFeature]

crack snap pop

Something is behind you.

crick crunch creak

It’s closer.

Your fluffy looks at you with utter terror and fear.

You can hear the faint sound of raspy breathing.

You look behind you.

A man wearing a grey hoodie is behind you, standing completely still, right in front of the street light.

He takes a step closer.

You can see it’s faces.

Rotten and decaying, with only one eye.

The revenant speaks.

It asks a simple question, “Do you know where the people responsible for my death are?”

Before you could answer, it attacks.

A huge gaping mouth, filled with teeth, opens up on its torso.

Dozens of razor like like tongues, long and thin, come rushing out of it’s mouth and slices you and your fluffy to bits.

The last thing you see are the tongues taking the mangled flesh and shoving it into the mouth of the revenant.