The problem with having Aquafluffs as a pet

So I was thinking, my headcanon is that the average fluffy adult is the size of a terrier, with foals being the size of hamsters. If we apply this size to Aquafluffs, well you’d need a comedicly big aquarium to house a couple comfortably. Like, if you wanted to just keep two without any foals, you’d have a room that makes you look like a Bond Villain.


If you care about them of course.
I’ve seen some drawings of Aquafluffs being full sized sticking awkwardly out of goldfish bowls.
But 100% agree, If you love them and want them happy, it’s a saferoom sized pool or aquarium


That’s why I am going to opt into making mine smaller in headcannon. If they were the size of my fluffies in headcannon(about the size of a 20lb cat) then you’d need a small pond to house one.


I’d think that micro sea fluffs might be a decent size. But, I think the best habitat might be an aquarium with a terrarium.


Goldfish are notoriously filthy fish and need more water volume for their size, so they’d be a decent comparison to calculate tank/pool/pond size off of. So yeah, without and advanced filter setup and frequent water changes, I think only a micro-sized aquafluff could stay in a regular tank. If they could be trained to hop out of the water to ise some sort of side-mounted poop catcher, maybe they could get by with a lower volume ratio.

And now I’ve had the idea of aqua-cottonfluffs in a planted tank and I need my stylus, stat.


Eh, it ain’t a problem in my headcanon.

On the fantastic side: my headcanon’s aquafluffies were created for a race of amphibious aliens. Their cities have plenty of water features, and their houses have baths in every room.

On the mundane side: aquafluffies have become popular among humans in coastal regions, or anywhere with shittons of water. They’re big in Venice. This just made sense to me. I can imagine a fishing crew on a boat out at sea, with an aquafluffy as their lovable sidekick. I might do a story about just that.


I’d toss mine into a pond in the backyard or a kiddy pool lol


I did some sea-fluff/Aquafluff posts a while back. Maybe they’ll help:

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Anyway …

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So…like a gold fish. Needing way more space than people think


Most aquafluffies I have seen are more like micros, size-wise.
On the other hand, people keep saying they won’t grow past the size of their tank…

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My thoughts on this is that aqua fluffs are just micro sea fluffies that are amphibious. They get hamster sized, which still means you need a 50 gallon tank.


When I hear seafluffs, my mind goes to the seal/fluff hybrid with flippers instead of legs, and no gills but better lung capacity. It also goes to that image of a seafluff and ordinary fluff that had mated and are crying over their stillborn litter that are grossly misshapen.

In my head cannon, fluffies come in all sizes the smallest being the size of a hamster while the biggest are about the size of a beagle.
…or the MLP plushie that girl was lugging around in Bayformers 1

( about 2 min in)
That’s the ideal size for a fully grown fluffy to me.

Aqua fluffies should come in all size too then from guppy size to the size of a marlin or normal fluffy or so with variations.
So if you are a bond villain you get the biggest ones available, but smaller ones fit in an average tank.
…with heating element,
…and pump,
and filter,
…and airrater.

(i’ve had betta’s for 10 years. )

Mine are a completely separate breed based on copying elements of the “main line” fluffy DNA but with different base animals. They’re a little smaller than full-sized adult fluffies, with comparable body size to yearlings but with larger limbs, but ultimately they are going to need a lot of space. For a habitat, around 1000-3000 gallons would be enough room for one breeding pair and their pups for long enough for weaning and outplacement.

You could potentially “hot swap” them if you needed: in short bursts my sea fluffs can be extremely happy in downright tiny containers: two could easily plop into a 5 gallon bucket to watch TV with “weggie fwiends” while their larger tank was maintained.

But, ultimately, in my AU they weren’t intended for personal pets except for the most ardent hobbyists. Instead, seafluffies were going to be primarily targeted at aquariums, zoos, children’s museums, and possibly things like hospitals or multi-doctor health centers that cater to families, with home owners and apartment dwellers intending to be targeted by standard and microfluffs, respectively.

And Cottonfluffs were targeted at corporate America, but that’s waiting for the story that focuses on it.