The Path # 43 (by: FallenAngel)

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I’m ready for the climax to this series. That bitch mare and her fat little shit baby better get what’s coming to her. Likewise, if the good fluffies don’t get a good ending, I’ll check myself into a mental ward after having a loud, obstructive, self-destructive breakdown.


I’m willing to bet that the lost foal will be at the source of the smell. And there will be trouble when it meets the idiot crew.


Well some one has regenerativ powers because his fucking ear is now grown back :rofl:
But yes give us carnage

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If the grey dummeh wasn’t an awful rapist I’d like his character. Bumbling around all cross eyed bumping into and tripping over everything


She is pretty smart, shame, she’ve chosen to be a bitch


That gray one needs help. And neutering.


Chillax relax about the horny dummy’s ear dude.
We all make mistakes.

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Mark Hamill, the actor who has been playing Luke Skywalker since the franchise began back in 1977, recently paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers where he shared a fun anecdote about the trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars. When they were filming the scene that took place right after that moment, Hamill wondered why his hair wasn’t wet and messed up for the continuity. That’s when Harrison Ford replied, “Hey, kid, it ain’t that kind of movie.”

So, yeah, don’t worry about it :wink:

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Thank her dumb owner for that, he spoiled her like shit.

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Shame… Kinda like the grey doofus… Grows on you like a fungus… Minus the enfie mindset… He be great in a home with another doofus, like a Rastafarian guy. Still… Let the slaughter commence!! May fortune always be in good herds favour!

He’s like Slayer, but not as competent.