The Park Ch 6 (By Remarkable_Sue)

Lin approaches the two.
The two fluffy siblings look over to Lin and they happily approach. Lin can hear them jingle. Lin sees a dangling metal heart on a bright pink fabric on both necks of the fluffies who are approaching her.

“Nice Wady! pwease, Siwbah an’ Ambah nee’ 'ouw hewp!” Cries the alicorn mare. Lin sighs in defeat. These fluffies are already owned by someone.
“Daddeh weft us! Nu can find daddeh! Huu… Su scawy!” Sobs the stallion. Lin looks to her friends and shrugs.
“They already have owners.” Lin explained.

Kelly laughed.
“They were obviously abandoned.” She retorts.
“They still have their collars. People usually take the collars off before abandoning pets.” Lin points out.
“Could be either. Let’s just take them with us for now.” Alyx says.

The Siblings have joined the party? 6 mares, one stallion, one male foal.

It’s now midday. There was barely any around now, nothing but dead babies and adults. That’s until there was a herd seen.

Fluffy 01
Gender, Male
Coat, Dark Purple (Dark Purple)
Mane and Tail, Honeydew
Eyes, Olivine and Pastel Pink
Height, Above average (1’9")
Species, Unicorn
Text Color, Blue-Violet
Breed, Acri Cornu
Worth, $51
Notes, This is a toughie based off how much more muscle it has. He is currently beating the crap out of another fluffy

Fluffy 02
Gender, Male
Coat, Light Pink
Mane and Tail, Light Coral
Eyes, Earth Yellow
Height, Below average (2’7")
Species, Earthie
Text Color, Dogwood Rose
Breed, Combo! Bull and Shire
Worth, $89
Notes! He rarely speaks, but he seems to play to part of protector and leader.

Fluffy 03
Gender, Male
Coat, Pink-Lavender
Mane and Tail, English Lavender
Eyes, Green-Yellow Crayola
Height, Below average (1’1")
Species, Pegasus
Text Color, Cameo Pink
Breed, Leggy
Worth, $19
Notes! He is just a beta male who is hanging around fluffy 02

Fluffy 04
Gender, Male
Coat, Outer Space Crayola (Outer Space Crayola)
Mane, Hunter Green
Eyes, Dark Olive Green
Height, Average (1’7")
Species, Pegasus
Text color, Normal
Breed, Standard
Worth, $9
Notes! This one is being beaten by fluffy 01

  1. Kill fluffy 01 and 04. Lin will claim 02 and 03
  2. Kill fluffy 02 and 03. Lin will claim 01 and 04
  3. Ignore and move on.

//Check out my Text post about fluffy prices. it also has breeds that are used in this story. But i will only tell one right now.

//The Shire breed is a very tall (2’7" - 3’4"+) fluffy that has short coats and white feathers around 4 legs. Combo Shire’s only have 2 feathered legs. Purebred Shire’s come in Black, Brown, Grey, and White. Combo Shire’s can have a variety of colors. But this breed is all the same. They will choose a worthy mate and stay with that mate for life. It is highly not recommended to start a breeding operation with a Shire as it will not mate with no other fluffy besides its chosen mate. They will kill or badly harm any other fluffy who tries to take away their mate. They have also been known to reject mates their owners want them to choose. The upside is they are very quiet or mute, not at all needy and somewhat of a loner type, somewhat better bowel control, somewhat better bones, and they always love their babies no matter the deformity or color and they will even happily accept foals that aren’t their own. (Situation where an already pregnant mare gets accepted by a Shire and gives birth to foals from another stallion. The Shire will happily help the mare raise them.)

//I made up the breed a while ago. This is what i have came up for it. I enjoy it a lot :smiley:

//oh! This will also be the last adventure for ferals so choose wisely! :wink:


Take two and three, we need males with seemingly decent temperaments. That and a toughie can lead to issues with discipline and fluffy-on-fluffy violence.


hard one, on one side i would like to keep 4, but 1 seems like a troublesome one, on the other side 2 and 3 seems way more manageable.
i’d go for option 1.

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Keep 02 and 03. They can add some more personality traits to this herd.


Id say take 2 and 3…slaughter 1 and 4

3 Ignore the group. Especially the toughie. He probably gas his own ideas about how things should be. Too much effort to train.

Try to find single males. A fluffy with no herd/confidence is much easier bend to your will. Or gain the trust of. Either/or.