The Park Ch 16 (By Remarkable_Sue)

Lin comes to shire mare and comes to her level.
“We will have to think about you. We have limited room in our cars. We will see if we have enough room. Stay exactly here and wait for us.” Lin said to the shire. She merely nods and comes over to the long grass and circled around until finding a comfortable spot to lay down and wait.
“Shire’s are profitable, but a pain in the ass to breed. Lets take these guys to the van.” Alyx claimed. She and the fluffy she found walked through the shallow areas of the creek and the others walked the path with Casey keeping an eye on the fluffy she found. She named her, Gigi. Alyx named the fluffy she found, Emit.

Van room: 16 Adult fluffies, unlimited Micro/foals
Lin’s Car Room: 2 Adult fluffies, 6 Micro/foals

Current Van Occupation: 3 Adults.
Lin’s Car Occupation: 0 fluffies

Lin gets a phone call… It’s Amy.

“Hey Aim, whats up?”

“Me, Red, and Kelly’s mom are working on the website. We need a name, but that can come later. How many fluffies have you caught?”

“We just caught 3 more. They are Gigi, Emit, and April.”

“Cool, their names are added. Keep me updated. I will show you what we got so far.”

“Will do. Can’t wait to see that website.”

“I also called to ask if we can use your professional camera to take pictures.”

“Uh… just be careful with it. Why do you need pictures of them?”

“For their profiles. Not going to sell them to breed with mares, just so people can see their parents for what their foals will look like.”

“Oh, i guess that’s okay. But, we all can discuss about renting a stallion when we come back.”

“FYI, Kelly’s mom is making cookies with your flour and stuff.”

“That’s totally fine! I recently bought that stuff to make them myself.”

“Great, these cookies are god damn amazing. Marble likes them too. Okay, thats all i needed to talk to you about. Bring back more stallions if you want to try out Rent-A-Stallion for the website.”

Amy Hung up…

Bark! Bark! Bark!

Lin sighs when she hears her name being called by everyone. She stuffed away her phone and comes to defuse the situation the three are at yet again.

Casey would like to go back to the creek area.
Kelly wants to go to the field she originally wanted to go to.
Alyx wants to follow the hiking trail mapped out on the park map.
Ace… just barked.


The field sounds like the next best place to search of fluffies that the group hasn’t been to yet, even if it could still be the furthest location. If Ace ends up barking more often then he can use the large field to run around and corral the fleeing fluffies if needed.

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HOw much free time do they have to just be wandering around collecting Fluffies so often?

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mabye they could hire a dna splicer

alco ace

Lets go check out the field.

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Option Kelly. Give the field a try.