The Pack- (24) Shadow's week 11 footage, part two (Shadowfox)

Another chunk of unedited footage from the facility.

Without waiting for instructions, Rook fell back into heel position, following her into the Kennel, Glory attempting a clumsy mimicry at her other side. Three of the mares in the larger cages were sobbing frantically, whatever their complaints dissolved into utter incoherence. All of them were alone in their cages, and Shadow hissed a number of curses before her eyes fell on the runs on the other side of the room. One of which now held a vast number of varying sized foals as well as an extremely frazzled looking Pepper. “Mummah Shado’! Peppaw wub aww babbehs, but su many, many babbehs! Nu knuw if Peppaw can be guud mummah to su many babbehs!”

“Nineteen fluffy foals and ten demonfluff foals, all accounted for.” Shadow muttered, counting heads carefully. “It’s okay, Pepper. I’ll make sure you, Sunshine and Myra get help with the babies. Think you can manage a little longer? The babies aren’t too hungry, are they?” With a flick of her hand, she motioned Rook back out of sight with his burden, setting Mint down. “Rook, Glory? Take Mint here to the kitchen and wait for me like I asked.”

Pepper sniffled a little, carefully stepping between piles of sleeping foals to get to the kennel door. “Peppaw tink su? Aww Peppaw babbehs hab miwkies an am sweepin’. Aww Mywa babbehs hab miwkies an’ am sweepin’. Aww Sunshin’ babbehs hab miwkies an am sweepin.” she slowly stated, taking careful stock of her surroundings with all the focus a fluffy could manage. “An aww nyu babbehs awe sweepin’ an nu seem hungwy, hab fuww bewwies…Aww babbehs awe otay fo’ now, Mummah Shado’. Peppah jus nu knuw how su many babbehs!”

“It’ll be fine, Pepper. You’re a good fluffy, and a very good mummah.” She reached fingers through the wire, letting Pepper rub her head into them. “I’ll be back, okay? Keep this under control and I might bring you a treat.” The brick red fluffy nodded solemnly at that, carefully picking her way back with fond nuzzles at each foal she passed.

“I’m sure you realize I have a number of questions.” Shadow remarked, standing in the middle of the hall and staring down the only human in sight. “Let’s start with… Kal, why is every foal in the kennel now in the run with Pepper and the surrogates?”

“Shadow, you said you wanted her in charge of all the foals.” he explained blandly. “I brought you a few doses of lactation booster if she doesn’t have enough milk, to tide you over until you find a good candidate for milkbagging. Asher’s bringing you the next load in a few days, right? Has to be at least one mare you could rinse off and use in there, and the rest can get back to breeding.”

“They’re like rabbits. They don’t need to not be nursing to get pregnant again, Kal. And I know I said I might consider that, I just…” she drummed her fingers on the wall, not looking at him.

“All the foals together is more efficient, and you said yourself that if that nurse mare has enough on her plate you think pulling foals for sale would be easier.” Kal shrugged, cracking his neck as he took a far too casual glance at the rooms she was looking at, trying to hide a wince at the damp patches still left.

“Right. That’s the best excuse you can give me? The brood mares were having bitch fits over more than just having their foals pulled, which I know because all of them were also filthy and bleeding,” she pointed out, and he winced again. “I had a schedule, Kal. I was staggering the new litters to keep stock in without overrunning everything else I have to do.”

“Yeah, well, this was a… Uncle Joe got a special surrender. Perfect Shining Armor, former stud who picked up too much of an attitude problem. It was a short window of opportunity before he had to be put down.” The large man studied his fingers carefully, not meeting the furious gaze of the much shorter woman.

“Okay, I can see that being useful- I still would have wanted to be informed. Given the amount of damage he did, artificial insemination would have been much better for everyone involved, Kal. And I could have done that without fucking over my schedule for the next month!” she snapped, her tone nearly as frazzled as Pepper had looked. “Look, I’m gonna go get the boys fed in the kitchen, and then… Ugh. It’s bad enough Dave decided to pass on a request for something to prove the boys aren’t going to have the same issues with non- smarties Foxfire is, I didn’t need to spend the afternoon calming the kennel and Pepper as well! You guys haven’t messed with anything else right? Because I do not have time to check every single one of the Kennel stock before I need to start editing this weeks footage.” He shook his head frantically and she stepped past him with a last aggravated gesture, a number of curses still just under her breath. Kal winced even more as soon as she was around the corner.

“Aww, fuck. Randy might have been right,” he muttered under his breath. “Think I’ll let George explain the rest of that later.” With the air of someone who had suddenly remembered a vital errand elsewhere, he headed out of the building.


Mint cheerfully trotted along behind the pair of alicorns. “Nice munsta fwuffies awe da wuckiest fwuffies! Hab nicest hoomin mummah eba. Gib bestest scwitchies, an’ bewwy wubs, an’ gib aww da nummies an bestest safepwace tu aww ob hewd! Eben gabe upsie huggie pets. Mint su gwad tu be in housie wit nyu mummah an’ nyu fwuffy fwiends, ‘cause eben if fwuffies munsta, awe nicest an’ bestest munsta fwuffies Mint eba met in Mint whowe wife.” Glory and Rook exchanged a look, both of their ears flattening as they kept their gazes firmly forward. “Mint suwe Mint gunna wub nyu housie, an’ nyu mummah, an’ nyu munsta fwuffy fwiends. Wub aww ob ‘ou! Wewe Mint an’ nyu fwiends goin’?”

“Neba min’, Wook. Dis am wowse den Mawnie. Much, muches wowse,” Glory muttered pulling his wings unhappily tight against his back before he acknowledged the question at all. “Fwuffies goin’ tu kitchen woom.”

“Oh! Kitchen woom means nummies woom! Fwuffies gun hab nummies wen nyu mummah comes? Wub nummies, an’ housie nummies awe bestest nummies. Mayb…. Mayb’ fwuffies awe weawwy weawwy wucky an’ nyu mummah wiww gib aww fwuffies skettie fo’ am aww nicest guud fwuffies! Nu’ nee’ be sketties, bu’ mayb’ skettis? Neba know!” he continued, near bouncing along just behind them as both demonfluffs looked anywhere but at him. “Why bwacky gwey nu-meanie guud munsta fwuffy hab Astaw bestest babbeh? Astaw be saddies nu hab babbeh, wub babbehs, an’ wub bestest babbeh mostest. Why babbeh nu with Astaw?”

“Mummah Shado’ teww Wook cawwy babbeh, Wook cawwy babbeh. Gwowy nu know mowe dan dat. Mint shou’ ask Mummah Shado’” Glory carefully explained in an admirable attempt at an even tone. Enough that Mint didn’t miss a step as he kept following them.

“Otay! Mint wiww ask nyu Mummah!” With every repetition of that last phrase, Rook’s posture stiffened further, wings flat, ears pinned all the way back, each slow deliberate footstep ringing against the tiled floor. Glory edged farther to the side with each step, clearly reading his brother’s mood, beginning to glance back hopefully into the hallway behind them. “Nyu Mummah su nice, bestest nyu Mummah, Mint wub nice Mummah an’ nummies an’ housies an’…ooooh! Nyu fwiends hab toysies? Nyu, bestest Mummah gib toysies tu?”

“Mummah Shado’ gib fwuffies toysies.” Glory slowed his pace, letting the prancing green unicorn pass him as the hall opened into the kitchen. “Mummah Shado’ gibs fwuffies bestest nummies an’ toysies.”

“Yay! Mint knuw nyu mummah am nicest, bestest…” he slowed a little, as if finally noticing the look Rook had trained on him. “Nyu fwuffy munsta fwiend nu hab happies? Mint teww bestest nyu Mummah, an’-”

Rook strode past him, rearing up and pawing the towel from the handle of the oven before delicately depositing the softly cheeping foal on it. “Wook’s Mummah!” he firmly countered, wings flaring as he stalked toward the suddenly baffled unicorn. “Mummah wook afta Gwowy an’ Fo’fia an’ aww ob Pack, bu’ am Wook’s mummah. Nu Auwowa’s mummah, nu Mint’s mummah, nu Mawnie’s mummah. Mummah am Wook’s!” by the last few words he was outright snarling, and Mint near fell backwards, trembling as he bumped into Glory’s forelegs.

“Am otay. Wook’s mummah am jus’ Mummah Shado’ to west ob Pack. Mint wite, Mummah Shado’ am stiww bestest mummah. Gib Pack bestest nummies an’ toysies.” Glory’s tone was almost soothing, if the thick layer of amusement was ignored.

“O…Otay…” Mint said, his tone uncertain for the first time since he entered the building. There was a soft cough from the hall, and his little face lit up again. “Nyu Mum- uh, nyu Mummah Shado’! Mint wub ‘ou! Wub housie an’ …an’ munsta fwuffies. Am hab nummies now? Am hab sketties mayb’?”

“Well, if you’re really hungry, there’s a little food in the bowl,” Shadow told him in an almost sickly sweet voice. Rook almost joyfully curved around her legs, lifting his head into her outstretched fingers before returning to sit next to the foal, tilting his head in silent question until she nodded again. The little blue filly had started chirping plaintively again, and Rook sprawled next to it, nuzzling into the instinctive hugs to calm it without taking his attention off the rest of the room.

Mint enthusiastically ran at the indicated bowls, falling back on his rump in shock the moment he reached them and saw the contents. “Dat fwuffy? Dat am fwuffy weg! Why… Nyu mummah, why fwuffy weg in nummie bowl!” he shook his head, backing away frantically. “Fwuffy nu nummies!”

“Nu. Fwuffy am nummies.” Glory grinned at the smaller green unicorn, who cowered back, trying to get around him to Shadow. “Fwuffy am bestest nummies an toysies. Bettaw eben den bwockies!” The moment Shadow nodded, he grabbed at Mint’s tail as the fluffy bolted around him, catching just enough of it to yank out several chunks of soft yellow hair as the unicorn fled to the presumed safety of the human.

Shadow was finishing up baby-gating off the kitchen when Mint , managed to frantically hide himself behind her legs. “Nyu Mummah! Munsta fwuffies nu am nice! Meanie munsta fwuffies twy to num Mint! Nyu Mummah sab fwuffy!”

“Why would I do that, Mint?” Shadow asked, her voice still bitterly sweet as she stepped away from him, dropping back into one of the kitchen chairs. “If you don’t like the nummies I provided for my fluffies, why shouldn’t you be the nummies instead? You can go ahead, Rook. Good boy.”

Rook stretched luxuriously, extending his wings to the fullest. When he was satisfied, he reached down, the foal dangling by her scruff from his teeth again, her chirps far more confused than the panic of earlier. “Wat… Wat bwacky-gwey munsta fwuffy stiww hab Astaw bestest babbeh fo’?” Mint asked, his now tattered tail tucked flat underneath him as he backed up as far as the plastic barrier would let him. “Nu…Nu huwt babbeh, babbeh nee’ gu back tu mummah Astaw… babbehs awe fo’ huggies an’ wub….Fwuffies awe fo’ huggies an’ wub,” he continued protesting, caught somewhere between fear and utter confusion.

Rook snorted, tossing his head to throw the tiny filly into the air. Mint had just enough time to squeal a “Nu…babbeh tu wittw fo’” just as shrilly as the foal shrieked at the sudden motion. And then the demon fluff was lunging upwards, fangs flashing as he caught the baby, its screams rising until he bit down with a single flicked shake. The foal hung suddenly, brokenly limp, and Rook strolled over to Glory, offering the half not between his teeth. Glory snagged the offering with a grin, yanking back so each of them were left with a single mouthful they swallowed down easily.

Huddled back against the gate, Mint tearfully peered around his soft hooves at the pair of demonfluffs suddenly refocused on him. “Pwease? Nu huwt fwuffy, fwuffy nu am nummies! Pwease, nyu Mummah, pwease sab Mint… Mint nu ask fo anytin’ eba again, nu nee’ sketties ow toysies ow anytin’, just wan nu be nummies, pwease!”

“This is a great deal more entertaining than it should be,” Shadow murmured, drumming her fingers on the table for a moment. “You’ve been nothing but sweet and good since I met you, I should feel inclined to spare you. To protect you.” She paused long enough for Mint to shoot her a pleading, suddenly hopeful look, for both Glory and Rook to glance in her direction. “I don’t. Not one bit, to the point I was hoping you’d be one of the ones I’d take today, especially once I decided to make Warlock choose who lived and died.” She laughed, the sound brushed by a brittle edge, and the alicorns resumed their almost lazy stalk towards the unicorn. “His name was too damn perfect for me not to see what bargain I could force him into. Maybe Dave is right… I’m getting just a little sus.”

“Tank’ou fo’ bestest nummies, Mummah,” Rook crooned, not breaking his laser focus on the cowering fluffy. “Wook wub ‘ou.” Glory huffed softly, wings ruffling for a moment before he lunged forward and grabbed a mouthful of mane. The charcoal demonfluff echoed the move from the other side, tugging back almost playfully as Mint shrieked again.

“Nu!-Scree-Huwties! Why huwt fwuffy, Mint guud fwuffy, pwease… nu wan owwies, nu wan be nummies! Pwease… hu…huhu…hu…” He made one last attempt to hide behind his hooves as they used his mane to pull him back and forth, trying to back away again and only tightening the harsh pull on his hair. “Pwease, Mint be bestest fwiend fo’ munsta fwuffies, onwy pwease nu huwties, nu nummies!”

With a much sharper jerk, Rook ripped his mouthful of mane and a chunk of bleeding scalp free, tossing it aside and grabbing for a tuft of light green fluff instead. Mint tried his best to scramble to Shadow’s feet, winning inch by inch as they ruthlessly denuded and yanked him to and fro. There was a trail of scattered fluff and blood behind him, an extended puddle of piss from underneath him with more than one trace of liquid shit staining it. “Pwease…hu…hu…-Screee!- pwease….nyu Mummah? Hu…hu… Nice… Wady?”

“Not my problem, Mint. You probably deserved better than this, but they need to eat and I need this video ready to edit tonight. If it makes you feel any better, think of this as a sacrifice to keep your herd in nummies.” She pulled her hightops out of his reach, leaning back to put her feet up on the table. “That was a really cute trick with the foal, Rook. Have fun, kiddos.”

“Why…” Mint stalled at her feet, his plaintive sobs trailing off as he looked up at her. “Wawwock…. am wite? ‘Ou nu….Hu…nu nice wady. Hu…’ou…’ou munsta hoomin. Hu…hu…. Mun…munsta hoomin…hu… Wit munsta fwuffies… aww meanies….hu…hu…”

“Little harsh, Mint. Least stupid thing you’ve said today, but still just a little harsh.” She hummed a little, grinning too brightly from behind her phone. “What do you think, Rook, Glory? Am I a meanie munsta hoomin?”

“Nu. Mummah Shado’ bestest hoomin mummah,” Glory cheerfully answered, near skipping back up to the side of the terrified, half bare fluffy. “Jus’ nu fo’ dummeh nummie fwuffies. Onwy fo’ Pack!” He grabbed the remains of tail from one of few remaining clean spots, hauling Mint out of the puddle to a unmarked patch of floor. “An’ neba fo’ bad, nu’pwetty messies makin’ dummeh fwuffies.”

“An’ dat’s why Auwowa wibes in sowwy box now,” Rook muttered under his breath, all the playfulness gone from the glare directed at Mint. “Wook mus’ hab nu heawd wite. Wook awmos’ tink Wook heaw ‘ou caww Wook’s Mummah bad namsies. Caww mummah munsta?” he growled at Mint, stalking head lowered and fangs bared at him with slow, deliberate steps. The fluffy spluttered incoherent mumblings through his renewed sobs, terrified enough to back straight into Glory. “Fwuffy caww Wook munsta, an’ Wook nu’ cawe. Caww bwudda munsta, Wook nu happies, bu nu say nuttin. Caww Mummah munsta……”

“Mint nu…Huhu…Mint nu… hu… Mean… nu…” In the absence of immediate torment, Mint took a deep breath, trying to force down his sobs. “Hoomin am munsta! Wet fwuffies num fwuffies! Fwuffies nu am nummies fo’ udda fwuffies! Fwuffies awe fo’ huggies an’ wub an…-Screee!-” Glory had released his tail again, sinking his teeth back in a plucked bare roll of flesh, letting the renewed struggle help him chew it free.

“Nu. Fwuffies am fo’ owwies an’ nummies wen Mummah say so. Pack am fo’ nummin’ an’ huwties bad dummeh fwuffies an’ make Mummah happies,” Rook corrected,and brought both front hooves down hard at Mint’s shoulder. “An’ ’ou nu caww Wook’s Mummah munsta!”

The shriek as Mint’s joint shattered and dislocated hit new pitches, several of them likely beyond human hearing. Rook just shorted at the sound, smacking his hoof into Mint’s jaw just hard enough to send chipped teeth flying as Glory grabbed another mouthful of rump. Before Mint could even try to evade the renewed onslaught, a single hard, cloven hoof came down on his intact foreleg, just above his hoof. It crunched like a brittle twig, and another hoof repeated the injury inches above it before his scream had even ended.

It only ended when his entire leg was a mangled mess of shattered fragments, and Mint’s screams had gone ragged. “Hu…huhuhu…scr-screee! Pwe…-chirp-…pwease? Mi-hu…Screepeeep–fwuffy nu- peep- am….guu—guud fwuffy? Peep- chirp- chirp-Wan die.” Mint went limp, head fallen onto the mess that used to be his forelegs. Rook and Glory both paused at that, tapping lightly at his shuddering form with their hooves and circling as if that would rouse him back to their game. “Wan die. -Peep-…-chirp-…wan die…” With matching wing shrugs, they stepped back in, bracing hooves just hard enough to let them tear mouthfuls off their newest meal.

First Chapter- The Pack- because what we need is more fluffies bred to eat other fluffies. (1) by :Shadowfox
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Shadow is evolving!


I swear every time I see you upload its like seeing my fav youtuber post a video


And I always love seeing your comments!


Let’s remember a little detail from her last log notes regarding Dave’s forums.


Wow its gonna be rough re-integrating Foxfire with the rest of the pack now, since they’re going to be eating ‘‘good’’ fluffies from the group outside. Can’t wait until Shadow rereads that part in Watership Down about Cowslip’s warren and realizes she’s basically replaced the shining wires with demonfluffs. Also to me the only really cruel part was forcing Warlock to choose someone other than himself- but then we wouldn’t get that part with Rook treating the probable-future-bratty baby to a backflip before eating it.

And wait did I read that right and George and Kal also had that pony-knockoff rape all the other not-pregnant or Pepper mares inside while she was out? They really must be hoping for MLP ponies- and are going to likely instead get a ton of aggressive smarty brats. Well that would solve the first problem at least!

Loving the story, looking forward to Shadow’s revenge!


I don’t know why, but this quote from Glory just makes me laugh everytime I read it.

Rook’s attachment to Shadow really shows this time around. Though I wonder if his attachment will get to the point of being considered annoying from Shadow’s point of view or from the rest of the pack’s at some point soon.


That is actually my favorite line out of the chapter. Marnie is many things. Dumb/ brave enough to continue calling members of the Pack monster to their face, even in well meaning sentences- Not one of them.

The fact that she knows what the forums look like is kinda sus

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just a tad bit. lol

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Yes, Mint is something different from Marnie. Probably more dumb than brave honestly, or maybe naive/ignorant could be added in as well until his realization that Warlock was right after all.

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Hey I haven’t been reading this in a while what happened to those two guys?

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Most of that is in the email log 4. But mainly shadow rearranged the entire structure of the business. And they aren’t allowed at her place or the lab anymore. Dave won’t let her outright fire his friends, but she doesn’t give then hours anymore.
And Rook plus her choice of the itty bitties are her property now.

It sounds like she’s on a power trip or something because isn’t she only in charge because they broke some merchandize

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And isn’t she Dave’s cousin

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destroyed 7 of the first 10 prototype batches. Expensive prototype batches. At least a thousand per embryo level expense genetic prototypes. George and Kal cost dave nearly 35k before he put his foot down and dragged Shadow in.

But mainly she got Bill on side and pulled the fact she’s essentially on call24 hours a day for 40 hours worth of salary , she’s come up with every thing defraying costs right now,
And also she called Dave and hers mutual grandmother. Nepotism for the win.