The NobodyAtAll Literary Universe

Note: “Wait, it’s ALL smarties?” is the recommended starting point, and I suggest reading “Wun Wub, Wun Heawt” up to a certain point before you start on the ChaotiX stories. If you have to read a story from one series before a story from another series, there will probably be a note at the start of the story too.

Character Bios [SPOILER WARNING]
Magic in the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Timelines of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe

Death of Fluffies (by FallenAngel007)
Carmilla (by Fluffy_Angst)

"Wait, it’s ALL smarties?" [concluded]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (FINALE)

Lavender and the Oldmans [ongoing]
“The Scent of Lavender”
“Chris and Lavender: Moving Day!” Part 1
“Chris and Lavender: Moving Day!” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Lavender: Settling In”
“Chris and Lavender: Daddeh’s Home”
“Chris and Lavender: Demon in a Bottle”
“Chris and Lavender: Separation Anxiety”
“Lavender: Hope Springs Eternal”
“Lavender: Wotta Revolting Development This Is!”
“Lavender: Inferno”
“Lavender: One Year Later”
“Breather Episode: Lavender”
“Lavender: Red Skies”
“Lavender: New Bloom”
“Lavender: A Lesson In Agriculture”
“Chris and Lavender: What If…?”
“Lavender: A Lot To Think About”
“Lavender: Past and Future”
“Lavender: This Great Power”
“Lavender: Using Your Head”

"James the Turd" [concluded]
Part 1
Part 2 (FINALE)

"Wun Wub, Wun Heawt" [concluded]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15 (FINALE)

The Death of Fluffies and the Fluffy Cartel [ongoing]
“No Justice”
“The Bone Fluff” Part 1
“The Bone Fluff” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Busy, Busy, Busy”
“The Fun-ewaw”
“Paint It Black”
“Break Out The Cigars” Part 1
“Break Out The Cigars” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Blueberry Express”
“Bath Time For Blueberry’s Herd”
“You Got The Goods?”
“Another Bath”
“The Cabin in the Woods”
“Life Finds A Way”
“High Times”
“Breather Episode: Blueberry’s Herd”
“Blueberry: Red Skies”
“Monster Mash”
“The Second Death of Blueberry”
“The Bear Necessities”
“Deaths At Work”

FauCorp and the Fluffy Cabal [ongoing]
“The Fluff Network”
“P53: Experiment Log”
“P53: Bad News”
“P53: Search and Destroy”
'P53: Soul Brothers"
“Fluffywood Swinging”
“In The Company Of Myself”
“Facility B-34”
“Facility X-88”
“Expanding Borders”
“One Chance”
“Under New Management”
“Breather Episode: The Fluffy Cabal”
“No Way Out”
“Facility A-40”
“Not Always Right”
“Fluffycide: Sorry, We’re Closed!”
“Happy Fluffy Daycare”
“Fluffy World: Work In Progress”

Calvin and the ChaotiX [ongoing]

The Order of Darkness Saga
“The Talk”
“The Day My Powers Arrived”
“Fire and Dark”
“The Training Wheels Are Off”
“Hell on Earth” Part 1
“Hell on Earth” Part 2
“Hell on Earth” Part 3 (Denouement)
“Hell on Earth” Part 4 (FINALE)

The Demonic Doppelgangers Saga
“Miles Ahead”
“Let’s Bounce”
“Moving Pains”
“Birth and Rebirth”
“Just Another Sunday”
“Double Trouble” Part 1
“Double Trouble” Part 2
“Double Trouble” Part 3 (FINALE)
“Double Trouble: Miles Vs James”

The Forces of Nature Saga
“An Illuminating Lesson”
“Undercover Fluffy”
“Ultimate Fluffy Championship”
“It’s A Stretch”
“Nature’s Call” Part 1
“Nature’s Call” Part 2
“Nature’s Call” Part 3
“Nature’s Call” Part 4
“Nature’s Call” Part 5
“Nature’s Call” Part 6
“Nature’s Call” Part 7 (Denouement)
“Nature’s Call” Part 8 (FINALE)
“Nature’s Call” Part 9 (Epilogue)

The Alien Invasion Saga
“Breather Episode”
“Dawn of the Final Day”
“Winner Takes All” Part 1
“Winner Takes All” Part 2
“Winner Takes All” Part 3
“Winner Takes All” Part 4
“Winner Takes All” Part 5
“Winner Takes All” Part 6 (Denouement)
“Winner Takes All” Part 7 (FINALE)
“Winner Takes All” Part 8 (Epilogue)

The World Tour Saga
“Blaze It”
“Out of Time”
“A Fate Forged In Steel”
“World Tour” Prologue
“World Tour” Part 1
“World Tour” Part 2
“World Tour” Part 3
“World Tour” Part 4
“World Tour” Part 5
“World Tour” Part 6
“World Tour” Part 7
“World Tour” Part 8 (FINALE)

The Caldroid Omega Saga
“Who’s the Boss?”
“The Doctor Is In”
“The Impossible Unity”
“A Nice Day At The Park” Part 1
“A Nice Day At The Park” Part 2
“A Nice Day At The Park” Part 3
“A Nice Day At The Park” Part 4
“A Nice Day At The Park” Part 5 (FINALE)

The Fiendlord Saga
“Wicked Child”
“Amber Alert”
“Calvin Korkea’s Howling Commandos”
“Crossed Paths”
“Vampire Killer” Prologue
“Vampire Killer” Part 1
“Vampire Killer” Part 2
“Vampire Killer” Part 3
“Vampire Killer” Part 4
“Vampire Killer” Part 5
“Vampire Killer” Part 6
“Vampire Killer” Part 7
“Vampire Killer” Part 8
“Vampire Killer” Part 9 (Denouement)
“Vampire Killer” Part 10 (FINALE)

The Adam Omega Saga
“Suit Up!”
“Tick Tock”
“A Do-Over”
“Time to Chill Out”
“Visiting Hours”
“Inn Security”
“Hatching a Plan”
“Giant-Size Fluff-Thing”
“Race Against Time” Part 1
“Race Against Time” Part 2
“Race Against Time” Part 3
“Race Against Time” Part 4
“Race Against Time” Part 5
“Race Against Time” Part 6
“Race Against Time” Part 7 (Denouement)
“Race Against Time” Part 8 (FINALE)
“Race Against Time: Meanwhile, In The Future…”

The Primal Earth Saga
“Return of the King”
“That’s The Sound Of The Beast”
“Calvin: Dinosaur Hunter”
“Down the Drain”
“World of Strength”
“Rock and Roll”
“Hot and Heavy”
“Taking Off”
“Walk The Dinosaur” Prologue
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 1
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 2
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 3
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 4
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 5
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 6
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 7
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 8
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 9
“Walk The Dinosaur” Part 10

Other ChaotiX/Cabal-related stories
“Meet Dave”
“New Life and Old Death”
“An Ending”
“What Happens If We Fail”
“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
“What A Horrible Night”
“The Witch’s House”
“Child Soldiers”
“The Magical Quarter”
“Doomguy Dave”
“A B-Story”
“The World Sure Looks Different From Down Here”
“Werewolf, Baby!”
“Reggae Mortis”
“Unlife’s a Beach”
“Another Day On The Job”
“We’ll Set The Night Aflame”
“My Name Is Glenn”
“What Do You Need?”
“The Warriors Four”
“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
“Sea and Sky”
“Hopes and Dreams”
“A Story For Ants”
“Thanks, Doc!”
“Andre: The Next Episode”
“Singing Mountain”
“Metal’s Sage”
“An Actually Nice Day At The Park”
“I Can’t Do This All On My Own”
“A Small Story”
“The Sanctum”
“All That Glitters”

ChaotiX villains
“The Darkest One”
“Subject G-00”
“Wining and Dining”
“No Wonder They Call Her A Mother”
“Dinner Date”
“Going Green”
“Evolve or Die”
“Far Out”
“Survival of the Fittest”
“The Fiendlord”
“The Citadel”
“Strength in Numbers”
“Streets of Rage”

"Cleo and Julius" [concluded]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 (FINALE)

The Inn Between Worlds [crossover]
“The Inn Between Worlds”
“Another Drink”
“Happy Hour”
“Well Drinks”
“Stiff Drinks and Sharp Wits”

Other characters
“Vlad The Implier”
“Shit Happens”
“One of Us”
“His Only Weapon”
“Star Road”
“The Two Of Us Make Three”
“Avenging Spirit”
“System Shock”
“The Chaos Heartbeat Booming”
“One Man Army”
“Keeping Up With The Joneses”
“Primal Earth”
“Fairy Hollow”
“You Have Great Rage In Your Heart”
“Dinosaur Land”
“The Mystery of the Druids”
“Is This What You Want?”
“A Playa in a Management Profession”
“A Second Chance”
“Improbable, Unlikely, But Never Impossible”
“Yhprum’s Law”
“El Padrino”
“The Purple Stallion”
“Miss Carrey”
“Old Stoneface”
“Where Everything Ends”
“Little Hydrox”


Do the stories have to be read in the same order as they are here?

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It’s kind of like Discworld, which, as I’ve pointed out before, is one of the biggest influences on my writing. Each series focuses on a different group of characters, but there’s references to the other series, and characters from other series making cameos. If you only read one series, you’ll be missing out on a lot of context, and you won’t get some of the jokes. I might end up numbering them all at some point, to make it easier to read them in upload order.


Saw the mountain. I’m definitely going to need a sherpa to know where to start tackling this.

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Haha, yeah, you’re not the first person to comment on that.

I’m currently trying to slow my tempo down, so everyone can catch up with me. I might take a break from writing altogether, but if I do, I’ll still be around, catching up on other people’s work, and commenting.

I’m not saying anything concrete, because I’d like to leave myself some wiggle room. It pays to be flexible.