The Mummah Fights Part 2 by Karn

As the crowd screams and cheers, a deep purple earthie circles a hot pink unicorn, it’s horn cracked and broken. There is glass littering the arena, with the unicorn’s hooves torn and shredded by the sharp hazard. Two of her foals are among the serrated ruins, one lethally impaled on a shattered bottle, another trying hopelessly to drag itself through the dirt, gravel, and glass to find it’s mother, it’s belly lightly torn open. Her last unharmed foal, a gray chirpy rests on her fluff, peeping and chirping loudly as it can smell its mother’s blood. The unicorn’s gaze kept shifting between the purple earthie and her baby, trying desperately to find it’s way back to her. As the purple earthie slowly approached, she moved her mouth downward, grabbing a half bottle, it’s bottom a series of rough and keen edges. Now upon the unicorn, she gives her an ultimatum, her words only slightly muffled from the killing weapon in her mouth.

“Nu wan gib babbeh foweba sweepies if Wane nu haf to. Gib upsies an’ Wane onwy gib yu foweba sweepies…”

She pointed the cutting and stabbing edge at the unicorn, who glared at her defiantly, but then looked back to her last baby, the one on the ground having finally stopped crawling. She started to sob and looked down, not able to meet Rain’s eyes.

“Nu huwties wastest babbeh.Gib Fw’mingo huwties an’ foweba sweepies.”

Rain wasted no time, as she swept her head in an arcing motion, gashing Flamingo’s throat wide open. It was best that she had given up. As gory as it was, it was the quickest and cleanest death she’d get. Flamingo only went wide eyed as she made a gurgling sound and fell forward, her last baby chirping and peeping as Rain put the bottle down and lifted it up by it’s scruff and put it with her last two babies. As the mic hissed and popped the announcer’s voice filled the air. “And the winner is Rain! An old pro as this is her fifth victory, she lost a foal but gained another back! Counting her babies in her nest, that’s a total of six foals! What a champion!” As the announcer continues a hooded figure in dark gray jumpsuit makes his way towards Rain, the earthie already running to follow the man out. “We’re going to take a short ten minute intermission to clean the arena of the glass shard hazard, always a crowd pleaser!” A mix of loud agreeing cheers and a handful of scornful boos came from the audience, the latter of which were clearly upset by the delay. “Now, now, don’t think I’d leave you all out to dry” The announcer chuckles. “While we wait, I’ve prepared some classic footage to entertain you fine, upstanding folks. It’s one of the fights for the ages, the winner of the Mummah Fight Championship of 20XX. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may lose your lunch. It’s Cinnamon versus Razorblade!” That won the crowd back over as the only sound now was riotous applause. As the lights in the arena dimmed, the hooded attendants already sweeping up the glass and fluffy remains, the jumbotron came down and flickered to life.

As the footage begins, the announcer can be heard starting the introductions. “In this corner, a veteran of the fluffy maiming arts. With a combined total of nine kills and eleven foals taken, ladies, gentlemen, make some noise for…Razorblade!” As he finishes the introduction a black furred earthie with a deep red mane comes out the gate, striding towards her circle. Her body was ravaged with scars, her fur being patchy in some areas, with her tail being completely missing. She had three foals on her back, all shades of brown. As she got into the circle she started to stomp and look towards the opposing gate preparing herself mentally.

“And in the opposing corner. Don’t let her sweet name fool you, this fluffy mamma has some burn. With six kills and four foals taken, give it up for…Cinnamon.” A light red pegasus enters from the gate, her mane and tail matching her fur. She looks nearly unharmed, until the camera angle shifts to her left side. She has terrible burns over her body and her face is partially disfigured and maimed, the fur blackened in some areas and missing in others, with her left wing only being a blackened series of bones. She has two light red foals and a lime green on her back. She slowly but methodically makes her way to the circle, staring down Razorblade, her eyes full of loathing and hate.

“Yu twy steaw babbehs ow’ gib dem foweba sweepies! Cin’mon hatchu!”

Cinnamon leaned down low, preparing to pounce when the fight was officially begun. She looked bloodthirsty and ready to kill.

Razorblade looked to Cinnamon with near indifference. She sighed and shouted back, almost calmly but with a hint of aggressive defiance.

“Nu wan gib foweba sweepies, not ta’ yu ow babbehs.Nu wan steaw babbehs e’da. But Wazowbwaid nu wan gu foweba sweepies.Dat all dis am.”

At those last words, her eyes met Cinnamon’s and the hellfire and vitriol within her eyes cowed the pegasus and made her slightly look away.

“Fighters at the ready…and let the battle…begin!”

Razorblade would punish Cinnamon for the mistake of looking away from her. The earthie charged and tackled Cinnamon, taking her by surprise. As she collided with the pegasus, knocking the wind out of her, she tried to whip her head around to Cinnamon’s back, her teeth baring down over one of her foals. Finally over the shock of the attack, the pegasus pushed her head up hard into Razorblade’s jaw, causing her to scream from pain, her vision going blurry, but hurting the earthie’s mouth far more. Razorblade backed up, wobbling her head to and fro, her lower jaw in agony as she tried to move it. She shot an angry glare towards the pegasus, who only stared defiantly back at her.

"Cin’mon nu dummeh!Nu wet yu num babbehs!

Razorblade cracked her jaw and spat, a wad of blood and a single tooth hitting the dirt and gravel floor. She sneered at Cinnamon.

“Yu dummeh! Wazowbwaid twy an’ win fast, nu wan make fwuffy suffah! Wazowbraid nu cawe nao!”

The conversation was cut short as a chain suddenly lowered, a short baseball bat, sized for a fluffy, attached to the end, at just the right height for one of the combatants to obtain. It was cruelly adorned with several nails that protruded at all angles from the wood, some still tipped in blood. Fate had deemed that the chain was slightly closer to Razorblade, well fate and the anonymous donors. As she made a slight leap, she grabbed the handle in her maw, wincing as she felt the blow from before flare up again. The earthie shot a victorious look at Cinnamon before running after her, lightly swinging the bat with her neck. The panicked pegasus managed to dodge the first blow but the follow up hit her hard in her right flank, the nails digging awkwardly into her flesh and muscle before pulling out, causing her to scream and fall slightly. Breathing heavily she looked up to see Razorblade had squatted down, working the bat into her hooves, the nailed monstrosity, now hovering above the pegasus’ head.

“Dis am obah! Nao gu foweba sweepies!”

She brought the bat down, with far greater force than her mouth and neck could have ever mustered. Cinnamon felt defeated and for a moment, thought of letting her finish it. But then her gaze drifted beyond Razorblade and she saw it, another chain had lowered down, with a small metal shield. The pegasus gritted her teeth.


Cinnamon rolled hard as the bat nearly struck her, sadly catching her green foal in it’s hellish spikes, the baby instantly struck dead. The pegasus cried as she bolted behind razorblade. She would have to mourn later, right now she had to survive, for herself and her foals. If she didn’t get the shield or worse, if the earthie had the shield and the bat, she’s never win. As Razorblade turned around to give chase, precious moments lost positioning the bat back into her mouth before dashing after the pegasus, she realized what was happening too late. As the earthie began to gallop after her, Cinnamon leapt and grabbed the shield, quickly letting it fall in front of her as she slipped her hoof into the leather straps. A powerful blow struck and she felt her whole body shake as Razorblade caught up, swinging blindly. After two blows, Cinnamon heard the earthie cry out in pain, the blows against the shield hurting her mouth badly. Pressing the advantage, the clever pegasus pushed into the shield with all her might, slamming into Razorblade’s head, the earthie unprepared for the unconventional attack. Despite the vicious assault, the earthie knew that if she didn’t keep pressing the assault, she’d be handing the victory over to the pegasus. Even as her vision blurred and her jaw screamed at her to quit, Razorblade kept swinging, bringing her head back and forth, forcing the pegasus to hold still and focus on blocking, for fear of one of the vicious blows catching her and tearing at her flesh. Cinnamon began to panic, as she kept being backed up by the assault, every attack forcing her to move closer and closer against the wall, threatening to pin her. As her hoof stepped backwards from the latest attack, it felt wet and cold. She cast a quick glace backwards and saw the ground near her but not directly behind her was wet and damp. She grinned. She had seen this before in another fight. Cinnamon focused on the pattern of Razorblade’s attacks, getting the timing right, and then as the earthie was pulling back for another blow, Cinnamon pushed hard with the shield, distracting the earthie long enough for the pegasus to cover the few precious feet for her plan to work. She put her head above the shield and smiled at Razorblade.

“Yu such a dummeh fwuffy. Nu kno how ta fighties at awws…”

She blew a raspberry at the earthie after the insult, clearly angering Razorblade who charged, pulling the bat back for one powerful swing.


As she closed the distance, Cinnamon pushed the shield flat and fell on her belly, the sudden obstruction forcing Razorblade to trip, all her force and momentum that had been focused on the swing now sending her careening forward and over the pegasus. As she tumbled and rolled, one of her brown chirpies falling free beside Cinnamon, the ground beneath her began to collapse. Sensing the change beneath her, Razorblade got to her feet and ran, as the ground fell away to reveal a pool of water, spiraling and pulling downward into a whirlpool. Leaping at the last moment, the earthie managed to get her hooves onto the rim of solid ground around the watery pit. She looked down, her eyes wide and full of fear. Cinnamon trotted over to her, her brown foal in her mouth as she placed it down and put her hooves down hard onto Razorblade’s, holding them firmly in place with her weight.

“Dat poow babbeh gu foweba sweepies. Nao…Gib Cin’mon babbehs.”

Razorblade looked up and her with a prideful defiance, trying to pull her hooves free to spite the pegasus and kill herself and her foals. Her attempts were halted by Cinnamon as she wouldn’t let the earthie’s hooves go. She then slammed her head into Razorblade’s, causing her to shriek and her vision to become blurred.

“Gib Cin’mon babbehs.”

She went in for another headbutt as Razorblade leaned in with her mouth and grabbed the pegasus’ skeletal left wing causing Cinnamon to wince for a moment followed by a light chuckle.

“Siwwy fwuffy. Daw wingie am bwoken. Dat bawwy hurties.Nao…”

Cinnamon pulled her head back again and slammed in fiercely into Razorblade’s, the poor earthie’s nose shattering and dripping bit’s of shattered bone and blood.


She smashed her head into the earthie’s face again, breaking her eye socket and causing her eye to bulge out of it’s skeletal frame.


She wound up and collided with Razorblade’s lower jaw, breaking it and locking it out of socket, her mouth now hanging open at a ghastly and crooked angle.


The wounded and disfigured earthie relented, forcing her mouth to work, despite the pain, in fear of another assault. She carefully used the side of her mouth that could close to grasp the two brown foals, one at a time, and passed them to Cinnamon. The pegasus smiled down at Razorblade.

“Gud,nao dummeh fwuffy can gu foweba sweepies in wawa.Bye dummeh fwuffy.”

Cinnamon released Razorblade’s hooves and she plummets into the water, screaming and thrashing as the current pulled her under and into the spiraling water below. The mic popped and hissed. “What a fight and what an upset! The winner is Cinnamon!”



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Glad you like it. It’s been a long time since I wrote these but I think they still hold up :heart:

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Totally and I think what the Fluffy on Fluffy violence you are better than most. It’s kinda more hefty than other.

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