The Monster Inside Us 3 by LenexTLI_

After another short drive, Jack finally reached his home with all of his groceries. Jack walked inside and placed his groceries on the kitchen table, taking a quick glance outside into the back yard and then going to the ‘Safe-Room’ that was occupied by two fluffies.

When Jack opened the door, he saw the mare sleeping. It wasn’t uncommon, she had the only eaten earlier and raising a foal was probably not much easier than a human baby and thus was perhaps always exhausted. Jack did find this a bit sad, hoping to talk with the fluffy and see how the foal is doing, Jack to his own amazement, having somewhat taken a liking to the fluffies.

Jack closed the door and went back to the kitchen, lying the items he had bought on the table. Jack had bought a fluffy litter box, small pads to place on the floor to make the hard floor more comfortable for fluffies, a food and water dispenser, a small wireless camera he could install in the room for surveillance, and a special shampoo for fluffies. This being all the stuff he had bought for the fluffies inside.

For the feral fluffies in the forest, he had a different plan – having bought medication for fluffies to fall asleep, a few ‘tools’, and another wireless camera for the chicken-coop he intended to turn into a makeshift house for the feral fluffies.

Jack took the sleeping medication out of the book, it being small white pills which you’d usually mix in with normal food – but this wouldn’t work for the outside. Thus Jack having decided to grind it up and turn into a fine powder.

He emptied the entire bottle of medication spice mixer, turning it into a fine white powder. Jack walked outside, making sure the fluffies weren’t there and spreading the powder thoroughly throughout his garden.

All of the grass in the back yard was now laced with the sleeping medication, Jack going back inside and getting the key for the once ‘chicken-coop’.

The inside of the shack was old and dusty, there were multiple cages along the walls to put chickens in, a slaughtering bench, a drain on the floor, a small window, and a large box of knives and hatches used for slaughtering the chickens, and a small open cage area in which the chicken could roam freely around.

The first thing Jack did was tidy up the floor and cages, afterwards placing small blankets in the cages and the same pads on the floor, as well as a big litter box in the corner and a water and food dispenser. Jack quickly finished the work, somewhat feeling proud of himself, installing the camera last and hiding the tools used for slaughtering, as well as his own tools, in a small wooden box.

Jack left the shack and made his way back into the house, waiting for the arrival of the herd to feed on the grass laced with medication. Jack didn’t have to wait for too long, soon the herd slowly peeking inside the back yard.

The red and black smarty walked in first, looking around carefully and checking for any danger.

“Evewything gud hewe!” the smart spoke, the herd of eight now walking inside the backyard.

They quickly started eating, Jack watching from behind the window. The smart and mares were eating gleefully, the yellow and green stallion watching their surroundings, clearly being the toughy of the group.

Jack noticed that the two brown fluffies were a bit farther away from the herd, the mare eating and the foal next to her playing in the grass.

“Poopie-fwuffy nu num su cwuse to hewd!” The smarty demanded, looking at the two brown fluffies.

“Suwwy smawty…” the mare responded sadly, quickly walking away a bit further from the herd with the foal.

Jack knew that fluffies were racist towards bad coloured fluffies, brown fluffies usually being outcasts or ‘enfie-palls.’ Fluffies raping the adults and foals equally – Jack despising that the most.

After roughly seven minutes the herd was done eating, Jack already being able to see the effects of the medication – the smarty yawning.

“Twasty nummies make smawty sleepie, su tasty!” The smarty spoke, lying down and blinking slowly with a happy smile.

“Nu can stay hewe smawty! Nu safe fu hewd!” The purple and blue mare speaking, now yawning as well.

One after the other, the fluffies started yawning, lying down and closing their eyes – feeling sleepy from what they guessed was the delicious grass they just ate.

The last one awake was the brown fluffy, the mare picking up her foal and slowly walking to the gap in the fence from which they entered.

“Su sweepy…” the mare spoke with her sleeping foal next to her, “Mummah twake qwuick nap.” Jack waited a bit longer, wanting to make sure the entire herd was in a deep sleep.

After five minutes, he was sure they were all sleep, the fluffies smiling and sleeping peacefully.

Jack opened the door and stepped into the garden, looking at the fluffies. Jack first picked up the smarty, bringing it into the shed and the open cage that was at the back of the shed. Jack moved each fluffy carefully, not wanting to wake them up – which was impossible though. Now the entire herd was in the shed, all curled up and still sleeping. Jack rubbed his hands, clearly satisfied with his work. Jack turned on the camera and auto feeder, making sure the cage was sturdy before leaving.

Jack walked back inside, washing his hands and going to the safe-room. The mare was now awake, and the foal was slowly crawling in front of the mare, trying to walk.

“Hewwu nice-mistuh! Fank yu fow nummies fuw mummah an babbeh!” The mare thanked him with a happy smile.

When Jack had first met her, she was in bad shape, but now thanks to the warmth and food had started getting healthier – the mare’s fur was still dirty though.

“I have some news for you!” Jack said, having made a choice regarding the future of the fluffy, “I will be you new daddy and take care of you!” The fluffies eyes went wide.

“Nice-mistuh be nyu daddeh?” The mare asked.

“Yep, I will be your new daddy!” Jack answered with a small smile.

The mare suddenly started weeping, its foal turning towards the sound of its crying mother.

“Whats wrong?” Jack asked, concerned. Not understanding why the fluffy was crying now.

“Mummah su happeh!” the mare spoke through her cries of joy.

Jack squatted down and started awkwardly petting the fluffy, the mare leaning into the affection that Jack gave her.

“Well, considering you’re going to live here you will need a name!” Jack said, the mare looking up at him.

“Daddeh gib fwuffy name?” the mare asked with glee.

“Yep!” Jack replied. Jack looked at her, he wasn’t good at naming animals.

“How about…Daisy?” Jack suggested, not having a better name in mind.

“Dwasiy…” the fluffy repeated, “Dwaisy fuw name! Fank yu daddeh!” Daisy declared, bouncing around and smiling from ear to ear. Jack smiled a bit, scratching Daisy behind the ear.

Jack spent the next few minutes playing with Daisy and her foal. Jack noticed that it had grown a bit in the few days they had been with him. Jack knew that fluffies grew fast and that soon the foal would open its eyes and began speaking. Jack left the room after playing, the mare happily speaking her name over and over again in glee.

Jack opened his phone and checked on the camera inside the chicken shack. The smarty and its special friend were already awake, the smarty looking around the room and the mare lying in the blankets, caressing her belly. Jack could tell it wouldn’t take a while for her to give birth.

The rest of the herd was either in a sleepy state, too tired to stand up, or still sleeping. Jack put on his shoes and made his way to the shack.

Jack walked into the shack, the awake fluffies all looking at him. The smarty walking up to the cage.

“Wewe dummeh-hoomin twake smawty an hewd!” The smarty declared, Jack simply flicking the smarty on the nose.

“Ouch!” the smarty complained, falling on his rump and rubbing his nose.

“I found you in my garden sleeping, so because I don’t want anything to hurt you I put you here for now!” Jack lied, knowing that fluffies were simple and dumb creatures.

“Mistuh wet fwuffies gu?” The pregnant purple and blue unicorn mare asked.

“Obviously, but not now!” Jack replied.

“Nu wet gu?” the mare asked, confused.

“You guys are all very sick, so I will get you all healthy, and then I’ll let you go!” Jack lied again.

“Gasp, fwuffys hab sickies?” The mare asked, looking at the herd in fear.

“Yep, all of you! It’s very dangerous and could be bad for your babies!” Jack explained to the gullible fluffies, of which most were awake now and listening.

“Tummeh-babbehs sickies?” The mare asked with fear, the two pregnant mares looking at each other and their bellies.

“Mistuh hewp soon-mummahs!” The pink earthie mare demanded, clearly not being as polite as the purple unicorn and Daisy.

“Yep, I will get you all healthy again and save your babies!” Jack said, smiling at the two pregnant mares.

“NU!” The smarty shouted, having recovered from Jacks hard flick on the nose, “Dummeh-hoomin wet hewd an smawty gu now!”

“But then I can’t help you!” Jack responded to the smarties demands.

“Nu cawe! Dummeh-hoomin wet hewd gu ow smawty gib wowstest sowwy-hoffies!” The smarty said angry and trying to intimidate Jack.

“Well, if you really want to!” Jack answered, picking the smarty up and walking outside.

The chicken shack was split up now into two parts, the area where the fluffies were staying, and the area where the previous owner had killed chickens. Jack had placed special sound-isolating pads along the walls of the second hut to prevent any noise from leaving the small hut.

Jack closed the door behind him, the smarty struggling to get down and escape Jacks hold.

“Dummeh-hoomin wet smawty gu!” The smarty declared.

“Sure!” Jack replied, throwing the fluffy with all his force against the bench.

The smarty crashing into the bench and Jack hearing an audible cracking sound. The smarty now breathing heavily and slowly picking himself up.

Jack went to the shelf and pulled out the box of tools, taking out a few things. A small knife, pins, zip ties, a few small metal spikes and a burner.

Jack looked back at the smarty who had laid down now to relieve himself from the pain.

Jack had never liked abuse, or at the very least, never participated in it. But this smarty was just simply annoying, and if he wanted to breed fluffies, he’d have to take out some – Jack thinking if he had to kill some fluffies he’d at least to enjoy it.

Jack walked back over to the smarty, grabbing its hind leg tight, holding one of the long metal spikes in his hand. Jamming it through the smarties leg and into the table.

“SSCREEEEEEE!!!” The smarty screeched in pain, flailing his tiny legs and trying to pull his leg away from the pain.

Jack took another spike and grabbed his other hind leg, twisting it through the bone and flesh, the smarty releasing another blood-curdling scream and crying. Jack repeated the process with the two front legs, the smarty weeping heavily.

“Huuuhuuu!” The smarty cried, “Why huwt smawty, nu huwt smawty, huwt poopie-fwuffy, nu smawty!” The smarty tried to negotiate with Jack, this only making Jack angrier.

Jack picked up a razor, shaving the fluff of the smarties back.

“Nuu, nuu twake smawty pwetty fwuff!” the smarty begged.

Jack placed the razor back in the box, taking the knife and placing the blade on the tip of the smarties back – pushing it into his flesh and slicing along the smarties back in a straight line.

The smarty cried and wailed in fear and pain, shit and piss flowing along the bench now. Jack was now able to see the smarties spine, taking the knife and placing it at the very bottom, pushing it into the last vertebrate and separating it.

The smarty was now just crying, his voice exhausted from tall the crying and screaming, weeping loudly with tears streaming down his face.

Jack continued, jamming the blade into the smarties vertebrates one after the other. After jack was done he had separated the spin, each piece being a good centimetre away from the other. Jack took a needle and string, but before closing the wound, he applied a lot of the instant heal gel, slowly sewing the wound shut.

Jack pulled out the spikes, blood flowing in a small stream down the bench. Jack applied more instant heal gel, and placed the burner on the wound, cauterizing it.

The fluffy was crying quietly, not reacting much anymore. Jack looking at his work, feeling somewhat disappointed with the reaction.

Jack picked up the smarty and placed him in one of the cages in the second shack, turning the lights off and leaving the hut.

Jack walked back into the main hut, the herd now all awake, Jack smiling at them as he entered.


Part 4 coming out tomorrow


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Part 4 is out now

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