"The Herd"part 4,by Able

(This part will be a flashback of the Elder’s past)
The Elder waked up in the middle of the night…
John:Is daddeh otay?

John goes back to his room to sleep and the Elder thinks about his nightmare:It was he and his old owner with the herd,suddenly,some people with guns started to kill everyone,it ending with his owner being dead.

He remembered how was the life with his owner,he loved him and his owner loved him back,but one day,some humans comed to his house and demanded he gave Lime,who was the Elder’s old name,to them so that they could kill him,when he refused,they shot him,and looked for Lime,but he escaped and found Lily,another runaway from the killers and later the mother of John.
The Elder cried…
(This part has ended,it’s a little short but i only wanted to say his backstory)


Basically elders owner got killed by fucked up kteens who want to abuse fluffy? :triumph: :grimacing: They sure are fuck in the brains

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Nope,those were the police :grinning:

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The police?? They killed him for not giving lime for them to torture?? Thats sick andabuse of authority.

No,it was a law that everyone voted to kill all fluffies,it was not abuse of power

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Ah i see ok that clear things up.