The Harkson Experiment; City Ruins Section Study #1 (Britfluff)

Life was bliss for cute, little Bubblegum, as it should be for a cute little fluffy like her. For as long as she could remember, she had lived with her loving daddy in his big, safe house, specifically in a saferoom built for her, with the best toys and best nummies. Sometimes life got a little lonely when he wasn’t around, but she always had her friends at daycare to go play with, which was nice. Even if her Daddy wouldn’t ler her have babies, life was good, all thanks to her daddy. But today was different. Daddy had told her that she was going to live with some new friends the following morning, and to celebrate, she was going to be served spaghetti for dinner! More than eager, she immediately wolfed down her meal, not even noticing the pill buried inside, before she licked her lips clean and trotted to go play with her blockies. However, before she could even lift a single block, she suddenly felt so sleepy that she couldn’t even force herself to stay awake long enough to get to her bed, or to notice that the once warm, caring hand coldly grapping her by the scruff of her neck and carrying her away.

“Hewwo? Pwetty pink hownie fwend? Yu otay?”

With an indignant snort, Bubblegum shot up and looked around confused, surprised to find herself not only completely out in the open inside of a big, concrete barn looking place that’s covered in vines and has big garage doors, but surrounded by two other fluffies; one pegasus mare with a dark green mane with cyan fluff, and another earthy stallion with both red fluff and mane, though his mane was darker in shade, comparable to a brick. Currently trying to process the situation, it seemed the pegasus misinterpreted her silence as her not hearing them, before she repeated herself louder.

“Hewwo! Pwetty pink hownie fwend! Yu otay?!”
“Wupurt fink pink hownie fwend heaw yu, Wawacwest.”
“Then why nu speak?”

Bubblegum shook her head in an effort to gain some sort of grip on herself, before swalling dryly.

“Whewe… Whewe am Bubbwegum? Whewe daddeh?”

Upon looking closer at them, Bubblegum noticed what little hope the other two fluff had in their eyes die a little bit, as the red one who she assumed to be Rupurt, whimpered slightly.

“Su… yu am wost tu?”
“Nu am Wost, am Bubbwegum!”
“Wupuwt know, dummeh. Wan’ know if yu just wun 'way, ow got sepewated fwom yu mummeh ow daddeh.”
“Oh. Sowwy. Um, Bubbwegum fink am wost? Nu know, Bubbwegum jus’ wen sweepies an’ woke hewe. Daddeh musta fowgot whewe daycawe is, su nu nee’ tu wowwie!”
“Uhuh, yu am in same pwe-dic-a-ment as Wawacwest an’ Wupuwt.” Rupurt explained, a slight look of despair tangible in his face. He took a deep sigh, before looking around. “Dun’ know if oddah fwuffies am wif us, but Wupuwt fink yu shouwd stay wif us. Couwd be dangewous awone, and yu no seem vewy smawt.”

Bubblegum couldn’t help but feel a little insulted but Rupurt’s bluntness, but knew he was perfectly right; despite her best efforts, she didn’t do too well during learning time at daycare, and would also make dumb mistakes that led to her getting sorry sticked occasionally, like how she tried to drink from her daddy’s coffee drink by knocking the cup over. For now, she was alone outside, and was at least smart enough to have learned why no matter where you are, being alone outside on your own is dangerous at daycare. She nodded in agreement, visibly upset which prompted Watercrest to give Rupurt a light whap over the head with her hoof.

“Meaniw Wupuwt! Yu gib new fwend saddies when yu caww hew dummie!”
“Oh, uh, sowwie. Wupurt nu ment meanies.”
“It otay, Bubbwegum nu am smawt anyway. Du we stay hewe, or gu wook?”

This question prompted Rupurt to put a hoof to his chin, brow furrowed in concentration before he signalled for them to wait there before he waddled to the open door of the building, the entryway revealing a brick building coated in cracks, lichens and vines clinging onto the walls like an infant koala to it’s mother. He looked up and assessed the location of the sun, before nodding and waddling back to the others.

“Wupuwt fink we shouwd gu befowe dawk times come an’ find bettah pwace fow temp-o-wawy nestie. Dis pwace tu big fow onwy fwee fwuffies. Munstahs can make fwuffies into nummies easiwy by coming hewe at dawk times. Mummahs and Daddehs wiww find us.”
“Otay, Wawacwest wiww come tu.”
“Bubbwegum wiww make suwe nu munstahs awe ahead!”

And with a nod of acknowledgement, Rupurt led Watercrest and Bubblegum outside into the great unknown, with Bubblegum shocked to see the condition of the city. Aren’t humans meant to live here? Why is it so broken? What are the weird plants giving the wall huggies? She assumes they’re edible, seeing as Rupurt and Watercrest stop to take a bite out of them, but after trying herself she concludes that although she can eat them, they taste gross. Not inedible, but gross. In an attempt to keep spirits high, Watercrest keeps a fun, but somewhat forced conversation going, with it mainly speculating what happened to the place. She thinks that the humans here had to leave after bigger, badder humans forced them out in order to take the land for their meanie smarty, whereas Rupurt thinks that long ago, a bad wave of sickies gave the people here forever sleepies. Bubblegum, however, has came to the conclusion that they probably built the city but forgot to move here. The only thing for certain, though, is that although the humans that lived here are gone, other thing are not. More than once, Bubblegum’s keen vision had spotted a kitty monster up ahead in the process of eating an unluckier fluffy, who she assumes is a feral. As much as she tries to remember how she was taught that feral fluffies are feral for a reason, she can’t help but feel bad for the orange and purple corpse a few meters ahead. Thankfully the kitty monster moves on and leaves the area after a few minutes of hiding, and Bubblegum is more than happy to accept the praise the other two give her for keeping them alive. Reggie, however, seems much more troubled; are they not the only fluffies here, he wonders? Did he get lost from his mommy or daddy too?

Just as the sky was getting orange as the sun began to set, Bubblegum, Rupurt and Watercrest finally found their temporary home; an abandoned fluffmart, still fully stocked, even if most of the kibble was rotten and the toys were broken.

“Awight, Bubbwegum an’ Wawacwest, open dem cagie housies and get wid of da bones. Dwop dem outside.” Rupurt had commanded them, gesturing to what used to be a display pen with plastic-glass walls, decorated with a fluffy tree (think a cat tree, but for fluffies) and several toys dotted across the floor.

“Buh- Buh- It nu safe hewe! Fwuffies gu foweva sweepies in da cagie housie!”
“It otay, fwiend! Dese fwuffs gu foweva sweepies wong, wong ago, and onwy cus dey had nu nummies! Nao, hewp Wawacwest wif dis big fwuff bones hewe, pwease.”
“Otay… Fank yu Wawacwest.”

It takes a good while to clean out most of the bones, with the three of them neatly stacking them outside of the fluffmart, but by the time the dark times falls Rupurt had wobbled over to some keys and a lock, put the lock so it was holding the door closed and had clumsily attempted to lock it before succeeding. Confident that nothing short of a kitty monster would be able to get to you, he then retreated to the fluffy tree, flopping into any bed in particular and snuggling into it.

“Wupuwt sweepy. Gon’ take biggest sweepies. Nu pway tu woud.”
“Otay, Wupuwt, nighty night, dun wet da beddie bugs bite!”
“Hehe, dewe are nu beddie bugs hewe, Wawacwest, but fank yu.”

Now content that you’re perfectly safe, Bubblegum contemplates going to play with some of the toys they have in store. However, she quickly realises that she’s in no state to do so, her leggiess aching with just one kick of a ball. Almost on prompt, she yawns, before also climbing up the ramp into the fluffy tree and flopping on top of Rupurt, before drifting off to sleep. It only takes five minutes before Watercrest joins in too, and you all fall asleep together in one, giant hugpile.

Day 1; Ruined City Section
Observed Fluffy: Bubblegum; Disposition is chipper, yet unintelligent.

Behaviour: Demonstrated distress regarding the situation, primarily on the disappearance of her guardian. Is holding out hope that her guardian finds her. Appears to be prevalent in almost all subjects, expected but unavoidable. Appears to be cooperative with other fluffies for sake of survival, though is quickly growing bond with subjects Watercrest and Rupurt; first fluffies she found after sedatives wore off.

Activities: Awoke in warehouse after being found by two other afformentioned fluffies. Conversed and decided to seek better shelter. Proceeded to walk at the speed of 0.27m/s for 8 hours, before finding what they deemed as appropriate shelter. Cleared out fluffy bone props and haphazardly locked door to pen, and went to sleep.

Bubblegum and the group she’s in will be surveyed and studied in greater detail. For now, I have to manage what to do for my own funeral procession.

~ AI Lana