The Gravity of the Situation (By: Kersploosh)

“Quit begging you moron. I said no and I mean NO!” Travis was at the end of his rope. His parents had dropped off their spoiled brat of a fluffy, Grape, and gone on a trip to the other side of the country. Now, to say Travis hated fluffies would be a lie. He had a well behaved monochrome silver unicorn stallion that he raised from infancy. Sure he basically kidnapped him from a feral mare, but he preferred the term surprise adoption. Besides, Travis could only afford one fluffy, and Sterling would have likely died if he left him.

“Buh mummah aways wet Gwape hab skettis fow dindin.” The fat purple pegasus whined. Travis was on the verge of seeing if his blender could handle her.

“Listen here, spaghetti is not a daily meal. Fluffies in this house get it once a week on Saturdays if they have been good.”

“Buh, buh Gwape am gud fwuffy. Mummah say su.”

“Even if that were true, it is Wednesday not Saturday.” The crocodile tears were welling up and Travis was having none of it. After three days of being shoved in a sorry box most of the time for bad behavior, you would thing she would have learned her lesson. Travis, and by extension Sterling were not so lucky. The poor colt had to be bathed multiple times after the bitch gave him sorry poopies because he wouldn’t give her his food or was playing with a toy she wanted or just because he had audacity to be prettier than her.



The bitch made a beeline for Sterling who was trying to play by himself on the other side of the room. The poor two month old colt noticed and tried to hide before she could get to him. Not being able to take it anymore, Travis punted the fluffy. Unfortunately for Grape, Travis had left the window open. Even worse was this was the third floor. “SCCCCCCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeee eee ee e.” SPLAT!

“Fuck, mom is going to kill me.”

“Tank ‘ou fow makin’ meanie fwuffy gu ‘way, daddeh.”

Travis sighs, “No problem buddy.”


Travis went to the door and opened it to be greeted by his landlord. “Could you explain to me what all that racket was? I just was taking care of a plumbing issue next door and I heard all the screaming.” Mr. Graves was one of those rare landlords that was both understanding and actually did his job as a landlord and fixed stuff when it broke.

“Sorry Mr. Graves. My mother dropped her fluffy over for me to watch. She was being a brat and screaming so much that I snapped and kicked her out the window.” Mr. Graves was an old friend of Travis’s dad, so he immediately sympathized.

“Travis, you did what your dad wanted to do for years now. God knows me and the guys wanted to do it every time we had poker night at your parents’ place.”

“I know, but how am I going to explain to my mom?”

“Did she pay you anything to look after her?”

“No. Just dropped the bitch off with no warning and a passive aggressive comment about it not being a big deal.”

“Then fuck her feelings and tell her the bitch caught a flight.” Travis gave a light chuckle. “Now, how about we go grab the corpse and throw it in the bin.”

“Why are you offering to help?”

“I have my reasons.”

Searing pain. That’s all that Grape was feeling. Her left legs were twisted and broken. Every breathe felt like fire. There was also a sound. “Cheep peep Chirp!” She opened her eyes to see the corpse of a feral mare beneath her. By some miracle, a dam had made her nest in a cardboard box in the alley she was booted into, and she was far enough along that the force of fat ass falling on her caused her foals to pop out of her.

“Dummeh babbehs. Bestest smawty Gwape nu am ‘ou mummah.” The second she spoke the word smarty, Grape looked around in fear. Her owner and told her that she should never tell anyone what she was. The bad people would come and take her away if they ever found out. With no one in sight, she let out a breath of relief. With her broken legs, she shimmied around to look at the little newborns. There were three slimy little newborns. Well four, but the fourth was small and not making any noise.

A few moments passed with her silently staring at the foals. She never had the baby itch as she was fixed at a young age. Part of her psyche was telling her that the foals were cute and she should protect them, but the selfish bitch part of her brain was telling her that she should kill them before her mummah sees them and replaces her. They were very pretty, prettier than her. Just like that dummeh Sterling. The only reason she didn’t do more than shit on him was she knew Travis would kill her. Before she could do anything more she felt a hand grab her and yank her up by the scruff of her neck.

“Well, it looks like she survived.” Graves said with a cruel smile on his face. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Graves positioned his hands around her neck and began to squeeze slowly. Her hooves flailed uselessly as the her lungs felt as they were going to burst. Then, SNAP! She went limp and the life faded from her eyes.

Travis turned his attention to the three newborns. His first thought was to snap their necks and be done with it, but then he remembered he still had the supplies from when Sterling was that young. There was even some powdered formula. In an act of charity, maybe as atonement for condemning Sterling’s family to an icy death, he gathered the three slimy foals up and took them up to his apartment.

A few hours later and a blue unicorn stallion stood over the broken corpses of his dead mate and runt child. He cried hugged them tight to his chest and cried while rocking back and forward. “It am otay speshaw fwen. Fwuffy be wiff ‘ou soon.” With nothing left for him, he ran into traffic and got flattened by a moving van.


And that is why you don’t spoil your kids fluffies, because brats get the SNAPs.


Travis was honest with Mr Graves, so Mr. Graves helped Travis disposing of the body of a smarty.
Be honest, like Travis!