The Good Doctor by Pager

My sketch of the character Josef Mongola written by BFM101. Also my first contribution to this lovely community ever.


Damn good! :+1: Welcome to FC


Here I was thinking this was Fear & Hunger: Termina fanart

Fantastically well done though. Something so straightforward and grounded feels brand new when so many styles here lean into how cartoony and absurd the fluffy premise is.

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Needs more facial scarring…and horns, cloven hooves, forked tail, pitched fork…wait, who are we talking about again?

In all seriousness, damn good work.


You caught me haha. Daniel in my opinion feels like he’d be the perfect image of Josef, if he were a bit older and well built.

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Very cool, love the suave fashion sense you gave him


Excellent work!

I imagine him with this music:

This is beautiful! @BFM101 Look!

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Needs a hundred percent more fluffy

Sweats… my fave dude lookin like a 1600s vampire.

I would love to see your katherine and Johnathan….maybe if you get bored this winter lol

Rest in peace you sick son of a bitch.