The Gang Become Fluffies (By: Miemie)


Hello. I like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is my favourite show with good characters. They are all very, very amazing and I thought it would be a fun to make a comic about them as fluffies.

Thank you for looking at this. :slight_smile:

I will be posting maybe regularly. Please enjoy the content fellow comrades. :slight_smile:


I thought this was supposed to be various artists on here and was having trouble placing them until I realized it was an always sunny reference. xD


Why is the government not providing us with sketties?

I mean, what is this, some kind of socialist country or some kind of communist dictatorship?


Dee should be a pegasus, for sure.


Frank as a fluffy still just sounds like Frank.

And I’d be really curious to see fluffy Cricket.

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Griffin fluffy.

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“Mawe won’t say nu to speshuw huggies. 'cos of dah impwications”


never watched the show but looks cool


I saw the title and immediately knew ehat it eas gonna be


The Gang gets into Weird Internet Stuff


The best synopsis is what the creators set out to do.

Deconstruct sitcoms. Show what kind of sick, damaged, stupid, and evil people would reset to status quo each week and drive away every recurring guest.

Perfect for Fluffverse inspiration.



I’m not familiar with the show, but the Danny Divito one is perfect.


“Oopsie, fwuffy dwopped da munstah condom dat fwuffy use fo fwuffy magnum nu-nu stick.”


That’s kind of what Seinfeld did too, isn’t it? Especially in the last episode.

So the Always Sunny creators were a bit too late to that party.

Seinfeld fluffies would be funny as well, by the way.

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Yes. But not to the same extent.

Seinfeld reached that conclusion by looking back on the way the series felt. The cast was intended to be mildly annoying and a bit toxic, but ultimately harmless folks.

It was the end goal in Always Sunny. The cast are evil people, objectively worsening every person they come across.

Contrast Kim, who was routinely offended by Frank refusing to behave according to Korean customs and twice broke off their mutually loving relationship, to Always Sunny’sRickety Cricket.

Cricket wore humiliating giant leg braces while he was in high school with the Gang, hence his nickname. He had an enormous crush on Dee from their time in physical therapy together; she promised to kiss him if he ate a horse turd. After he ate the turd, she refused to kiss him since, as she says, “his breath smelled like shit.”

Mac and Dennis have been teabagging Cricket at every opportunity since high school; mainly Dennis would teabag Cricket when he passed out at parties. Dennis claims that he has a shoebox full of pictures of him and Mac doing this, and that pictures are surfacing on the Internet.

After High School Matthew “Cricket”, got his BA in theology from Liberty University and His Masters of Theology From Dallas Theological Seminary. He joined the priesthood shortly thereafter. During the episode “the gang exploits a miracle” Cricket reconnects with the gang and leaves the priesthood at another chance at love with Dee. After she denies him yet again his life begins a downward spiral.

He has steadily spiraled down over the years thanks to the actions of the Gang: leaving the priesthood, becoming homeless, various drug addictions (namely cocaine, crack and PCP), having his legs broken by the mob, having his throat slashed, being left blind in one eye, covered in scars from a dog, and having the left side of his face covered in burns.

Cricket now spends his days as a drug-addicted homeless man on the streets, often turning tricks in the scrap metal yard (in exchange for a six pack of beer or equivalent), where he is frequently raped by feral dogs.

The Gang seems to feel no sense of responsibility for what has happened to Cricket. In “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs,” everyone in the Gang seems to be mystified as to what sort of “beef” he could possibly have with them. In “Psycho Pete Returns”, they don’t even remember him being at the Thanksgiving dinner, even though his horrible scars make it clear he was indeed there. In “Time’s Up for the Gang”, Dennis goes so far as to genuinely suggest Cricket was born the way he currently is.

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Okay, yeah, you gotta point. Always Sunny is basically Seinfeld with the assholeness dialed up to 11. Or maybe 12.

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You could probably turn the entire cast of Always Sunny into Fluffy comics and nobody that hasn’t seen the show would think anything other than them being an extremely lucky herd of Hellgremlins.


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Al Bundy from Married With Children would work as a fluffy too. Their luck is just as bad as his.

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Bud and Kelly as Foals that just hit sexual maturity would be fun.
But Peg is hard to Peg. Her shticks are just kind of default Fluffy Hellgremlin mother.

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