The Fury of Ice. Ch.3 [By Biorb_McBiorb]

As Ice stood over his mate, waiting for Cloud to wake up, he thought about the fact that he had let another milk mare get too close to his family, too close. If Flower was any smaller, she would have killed his foals… His mother’s foals… The idea made him sick, to let such a horrible mother get away with doing something like that.

But the problem still remained, their family needed another mare, one who would be wiling to give milk to the abundance of young foals, still greedily drinking from Cloud and Harley.

Resting down next to Cloud, Ice sat ready to meet his Special Friend’s needs and care. He loved her, and she loved him. Ice waited for what felt like hours, even watching as the Bwight-Baww in the sky turn white, and the Bwight-Time turn to Dawk-Time.

“S-… Speshuw f-fwiend? wha’ happen?” Ice heard. Cloud was wakign up, still groggy from the hit and slowly trying to get up. “It am otay’ speshuw fwend, not youw fauwt… Buh nao we am down one miwk mawe… Nee’ nyu one.” Cloud looked over at the Babbeh part of the nest, the Foals now leaving the ‘room’ seeing the remains of Flower being dragged away from the rest of the family.

“Babbehs! Am ‘ou aww otay’?!” Cloud said, rushing past Ice to check her young. “Mummah!” rang out from the foals. As Ice watched, he felt his heart warm up, seeing his special friend hugging and loving his children-no… Their Children, cause him endless amounts of joy. Getting up from his spot, he walked over to his family, and joined in on the hug.

As the family finished their hug-pile, Dandy ran over to see Berri covered in boo-boo juice. “BEWWI! DANDY SU SOWWY! AM BEWWI OTAY’?!” Dandy said, rushing over to hug/tackle her best friend. “AGHK!” Was all that Berri could say before being hit head on from the hug attack. “Siwwy Dandy! Bewwi am tuu stwong tu get huwties’ fwom dummeh miwk mawe!” Berri said, returning the hug, covering Dandy with boo-boo juice.

The foals left to greet each other, hugging and crying saying how they all hoped that they were okay.

Harley stepped back into the main room of the nest, seeing all of her foals and Ice’s mingling made her feel so happy, and also, so very disgusted. “Otay Babbehs! It am Dawk-Time, time fow sweepies!” Harley ordered, resulting in a collective ten foals saying “AWWWW”.

“Nu ‘Awws’! Sweepie time nao!” Harley ordered again, this time, the foals all went back to their ‘room’ in the nest, and prepared for bed. Ice and Cloud came over to hug Harley, a thanks for keeping the foals away and safe. Harley hugged the two back, almost instantly falling asleep as she let go of her son and his speshuw fwend. “H-Hawwey am sweepies… Gon’ gu tu sweepies… Gud Dawk-Time Ice, gud Dawk-Time Cwoud.” Harley said as she turned back into her part of the nest.

Ice an Cloud sat in silence for a moment, just being happy that another horrible fluffy was out of the picture, they were not good fluffies, they tried to kill babbehs… But neither were Ice and his Family.

Ice sat in quiet contemplation of his life up until now, stopping as Cloud nuzzled into Ice’s chest, and began to drift off into sleep. “Wuv… Ice… Zzz…”

“Wuv 'ou tuu Speshuw Fwend… Wuv 'ou tuu…” Ice responded, nuzzling into Cloud’s head and mane.

As Ice awoke from his sleep, he noticed that Cloud was already awake, from the Babbeh part of the Nest he could hear giggling and singing.

Ice made his way over to see Cloud singing while the foals played inside for a bit, as it was a bit colder this Bwite-Time. Seeing Ice, Cloud smiled as she sang. Ice, not wanting to disturb further turned to leave the ‘room’ when he felt a little bit come from one of his legs.

It was Acorn, pulling Ice’s Fluff. “Wai Babbeh puww fwuff?” Ice simply asked. Acorn, seeing that he had his Father’s Attention plopped down and puffed his cheeks. “Daddeh, Acown wan tu pway wiff 'ou… Daddeh nebah pway wiff babbehs…” Acorn demanded. “Ice know Acown… Buh Ice am onwy Stawwion in Famiwy wite nao. Nee’ tu make suwe dat ebewyone am safe fiwst, den Daddeh pway.” Ice said, petting his son on his small head. “Ice know 'ou wan pway wiff Daddeh, buh Daddeh hab wots of tings tu du befowe can pway… Aftew, Daddeh pway wiff Babbehs… Otay?” Ice asked his son.

After a moment, Acorn’s Cheeks deflated, nodding in agreement to the little deal.

And with that, Ice made his way out of the ‘room’ and decided to wake up Harley for Nummie hunting. Knowing every day drew closer and closer to cold snap of Winter. Harley was surprisingly awake before Ice and had already prepared for the journey. “Hewwo Ice! ‘Ou weady tu fin’ Nummies?”

“Yus Mummah, Ice am weady.” Ice nodded.

As the two set out of the Nestie, leaving the perimeter of bushes that surrounded the Fallen Tree, Two Fluffies stared, watching Harley and Ice leave the nest.

“Toughie tink dey gone fow whiwe, gu teww Smawty dat Munstas am gone.” The First Fluffy said.

“Otay Toughie! W-wiww gu teww Smawty!” cried the second, as it ran back into the brush.

Taking a final look the Toughie smiled.

“Can’ wait tu get wide of dummeh munstas.”


While I highly doubt anything short of a human can best Harley and Ice, I am more than open to the idea of them eventually losing a fight.

In the meantime, I would gladly settle for their foals getting what they very much deserve…

Harley look, a free bucket meal.

Oh no! No! No! No! No! Not again dammit ferals!

This gonna give more trauma to Ice an invasion :fearful::cold_sweat: