The Fluffy First Unmodified Genetic Ancestor As Possums Maybe?

Scientists have begun work genetically modifying possums in order to study their biology.

The possum genome is completely sequenced, and as the likely ancestor of all marsupials they are a good basis for learning about the strange ass group.

Proof of concept was altering their genes to produce albino possums which passed on their albinism reliably.

If you wanted a quick and plausible origin to Fluffies you can either set the “modern day” in the latter half of this century or just say in Fluffverse genetic experimentation was at this point in the 80’s when MLP came out as the divergent point or something. Just say the project split between research, and another group splicing shit into them to make hybrids which wound up with Hasbio somehow. Possibly through a parent company that was doung privatized research or something.

Using possums as the start to the process that ended up as Fluffies provides:

  1. Support for the plausibility of aggression towards them, as well as consumption of Fluffy meat. People really hate possums, except as food in rural areas.
  2. Ever seen a fat possum? Their eyes bulge because they get fatty depositd behind their eyeballs. People love how cute it is.
  3. Possums are “aggressive” with a strong show of force that is backed up by nothing. They act like they’re going to bite but don’t.
  4. Back carrying of infants.
  5. Possums have strong fucking immune systems. Even shit they can catch oftentimes is something they carry but do not suffer from. The reason is their low body temperature, which can explain why Fluffy fluff is ineffective at protecting them once you Frankenstein in some shit that makes their average body temperature both too low and too high for their body functions. This could explain how Fluffies can at least keep a stable population as ferals, since they occupy the niches possums have of being generally unafraid to eat basically anything including shit that other animals view as dangerous.
  6. Mothers can and will abandon their young, usually one, both accidentally and intentionally as a distraction for escape.
  7. They will readily resort to cannibalism. Both of their young and adults. Its rare, but they will prioritize their own survival above all others.
  8. Very weak and underdeveloped young.
  9. Possums have toebeans. Modify them to have one giant toebean which envelops the pawbones and you have a flexing marshmallow/leathery digit that resembles a hoof.
  10. A possum body gives that gerbil/rat look.
  11. Fluffies are popular with Russians and Spanish speakers, but the idea is generally grounded in America. 1700’s biologists from Europe studying New World animals called the possum “the most American animal” and found it a point of fascination. Which usually meant torment and dissection. Hell, Fluffies spreading even works as a metaphor for American culture and values.
  12. Possums emit a musk when they lose consciousness that smells like something severely decayed and diseased. This could be why their shit smells awful regardless of diet in some canons if the gland is simply triggered by bowel movements due to the smaller nature of the Fluffy and mixes in all feces, or why only some Fluffies smell horrible and others do not. Or ones with frequent diarrhea do not smell as bad overall. Why the pampered and happy or content ones smell better than those who are afraid, stressed, or angry all the time.

However, this has issues too. Of course Fluffies are genetic chimeras relying on “fantasy pretending to be science” ideas, so anything can be handwaved as “that’s the cricket and pigeon DNA that was spliced in” or “programming provided a decent behavioral startup package” or “that’s the magic that the witch on the dev team used”, but the point of referencing real or realistic science is to reduce the handwaving or make it far less vigorous.

  1. Possums lack umbilical cords. All Fluffy art depicts, and in fact relies on, them existing. Genetic editing could change that, and there never really has been a decent explanation fir how they can feel each fetus developing from the very second the fertilized cell hits the wall and starts developing. Nor how that only takes seconds or minutes after coitus. No such thing exists in nature as far as we are aware, which means whatever that in has to be engineered from the ground up somehow, meaning no matter what their base animal it had to be introduced anyway.
  2. Possums are immune to most toxins. Though this also helps explain Fluffy survival, Abuse stories do enjoy “Fluffy ate poison” or “Fluffy got a bee sting” or “Fluffy got a snake bite” or even “Fluffy has such a weak constitution that a decimal ph imbalance in drinking water makes Fluffy drown”. While it could have been removed, or maybe exists only in breeds that succeed longterm as ferals and has been selected out in domestics, its still a concern.
  3. Possums are highly successful at gathering food, due to the aforementioned ability to eat anything with little to no fear of disease, poisoning, or deadly parasites. People keep the ferals around specifically because they’ll fill up on slugs and leave your plants alone. Again, may explain why ferals can thrive when runaway domestics starve. But the fact a Fluffy based on a possum would fill up on snails and cockroaches and leave flowers and garden plants alone ruins lawn invasion stories, unless falling back on them just choosing plants over their dietary fulfilling alternatives due to taste or programming. Or just losing the trait in their genesis.
  4. Possums can and will climb. Even without claws, Fluffies should have that desire. Some works show them enjoying being “king of the mountain”, but otherwise this trait seems lost along with the anatomy that enables it. Unless “good uppies” is that.
  5. Possums have almost no ability to fight. They put up a fiercely aggressive display, but basically can’t fight. They either lose consciousness when their adrenaline hits a certain level as involuntary playing dead, or they flee. While this works for humans it reduces the defiance needed for invasions, and all but eliminates Helgremlin traits beyond being loud and demanding. The inability to fight each other is the biggest issue. Similarly, they do not rape.
  6. They’re loners by nature. While mothers and infants are clingy, all other possums will avoid each other outside of breeding. For Fluffies the clinginess seems instinctual beyond even programming. This would have to be a major modification.
  7. Pouch. Nipples in pouch. Thirteen nipples usually, in a circle formation. Removing the pouch could explain why female teats are hairless and males have fluff over theirs, but you’d be doing so much tit gene altering that you’d be just redoing them from the ground up. In that case why only two like a horse, and why are their teats always full instead of flat when not lactating or saggy only after their first birth?
  8. PETA doesn’t give much of a shit about possums. They complain, but PETA goes after rodeos that torment and kill bulls. Not so much events where baby possums are deep fried alive.
  9. Possums cannot voluntarily control their musk gland. It doesn’t have infinite ammo, and the smell lingers on the possum. Even if it was able to be controlled, whatever they hit isn’t going to lose its odor after merely washing it. People and objects that get sorry poopies will need serious cleaning. Anyone who owns a Hellgremlin or is an Abuser will be immediately identifiable unless they spend half their time cleaning or never conduct impromptu abuse. People on the streets who deal with a Smarty will absolutely have their day ruined, and Fluffies in every alley will absolutely ruin the smell of the city. All that odor escapes when they die too, and trust me when I say biohazard bags in trash bins aren’t going to do much. Also, weaponizing it means Fluffies who get sorry spray will stink for ages, and given many portrayals will show a good mother immediately murdering her offspring cheerfully or a good father raping his babies all based on smell, then any Fluffy who gets into a fight should have a day or two of being treated like a Poopie and being subject to insults, beatings, rape, and cannibalism; even if it was the Smarty who took a sorry blast from the Poopie. So you’d need to splice in an animal that can control its musk blasting and refills it quickly like a mustelid like the badger, and stay consistent in Fluffies being less obedient to their sense of smell or any Fluffy regardless of stature being subject to the herd’s wrath should they get in a fight.

Just some thoughts.


I think it really begs the question of if the fluffy pony actually knows or understands what’s going on or if it’s just the prospective mother hyping herself up for the possibility of having babies; it’s the single most important thing in a fluffy pony’s life, or so they seem to think, so it could also just be their programming coming into contact with the instinctual drive to continue their species. I suppose if someone wanted to come up with a more legitimate reason, the fluffy pony being aware of the moment they’re pregnant - however that honestly works - would probably be something that you could hand wave away as making it easier on Hasbio scientists on when to sequester female specimens away from the others.

Overall, I did always sort of imagine that opossum DNA was in there somewhere (specifically, the parts about carrying young on their backs and their near bulletproof immune systems were things that the designers would either see as cute/convenient in the first instance and good for marketing in the latter instance since you could style it as only a few trips to the vet from natural causes) but as you said you can basically just chalk it up to the fact that fluffy ponies are really just the biopunk version of “a wizard did it.”


I can’t come up with anything logical. I just have a write-up tangent forSimple Creatures with the green Mare thinking about it.

I had the idea that instead of a placenta they had a unique organ that is not shed after birth, since I’ve seen almost nobody portray or describe that aspect of birth. Going along with programming there are structures in their womb or something that attach to fetuses and develop with them, Jellens being Fluffies that came out closer to their “natural” state without modification.

Something that becomes an umbilical cord attaching itself to a developing fetus, and the other end to the placenta-replacement which is directly connected to their nervous system so they feel each “plug” being filled?
I dunno. All I feel confident about is that a nodule that’s like a tiny brain attaches early on and their brain grows around it, which is where the programming comes from. Self-replicating tiny brains floating in amniotic fluid containing only memories but no thought. It needs a lot more thought though, no pun intended.


You can keep your boring, uptight, realistic science. Me and cool, laid-back, fantastic SCIENCE! are having plenty of fun together.


To each their own.

But the less special the mundane is, the more special important things will be.


That’s Zen as fuck.


Nah, its Syndrome from Incredibles in reverse.


Dude was just a fucking cynic. He could have been a legitimate superhero, he’s like Iron Man on brain steroids, but he just couldn’t stop being a butthurt tall poppy cutting motherfucker.

Y’know, Reed Richards is like that too. He’s sitting on a mountain of goodies, but he doesn’t want to share, because then his goodies won’t be anything special anymore. I get that a lot of his goodies are dangerous, but the dude built a goddamn universal translator. What’s the worst that could happen if he sells that? Google Translate gets shut down? Google Translate deserves to get shut down! You’ve seen how it mangles translations, right?

Plus, I think it’s been established that RICHAAAARDS! takes bribes from companies to not release his stuff. That doesn’t seem like something a good guy does.


Shit, it was in a story that Reed cured cancer. He literally packed up the research in a box on his shelf and forgot about it like a solved toy puzzle.

Although, floating comic timeline, that could only be like a one year difference from when Wakanda started curing cancer for individuals it deemed worthy, and the X-Men curing it and selling the cure from their living island nation. Which is a berry or something as I recall?

Though Reed being morally dubious is part of the appeal. F4 is a family, they’re all somewhere on the scale of useless and assholes when not keeping each other stable.

Without Sue and Benkeeping him tied to humanity, and later Franklin and Valeria, dude literally becomes one of the most evil beings in the universe. Which is a plot point parallel with Doom, and one Reed shares with Hank Pym. They’re all supervillains, but Reed and Pym have “superhero” as their villain theme basically.


See, that’s the problem with Marvel. They’ve got all these people who could make the world better, but don’t, and they make excuses. The whole “muh world outside muh window, muh illusion of change” thing, that’s the problem. If you don’t want genius characters making the world better, you shouldn’t write genius characters to begin with, unless they’re mad scientists who don’t give a fuck about making the world better.

Like this:


See, at least Sauron admits it. He’s not being all “abloo bloo bloo but the greater good” about it. He knows damn well what he wants, and he does it, he’s a go-getter.

Stormin’ Norman Osborn cured cancer too. He put it in a bullet and shot Deadpool.

And people give Hank Pym shit for slapping his wife once, but Reed’s slapped his wife and kids quite a few times and nobody gives him shit. Reed doesn’t even have the excuse of not being in his right mind.


Oh, and since you mentioned Wakanda…


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An interesting side effect of the movieverse is things are allowed to have longterm logical effects.

Use of the Godbutcher in particular this phase seems to be emphasizing that.


Yeah, in the comics the Snappening was undone in like five minutes, and Tony Stank didn’t have to go all “snibeti snab-- fug im ded :DDD” to fix it.

Plus, they can actually swear in the movies. The comics are still doing that $#!@ horseshit.

I’m holding out hope for an F-Bomb.


And THIS, my dear @Oculus and @Mr_Owl, is how you can have Anthros and fluffs together at the same time, and yet not evolved from/into each other.


They did confirm Deadpool sequels will remain R rated, with the same writing and creative control as before.

All Fox did for the sequel was give them more effects money and demand they spend it, as well as remove the baby Hitler joke from the theater release. So that would in theory be Disney’s policy too.

It also helps that the movies are planned in phases, and kept all in check by the central leadership.

Comics have editors, but they never got around to issues like why Captain America, who does his own shit all the time, never went to fight in Genosha where they literally did the Holocaust again but with mutants and with sterilization, lobotomies, and forced cannibalism. Or why the universe doesn’t self-destruct when Galactus is dead.


I’m just wondering how they’ll work Deadpool into the MCU. Or if they work him into the MCU, instead of keeping him in his own continuity.

If it’s the latter, it doesn’t fucking count. I’m sick of them pussying out and cutting it off halfway. They’ve done that shit at least three times, I want the goddamn “ck”. They had Spider-Man say “shit”. They can have him say “fuck” too. Most people who would complain about the latter would complain about the former too. So who cares if they bitch about it, they were already bitching.


I mean, given the fact Deadpool has always kind of existed parallel to continuity, and the current and next phase are all about the multiverse, in particular the many stories that involved the universe before the current one, tying everything from why so much of the universe is a bipedal alien that looks like a human wearing prosthetics and body paint to shit like Spider-man being a multiversal constant, in particular the fact that they seemto be heavily preparing to adapt the Celestial Madonna storyline which was Mantis being space/time pregnant and having access to another set of Infinity Stones being used to explain how Marvel bought another company and was absorbing the heroes and stories from that continuity into their own…yeah.




i actually just figured fluffies were maybe 60%pig/40% rat bc of how gross, obnoxious and shitty they are. well genetically modified to be vaguely slightly equine looking and have eye searingly obnoxious colors meant to appeal to retarded children. but yes come to mention it the thing with possums would sort of make sense. i also notice that fluffy foals r disproportionately small compared to their parents. unlike natural animals. but that would make sense bc then the mothers could shit out a whole bunch of them at once. whereas a lioness for eg could only have i think maybe a few cubs at a time bc newborns r bigger than housecats and a lioness is 330 lbs

why drives people to want to make fluffies just this or that animal