The Abuse Show 2 by wasp


Damn, it had been a long, stressful as hell day at school. You collapsed in your chair in front of your PC. You decided to play some video games to calm yourself down…but then you thought of something better…You were gonna watch The Abuse Show! There’s no better way to get rid of stress than that. He always streamed at 4:00 PM on Wednesday through Sunday, but if you missed it his stream would always be uploaded on a YouTube channel. You hurriedly punched “flufftv” into your search bar, and proceeded to the fluff dot tv website, continued to his account and you were bang on time, oh yeah!

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A yellow mare with a purple mane is energetically running around a marble tiled kitchen floor, probably not a very wise thing to do considering she has 4 young chirpies sleeping on her back. However, there was a brown pegasus foal lying on its side on the cold, hard floor, chirping helplessly. The chat in the stream are saying things like: “lol this dumb mare is gonna fucking get it” and “can’t wait to see her face when the bEShTeSh bAbBeHs get slowly killed lmao” The man then spoke:

“Hey, you gotta stop running and around and calm down. Its bad for your babies.”

“Wha?? Wunnies is bad fow babbehs??? OK! AM GOOD MUMMAH! GOOD MUMMAH NO WUNNIES NU MOAW!” says the fluffy, now standing still with its head held high like its some kind of soldier.

“Yep, thats right. Now I’m gonna need you and your foals to follow me to the saferoom. Except for that one…” The man points at the “poopie babbeh” which is lying on the floor in a puddle of urine, chirping helplessly

“Otay, suwe! Daddeh can hab dummeh poopie babbeh, good mummah nu cawe. Awso, can good mummah hab namesie? Pweez??? Mummah an babbehs su happeh dah nice daddeh sabed mummah an babbehs fwom nu pwetty cowd aweeway pwace, an bwing to nice wawm housie!”

“I’ll think of a name for you later, now hurry along, I’ve got some business to take care of. Theres lots of toys and kibble in the saferoom upstairs, and if you’re good, I’ll give you SKETTIES!!!” sings the man.

“SKETTIES?” the mares face lights up “MUMMAH GO DEWE WIGHT NOW! WUB DADDEH!”

The mare didn’t seem to understand she only got the hypothetical sketties if she was good, but that didn’t matter. There was things to do. The man scoops up the brown pegasus foal who immediately tries to suckle his fingertips and peeps in frustration when no milk is produced. He takes it to wooden table with a bland white wall in the background. When there, he takes out a small utility knife and lightly presses the foals back with it. The foal peeps and squirms on the table, trying to crawl away. He presses slightly harder, and a drop of crimson blood trickles down the foals back. It squeals and peeps:


He takes the blade out and does the same to other parts of the foals body for a good 15 minutes till its practically screaming in agony. The man informs the viewers that he’s going to go retrieve the litterbox he put in the saferoom for the other fluffies. He brings back the litterbox, full of vomit inducing fluffy feces and dumps it all on the little brown foal’s hole filled body as it bleeds out. After an agonizing 6 minutes the foal has lost most of its blood from all the wounds and has gone limp. It stopped crying too. The man put on gloves and digged out the foal, he then picked it up by the leg and dumped it into a wastebasket full of scrunched up paper, wrappers, and other miscellaneous objects. It was dead…or so he thought, as a small, barely audible “chirp” came from the wastebasket which he then plopped back in the corner of the room.

“That’s all for today everybody. Tune in tomorrow, I’ve got so many more ideas in my crazy mind!”

The stream ends.


You’d had a slightly better day than yesterday. It wasn’t great, but hey at least you didn’t lose your phone and have to look for it all around the school only to find out it was in your bag and had just slipped into the bottom of the front zipped pocket, then after you found it you proceeded to drop it and shatter the screen, and be late for class…and get yelled at for 10 minutes. God yesterday sucked ass. But today would be better. It was 4:02 PM and suddenly you remembered The Abuse Show was streaming today! You went on your computer and logged on to the stream.

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The stream opened with a shot of a decomposing brown foal in a wastebasket with flies and maggots eating it. The man said how he’d been woken at 1AM by a foal SCREE’ing and looked in the wastebasket to see that the brown pegasus foal was still alive and being eaten alive by maggots.

“I’m gonna have to empty out this bin because it smells like death. Had no idea it was still alive, Heh.”

Most of all it had riled up the yellow, purple maned mare and her 4 foals. The man said he could hear her shout “HUU-HUU! WHA’ BABBEH IS HAB HUWTIES??? CUM TO MUMMAH! MUMMAH GIB HUGGIES!”

It was ironic that she was so concerned about the foal she basically called ugly and abandoned. Well she actually thought it was one of her foals I guess, so she wasn’t concerned about the “poopie babbeh”.

“Hey little fluffy!”

“Hewwo daddeh! Woh was scawy noisie wast nite? Babbehs an mummah scawed!”

“Don’t worry. It was just the dumb poopie foal getting forever sleepies.”

The mares face looked puzzled for a second, as if she realized for the first time the foal was no different to the others, but she quickly brushed it off and said:

“Hehe! Dummeh poopie babbeh geh woh dummie poopie babbeh desewbe!”

“Exactly. Now I’m gonna make your other babies get what they deserve!”

“Wha??? Wha daddeh mean?”

“I’m gonna give them sketties! But first I want to show them something.”

“Nu show babbehs now. Dey too widdle. And dey geddin mummahs miwkies. MUMMAH WUB BABBEHS, BABBEHS WUB MUMMAH!” The mare erupted into annoying singing while breastfeeding her foals and the chat expressed their annoyance and some said they muted the audio.

The little foals were now making noises. They crawled around her fur and said things like “wub” and “miwkies!” and cooed softly while making “AdOwRaBeWl” slurping noises.

“NO MILKIES TILL THE BABIES SEE!” The man shouted before yanking the mother and foals off the soft carpet


“peep, scawy! chirp, mummah!” The foals babbled.

He took them through a workshop. In the workshop was a machine you recognized, a hydraulic press! This was gonna be interesting.

“Babbehs an mummah ne go back tu sawewoom an finish geddin miwkies, dummeh daddeh!”

The man ignored her and plucked the red earthie filly, who was still drinking milk, by the tail. It immediately made scaredy poopies and began flailing.


The man dumped it onto a circular stool made of metal and put the mother and 3 other foals behind a glass sheet so they could do nothing but watch.

“This is a game we’re gonna play. You have to count to 100 or the baby goes bye bye and sleeps forever.”


The little red foal urinated and twitched around on the small platform. The cameraman turned the machine on and it began whirring as a large metal cylinder began to lower, dooming the small red filly. The mother frantically tried to count to 100 but couldn’t get past “seben” before it just lay hysterically crying and the 3 foals joined in, wondering why mummah was sad.

The device lowered onto the red foal who was tapping the glass protector with its hoof in a pathetic attempt to escape from certain death. The mother stopped looking as a crack was heard and the hydraulic press went up again. The red, tiny little filly with its whole life ahead of it was now a mangled stain and mess of organs and bones. It went silent for a while then the mother took a peek and stared in horror, then screamed:

“WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAI DADDEH KIWWED MUMMAHS PWECIOUS WIDDLE HAPPEH SPWOWIN BESHTESH EBBAH TO EXIST BABB-” The mare was cut off with a violent slap to the face while her babies, who had just opened their eyes cowered in a corner, pissing and shitting themselves. The man scooped up all the fluffies in a burlap sack which caused them a lot of distress and calmly walked upstairs. This time, he didn’t take them to the saferoom. He took them to a small, cramped closet with a bowl of nettles and its carpet stripped away leaving a bare, concrete floor. The mother and her 3 foals cried and screamed trying to gulp down the nettles and it all went black. The stream ended.


Today was good. You made plans to get a new phone on Sunday and school was quite good. But you had no time to think about the day as you knew exactly what you were gonna do, it was 4PM and it was Abuse Show time, hell to the fuckin yeah! You nonchalantly sat down and drank some water while logging on to FluffTV.

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The stream started with a shot of the yellow mare with her foals, all of them tightly hugging her. They were all covered in stings, as well as bodily fluids, and were also all crying.

“chirp! Wai daddeh su mean tu widdle babbehs? Wan sissy back…” Said the purple foal, who was still small and chirping but had developed its own light blue mane and was speaking properly now.

Without hesitation the man scooped up the foal, took out a rusty scalpel, and pillowed it on a white desk.



The man tossed the purple foal back into the closet, but misjudged his throw and accidentally launched it at the wall, snapping its neck when it hit. The mother pushed away her two other feeding babbehs and started to sob over the legless, twisted up corpse of the purple foal with the sky blue mane.


The other foals ran to the body and prodded it with their hooves saying:

“Bwudda! peep peep! Wake up bwuddah! HUUU-HUUUUUU WHY BWUDDAH FOWEBAH SWEEPIES?”

“I’m not done yet guys, don’t worry.” The cameraman reassured the audience, some of whom thought just because a foal had died the stream was over.

“ALRIGHT YOU FILTHY SHITRATS, GET AWAY” boomed the man as he scooped up the purple foals corpse, which had a tortured look on its face, and hurled it into a trashcan.

“NUUUU! WAI FWOWED BWUDDAH? chirp chirp” screamed the yellow filly, who was developing a white mane.

He scooped up the mare and her now only two foals and carried them to a wooden table. He pried the yellow foal with the white mane away from its mothers flimsy grip and used some string to tie it to a metal pole. He then took out a sorry stick, which seemed to have had some customizing done to it, as evidenced by the bolts which had been hammered into it, making it into more of a studded bat than a sorry stick. He slapped the tied foal with it and its nose and jaw were broken. It looked dazed for a bit then immediately started crying as crimson blood poured down its chest like a waterfall of pain from its crushed nose.

“NUUUU MUMMAHS WIDDWE SIMIWAH BABBEH! NUUU! DADDEH PWEEZ NU HUWT DIS BABBEH! DIS BABBEH SPESHUW CUS WOOKS WIKE MUMMAH! PWEEZ DADDEH!” said the mare as her other orange foal, which still had no mane, hid its eyes and made scaredy poopies.

The Abuser beat the tiny tied up foal with the bolted sorry stick until it was just a bloody pulp smeared on a pole, which had broken basically everything. The mother was screaming while her last foal tried to give her huggies to calm her down. The man lit the unrecognizable corpse of the yellow filly with the white mane on fire only making the mother scream louder.

Eventually the foal was cremated and now existed as only ash. The man swept the little gray pile away while the crying mother lay down. Eventually he decided to separate the mother and her last foal. He put the mother in the closet and the foal in a bare, blue, plastic fluffy cage with crusty blood, vomit and feces all over the floor with no bed and just grass to eat.

“peep! Widdle owange babbeh nu wike nyoo housie…wan be wib mummah!”

“SHUT UP YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT! GOD!” yelled the man angrily

The foal was very startled by this and made sorry poopies and peepies all over the filthy floor…including in the food dish. What a dumbass, now it has to eat poopy grass. The man slammed the cage door shut on the chirping foal and the stream ended.


It was the weekend and you went out with some friends. You came home at 3:30, were pretty bored, then noticed 30 minutes had gone by and The Abuse Show was on! You turned on your PC and began watching.

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The stream started off with the closet he had left the yellow mare in, without her last orange foal. He opened it to reveal that the mare had died. Her eyelids were drooping, feces was all over her tail and stomach, and her tongue was hanging out at an awkward angle. He’d forgotten to put food in for her so she just cried all night for her last foal and eventually died a slow, painful death from starvation. Dried tears were on her cheeks and he then picked her up on a piece of cardboard and brought her outside to a big biowaste bin, then dropped her in with a puff of flies.

“Time to deal with that ugly little rat now.”

He went upstairs to the orange foal. It was still sleeping in the corner of its filthy cage and had choked down the feces covered grass. He poked the foal and it jumped awake with a “CHEEP!” and said

“pweez daddeh…babbeh su tiwed…pweez be nice daddeh an wet babbeh sweep…wan mummah huu-huu-huuuuuu…”

The orange foal had developed its own pink mane, just like its mother.

“You can’t get your mother.” replied the man

“Wai? Meanie daddeh…peep”

“She’s going forever sleepies. Thats why.”

The orange foals face contorted into a bewildered expression.

“Mummah…fowebah sweepies? Nu…mummah nu can go fowebah sweepies…wite?..WITE?” Tears were beginning to form in the orange foals eyes.

“Heres a picture!” laughed the man, as he showed the horrified foal picture on his phone of the mares starved, rotting corpse, her fur covered in brown

“NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! MUNSTAH DADDEH MADE MUMMAH FOWEBAH SWEEPIES! NEE HUGGIES!!! NEE HUGGIES!!! HEAWT HUWTIES!!! DADDEH GEDDIN SOWWEH POOPIES!” The foal attempted to smear shit in the abusers direction but missed, getting it on the floor instead.

“YOU FUCKING IDIOT! THAT DOES IT” boomed the cameraman as he picked up the tiny foal and brought it down onto a wooden table. He took out a utility knife and began to disembowel the foal. It screamed louder and shriller than ever


Eventually all the skin on the foals stomach had been removed and it lay there vomiting with its opened stomach, it stood up on its hind legs for a second, and blood leaked from its chest like a faucet. Within seconds the foal was dead.

“This has been the abuse show for this week! I’ll be doing two purchased foals together next so stay tuned! Catch ya later! Bye!” The stream abruptly cut on the shot of the foal with its opened bowels. An abrupt, but good ending. You couldn’t wait till next Wednesday for the next stream.

Stay tuned.