Stuffed Animal Fluffies? (From Star-The-Alicorn)

So, if I found a way to make stuffed animal fluffies and sell em when commissioned to make them, would any of you be interested? Purely hypothetical for now, since I’d have to make a pattern, get the funds for materials, learn how to make plushies, etc.

But if I learn how to do this… It would be a lot of fun! I want to see how many people would be interested. Even if there’s not a lot and I learn anyway, I could make my own characters in plush form.

Plushies would mean potential:

  • Abuse, hugbox, weirdbox and even horrorbox options (Weird limbs, blood, wounds, etc.)

  • Subspecies! Fluffalos, microfluffs, aquafluffs, anthros, etc.

  • Poseable limbs

  • Multiple fur types (Normal faux fur, long fur, short, curly, or even unhealthy-looking fur! Unhealthy fur would be much less soft, just to let you know. Depends completely on availability.)

  • Multiple sizes. Babbeh, yearling, adult, large (Fluffalo size) and “fucking massive”. (Cost would depend on size)

  • Soon mummahs (Removable foals, maybe even fetuses)

  • Pillowfluffs (Removable magnetic limbs)

  • Interchangeable expressions (Magnetic or velcro eyes, eyebrows, and posable ears/tail)

  • Hand puppet option (For those who want to control their fluffies)

  • Push-button voice lines (Squeeze their hoof, tummy, or placement of choice to hear them say stuff! Abuse, hugbox, weirdbox and horrorbox options. Yes, you could have multiple boxes involved with the lines!)

Note that these would cost quite a lot due to material cost and living cost, and dependent on amount of features, detail and size of the plush. Again, this is purely hypothetical for now due to lack of experience/funds. This is for future reference.

  • Hell yeah!
  • I don’t really care either way.
  • No thanks, not my thing.
  • Another form of fan-made fluffy stuff! (Specify in comments please)

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It’s not that I don’t want it, but as I’ve said before, I don’t know how I’d pay for it without risking my secret identity.


I can’t really vote on this cuz a fluffy plush sounds adorable, but … I’m kinda with Nobody in that I don’t want to risk my fluffy interest getting out, and having a plush toy of one would kinda make it tough to keep that secret.


This is true of LOTS of people in this community.


That would be so cool! I’d probably need to save up for it or pay for it monthly, but hell yeah!


What or what inspired you to start creating stuffed animals of these eccentric little horses? (hypothetically speaking, although if it were real you would already have competition)


Lol, you weren’t the first either. We’ve had artsy people in the fandom for a while now


I’d love to but like @NobodyAtAll I don’t know how to pay without my identity becoming exposed (even if it’s just you who’d know). I also do not have the funds for such lovely things at the moment so alas… but heck, I wish I could fill a whole saferoom closet with them. My family & friends don’t care about the amount of stuffed toys I have so that’s not an issue. It’s just the whole finances and payment thing that makes it a bit tricky. :disappointed:


just email them steam gift cards

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Not everyone wish to be paid in Stem gift cards. Not to mention if that person exchange them for something else with another person it will start to look damn suspicious. Then again, that might just be the little paranoid conspiracy theorist demon whispering nonsense. :sweat_smile:

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I actually saw your adorable stuffed fluffy and decided I might wanna try making some myself! It looks very soft and huggable.

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I completely get that, not everybody wants people to know who they are. Anonymity can be a very important thing in this community.

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Is PayPal anonymous enough? It tracks who is making the transaction, but not necessarily what the transaction was about.

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I think so, in my opinion. Not to mention there’s literally no reason for me to just release people’s personal info. But I understand the need for internet safety and anonymity, especially in this community.

new merch idea: fluffy shaped MDMA

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