Story of the yellow foal amputee (Artist: Carpdime) (FB id: 21284, 21556, 21596 & 21625)

21284 - accident artist_carpdime ball blockies broken_bones foals gore huggies hugs mare play questionable weggies yellow_foal
21556 - amputation artist_carpdime blockies dummeh_babbeh foal hugtoy safe weggies yellow_foal
21596 - artist_carpdime dummeh_babbeh foal foals hugbox huggies hugtoy safe tears yellow_foal
21625 - artist_carpdime broken_bone foals grownup happy huggies hugs safe stallion weggies yellow_foal


One of Carpdime’s older stories, made not too long before Pink Pet Foal. It depicts the tale of a yellow foal who lost his leg due to a blockie related accident. Initially thinking himself to be worthless, he came to see value in himself thanks to the love of his sister. Growing up, the now adult yellow fluffy extends his love and care to other similar foals who may face a similar predicament.

I had struggled to give a name to this series, but I decided to go with a placeholder title of “Story of a yellow foal” as Carp had tagged these images under “yellow_foal”. I may change the name in future.

Website archives of 21284, 21556 and 21596 are available, but not so for 21625.

This story was uploaded as I will be referencing this character in a future story of Avocado.

EDIT: Upon checking, a fourth image was revealed to be tagged with “yellow_foal” as well. Unless @Carpdime states otherwise, it will be assumed that the yellow foal who injured himself on the blockie is the same fluffy. Notably, the injury is on a different leg, but this may be an oversight on Carp’s part.


Like father like son. :slight_smile:


The cycle continues.


Welp, now I have that song stuck in my head.



They appear to have amputated the wrong leg.

But the broken one healed nicely.


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These pieces were intended to be related. The dynamics of the story is a little more complex. The yellow foal loses confidence after his injury. His sister still loves and values him but can been see calling his now disabled brother a “dummy”. Whether that is childhood innocence or something a little more sinister is up to the viewer.

Later, the yellow fluffy grows up and has children of his own. It is shown he is a capable father and when one of his kids are similarly injured he shows empathy and understanding of the predicament. Although it could be argued he should have been more cautious since he very well knows the dangers of rough play and the injuries that could happen.

On reflection the safety in this household really should be improved! Blockies shouldn’t be causing grievous injuries like this! I think it was more fitting with my older headcanon that followed more closely with the “broken by all” and fragile depiction of fluffies. It’s definitely something I’ve moved on from, preferring to depict fluffies as more physically capable.