Stone Rouge Head-Cannon

Due to the group of WIP_Fluffies being released before completion there genetics are not complete.
With their genetics not complete, they have the ability to evolve and adapt over time.
Its believed the WIP_Fluffies species is extinct. Due to the WIP_Fluffies’ abilities, Fluffy Subspecies were born. Some that can survive the water (Sea Fluffies) Some that can survive off their own kind (Cannibal Fluffies) Some small enough to hide from other animals (Micro-Fluffies) ETC.
Fluffies nowadays are the Complete Version.

Even though today’s fluffies are considered the Complete Version, there’s a 10% of a mare giving birth to a fluffy with Dysmelia.
Most of the time, the fluffy will die why still in their mother or even after being born. If they somehow survive, their mother will kill them or killed by the owner/caretaker of the mare.
Dysmelia is more common in Fluffies due to their unique DNA. There have been few cases of a fluffy being born with body parts of different animals.
In recent years, there have been collectors of fluffies born with these defects. The most notable collector is “Rouge J. Stone” who has collected over 1000 fluffies with birth defects.
He’s sold many of them after they died. He sold a fluffy with 2 hearts to a “Doctor Who” fan for over $8,000 dollars. There are many other notable collectors, but Rouge is the one who started the trend to begin with.
One of Rouge’s most loved fluffy is not even considered a fluffy, By some weird miracle of the arceuss, a fluffy gave birth to a kitten after getting bad-enfied by a feral. This should not be possible, but somehow it survived.


Does Mr. Rouge have any Sleipnir type fluffies? Y’know, eight legged types?


If my memory is correct, I should have two Sleipnir-Defected Fluffies. A brown one with a Grey Mane, and a Pink one with a blue man. They are both stallions.