"Squeaky-fwends" (Artist:Squeakyfriend) (Fluffybooru id: 29981)

29981 - artist_squeakyfriend comic cutebox foals mouse mouse_mummah mummah safe


The earliest image that was on Squeakyfriend’s account back on the booru. There was one other image that predated this, but it may have been uploaded anonymously. Nonetheless, this image gives a hint as to the idea behind Squeakyfriend’s name.

This image was one of the first to have his unique tag of “cutebox”, but since cutebox is not that characteristically different from many elements of hugbox, Squeakyfriend’s work will be classified as hugbox moving forward.

This post is pending further information, whether it is from a retrievable archive or from the artist him/herself.


Now I wanna draw a delusional mare who carries around (friendly) mice or rats, convinced they’re ‘foreva-babbehs’.


Go on do it do it !

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There was a sequence on this

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Just checked, and you are right. I’ll be making a separate post later highlighting the Mouse Mummah sequence, so much thanks for pointing that out.

I will keep this post up, though, as this was Squeakyfriend’s first image upload on his account.

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Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: