Southern Comfort Ch.3 [By Biorb_McBiorb] {END}

Donna led Clint over to the next Subspecies Pen. This one was labelled with a Sign that read: Fluffers.

Clint began to walk over until he saw a familiar Neon Green Mane and Crimson Eyes. “Huh! Small World!” Clint said as he walked over to the edge of the pen to see Magnum, a Fluffer who had became Special Friends with Bailey, after a bit of family Drama.

“Munsta…” Magnum Growled. Clearly upset at the sight of the Daddy who ‘abandoned’ his Special Friend. “Well hello to you too Fluffer. How’s Bailey? Is she here with you?” Clint asked, not realizing how badly those words cut into Magnum. “'OU NU SAY HEW NAMESIE! BAIWEY GUD FWUFFY, GUD MUMMAH! ‘OU NU SAY BAD TINGS ABOU’ HEW!” Clint clearly throw off by his tirade looked over to Donna, to see her sadly staring at him.

“Magnum here, and his little ones, came alone. Said that his special friend went Forever Sleepies… After the Babies were born…” Clint stared in silence. Not realizing he had just hurt the Fluffer horribly. “Magnum… I’m sorry… For your loss. Im here to-” Clint began as he was cut off by Magnum slamming into the Fence. “SHUDDAP DUMMEH! MAGNUM NU COUWD SABE BAIWEY! BAIWEY WOUWD BE SAFE IF DUMMEH HOOMIN NU GET WID OF HEW! DUMMEH! BAIWEY STIWW BE HEWE IF 'OU NU GET WID OF!” Magnum yelled out. Tears slowly matting the fur around his muzzle. “HATECHU DUMMEH, STOOPID, HATECHU BAM HATECHU BAM HATECHU BAM HATECHU!!!” Magnum repeated as he hit his head over and over into the wall of the fence, resulting in a bloody spot to appear on both the wall and the Fluffer’s muzzle.

Magnum dropped down, slumped over repeating “hatechu…” as Clint just stared in horror.

From behind the big bloody sobbing mess ran three smaller Fluffers, one purple with a Bright green mane with grey striped going down it’s mane and back, stayed by its father now distraught with sadness and rage. The other two, a Black Fluffer with a Bright White mane, and a Chocolate Brown one with a Bright Orange mane came forward, puffing their cheeks out and barring their fangs at Clint, standing in between him and Magnum.

“DUMMEH HOOIMIN! WEABE DADDEH AWONE!” the Black one cried out. “NU WAN GO WIFF MEANIE HOOMIN! 'OU HUWT MUMMAH BEFOWE BABBEHS CAN SEE HEW!” cried out the Brown one thru tears. “hatechu… hatechu… h-hatechu…” Magnum repeated, tears now completely matting his face and muzzle.

Finally the Purple Tapir Patterned one finally spoke. “Pwease weabe famiwy awone… Nu wan nyu Daddeh… Nyu wan Daddeh habe huwties… Pwease nu gibe daddeh mowe huwties.” The Purple one’s eyes met Clint’s. Instantly, Clint felt a welt in his chest form. Her eyes were the same as- as-…


Clint turned around and walked out of the room and back into the Smarty’s Pen room. He slid down the wall until his rump hit the floor with a resounding thud. Clint began to cry as this poor family had been torn apart from Clint’s sadistic actions.

And for what? A brief moment of justifiable satisfaction? Yes what she did was wrong, horrible even… But she didn’t deserve to have her family go thru such struggles, they were innocent! Clint thank back to all the other horrible things he had done. Ripping one of the Feral invaders in half… Sitting back and watching Pedo being ripped apart and eaten by a wild mountain lion… leaving Bun’s babbehs to die from starvation in Clint’s garage right in front of her… Napoleon being given to a feral herd to be used as a fuck toy for stallions without a mate…

Clint didn’t like this, he Hated this… It wasn’t until a pair of arms wrapped around Clint that he stopped himself from thinking about all that he had done. It was Donna. “Listen Sug… I don’t know what’s going on… And i rightfully don’t care. But what i do care about is seeing a grown man fall to his ass and cry like a fool. You may have made some mistakes, but we all do. We’re only human. Now I want you to get the hell up, and come finish this tour. I’ve seen your eyes dart around and i know a few of the fluffies you want, and i can tell they will be tickled to have you as their daddy. Okay?”

Clint looked up at the pair of eyes that stared into him. She was right. He made so many Mistakes… But this store is the only way he can make it up to the Fluffies that he had wronged. Sure some of them deserved it. But not all… Not all did.

“O-… Okay…” Clint said, rising to his feet, Donna holding onto his arm as he stood up. “You gonna be okay?” she asked, looking up at Clint. “I think so… Heh… Next pen?” Clint asked jokingly. “Sure Sug… Sure.”

And with that, Clint and Donna made their way back into the Subspecies and Care department. As Clint passed the FLuffer’s pen again, he noticed that Magnum had waddled over to the far wall, and was watching he foals play, the Black and Brown ones were rough housing, and the Purple one was snuggled up to her Daddy…

Clint decided to leave them alone, they were the only Fluffers in the store, so he would have to find some, somewhere else.

Clint and Donna had made their way to the next set of Doors. No sign above, as this was another part of the Subspecies and Care department. As Clint and Donna passed, Clint noticed that Donna hadn’t let go of his arm. Enjoying the feeling, Clint did not mention this to Donna.

“Okay, so, next up here, we have are a bit more, rare subspecies.” Donna let go of Clint’s arm and showed him the next pen. A sign read: ‘Shuffle’ Marked the Fence of the Pen. “Hewwo nice mistah! Hewwo Mumma Donna!” Cried out a Pastel Blue Fluffy, covered in Pastel Blue Wool, from Head to Hoof. “Sheep… Fluffies…” Clint looked down, at the creature before him. “Yessir Sug, We actually use their wool in some of our home made goods here, lotta Fluffy Beds use em.” She said, coming back over to hold onto Clint’s arm. "Also… Sug?

Donna blushed as she let go of her tight grip on Clint’s arm. “Uh… SO the Shuffles are great Fluffy Friends, their wool makes them extra soft, so great snugglers, and they are one of the few Fluffy subspecies that actually have four teats, so they make great Fluffy Nurses.” Clint looked over at the few Shuffles in the pen, there was four, one with Grey Brown wooli-fluff, one with Red Orange wooli-fluff, and one with a Navy Blue wooli-fluff. “Any Fillies?” Clint asked. “yep, this Lil Blue gal here, and the Fireball back there too.”

“Over here we have your basic Cow-Fluffies, even a Bull or two in here. All help make lots of formula for the young and abandoned here.” Donna said, having Clint look over the ten-or-so Cow Fluffies. “I Actually have one at home, shes a Nurse-mare herself. Yeah i may take a few of them.” Clint said looking out across the Pen holding the Cow FLuffies, many were feeding their young and eating ‘Grass Nummies’ placed into troughs.

“Next Pen?” Donna asked. “There’s still more?” Clint asked surprised. “Oh Sug-uh- Clint, were almost done, don’t worry!” Petting the Pastel Blue Shuffle, the two made their way out of the room and into another set out double doors. entering they were greeted with a calm blue light stretching over them, as four large tanks filled with water lit up before them. As soon as Clint walked in, he notice each had a varying degree of light to each.

The first tank was the brightest. housing a beautiful group of Aqua-Fluffies. Each having four fins instead of having hooves. “Now these ones cant hear us so we can talk about the bad stuff. See, Sea fluffies are a fucking delicacy here in Cali Sushi shops. We get orders for them by the hundred, but only sell about ten any given day. Its fine tho, Aqua-Fluffies are… Well I’m gonna be honest, they taste pretty good, like Salmon to be honest.”

“SO you’ve actually eaten Fluffies before?” Clint asked. “Oh you haven’t? Well trust me its a weird experience. Maybe i can show you sometime?” Donna asked. Clint, now realizing she had just asked him out agreed. “They… They wont be alive when we eat them right?” Clint asked a little happy at the promise of a date. “Well… Depends on what you order.”

The next tank they saw was a dimmer than the Aqua Fluffies tank. “Seal-Fluffies?” Clint asked jokingly. “Close, we just call em Sea-Fluffies, They are based on seals tho, so good eye!” Clint and Donna watched as three Sea-Fluffies swam around in circles, playing. “Maybe none of these guys, I may take some of the Aqua-Fluffies tho.” Clint admitted. “Oh, we still got two more tanks, the next ones are insane!” Donna said, gleefully pulling Clint along to the third tank.

The Third tank was the darkest of the four. inside two small orbs of light swam around in slow motions. “What are they?” Clint asked. “Angler-Fluffs!” Donna said. Reaching into a bucket labeled ‘Fluff-Chow’ Donna pulled out a Light Blue Foal with a Yellow mane. “DUMMEH WADY! GIBE BESTES” BACK TU MUMMAH! WITE NAO!" Donna held the little foal in her hands. “Wanna feed em?” Donna asked. “I… Think maybe i shouldn’t.” Clint said. Donna pulled a ladder from nearby next to the tank.

“NU WAWA BAD FOW BESTES’! NU WAN WAWA! NU WA-” The foal cried as it was tossed into the tank. Immediately the two orbs of light moved to the surface of the water, slowly making the foal look away from its thrashing as the lights got closer and closer to it. “PWEASE PWETTY WITE, SABE BESTE’ BABBEH! WAWA AM BAD FOW FWUFFIES! WAWA BA-” Was all it could say as two heads, one grey, the other navy blue, erupted out of the water’s surface. “WUV NUMMEH BABBEH! WUV! WUV!” cried the two predators as they ripped the foals legs off from the body, causing the foal to drown before the dark grey one came up and ripped its head off with its fanged jaw. “Wuv Mummah, Wuv Nummie Babbeh!” Cried the Grey Angler-Fluff. “Nu! Wuv Mummah mowe! Wuv Nummie Babbeh mowe!” Cried the Navy Blue Angler-Fluffy.

“So, wanna ad them to the list?” Donna asked, expecting Clint to say no. “Ill take both of them. Add a large tank to my order as well… How old are they?” Clint asked, staring in amazement as the two orbs swam closer to Clint. “Oh… Well they’re only about a week and a half old, they’re still young so they only really eat foals cus they got weaker bones. Less stress on the teeth. But you can feed em anything really, long as it’s meat of course.”

“And the Final Tank?” asked Clint. “Oh we have new one here at the store. They’re called ‘Fluff-Jacks’” Donna said, showing Clint the tank, inside were two small Flapjack Octopi, but they were fluffy, had unicorn horns on the tops of their heads, and had a small Muzzle on the tops of the bodies. “Cute huh?” Donna said. “Yeah… But honestly if i get one, the two Angler’s might eat her.” Clint said. "Fair enough.

“So… You said you wanted to take me out to try ‘Nummie’ Fluffies?” Clint asked coyly. “Well… I do have the weekend off for once. I do know a place, I could… Make reservations…” Donna said, grabbing onto Clint’s arm again, getting much closer this time. “I’d… I’m gonna be honest with you Donna, I haven’t flirted in a while and I’m not very good at it. But i would love to meet up with you again.” Clint admitted.

Donna laughed as she stayed close to Clint as they walked thru the doors of each pen heading towards Donna’s office. “Sug, you are in for treat, but don’t worry, ill go easy on ya, so you wont embarrass yourself much.”

Clint looked down at the short lady who he met only a few hours ago. He felt like they had hit it off very well. Clint finished the paperwork, and in total Clint spent an upwards of 30k, buying Fluffy food in bulk, buying specific kinds of food for certain fluffies, buying toys, medicine for a few select fluffies, and the fluffies and subspecies themselves, along with a Large tank that can go in his home for his two new Angler-Fluffs, Lusca, and Ahklut. (Clint totally looked up those names online)

Clint also got Donna’s Number, and a promise to eat at the nicest Foal-to-Table place she could get.

Clint was just excited he would get to go on a date with a pretty woman who was as interested in Fluffies as He was.

Maybe even more so!


Ouch, im torn bout what happen to Bailey, one its due to her small size and her stallion as she lost too much blood due to a tear on giving birth to large foals.

Well added Clint decision making as well but as Donna did say they make mistake, glad she was there to catch him.

Hope Magnum can move on and well have a better life with his foals.

Is that bad mouthing foal is who I think it is now become “fish food” :joy:


It is Indeed! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Tsk! Sucks to be him :joy:


Soo this is what hells feels like for Bestest huh… Existing from different dimension just to suffer in different ways.


Poor Magnum if only Clint have checked up on Bailey.


well to be fair, she was abandoned and left to die after a vote was passed by her won herd. She wasn’t Clint’s problem anymore.


I am glad you’ve shown the weaker side of Clint.

To feel remorse, even if he was technically justified is truly human.


Just yet another reason to not dump live, unfixed fluffies on the street- the foals they’ll inevitably have haven’t done anything to deserve street feral life, and of course you’re only contributing to the feral problem. Should’ve either found Bailey another owner or spayed her first, then she’d just still be Magnum’s special friend. Live and learn I suppose! Its fortunate Donna isn’t the type to rush to judgement over someone else’s mistakes.

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At the encounter with Magnum I was wondering whether or not he’d tell the truth to Magnum about Bailey and the bad-special-huggies.


i was really tempted to include that, but i figured the idea of the breakdown would overtake the truth of what happened

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Well at least for a moment he felt remorse for kicking out the last remaining child of one of his adopted mares, letting her die in the streets for a single crime whereas before she was a model fluff. And also couldn’t commit to killing her children and sold them, asshole.
I wonder how long until Oingo makes another mistake and gets punished, castration knowing Clint.

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