Sophia and the boss's pet [ Art by Kathi ]

Sophia and Cotton

I drawn Kathi here and there but never her sister.

So here is the strawberry ginger with her boss’s pet, Cotton.

Sophia was wearing her best work clothes when she went in for her company, sit at desk, write reports, keep track of things that Arthur had forgotten about, she was just the one to get things dropped onto her last minute, write up five pages explaining why and with proof on how it would benefit another company that should work with theirs and have it done by the next day? Yeah, that’s the kinda work she gets dropped on her.

When she was heading out to go home, Arthur had called her up to his office, nerves getting the better of her as she held her bag tight, stepping in. “Sophia! I have a special favor to ask of you.” Oh that tone does not suggest it is a fun one. “Yes, Mr.Jackson?” The old man was going to tell her no need to be formal but a voice spoke up from behind the desk. “Daddeh, nu weabe Cotton pwease!” Oh no, oh nononoo-

“My sweetie lil’pie! It’s only for two weeks, Sophia will take good care of you, my lil’cloud angel.” He looked down at the fluffy before over at the woman, who just sighed. “Okay, two weeks, business trip that I wasn’t told about?”
“Oh no, me and the miss is going out to a place that doesn’t allow fluffies… Good Lord it is sad that I can’t take my angel with me! But that’s why I have my favorite worker here.”
“Aha… Okay, I’ll… Take care of her.”

The Alicorn stood up, it was a common, great, three foot tall fluffy… But she was following her, had to buckle her up, and off they go to her place, once there? She was getting out of her work clothing to get into her workout gear, just get something done but Cotton was following her around like a lost puppy, even sitting down in the workout room and just staring at her. “Miss daddeh…” This is gonna be a long week…

“I know…” She wasn’t prepared for a spoiled fluffy, but it’s what she basically sighed up for.


Damn Kathi’s family got some good genetics because wow <3


Normally human suffering as the result of Fluffies amuses me. But sadly we know she’s the decent sort ahead of time.


Somewhat buff tall lady…
It was a must, who would I be if I did not do such
It is always a thing on my list when it comes to characters


Sophia learns to loove babysitting, don’t worry, she won’t be suffering for long.


Oh mommy! Step on me like one of them shitrats lmao


You sealed your fate now, I MUST TYPE A CHARACTER REPLY

You could hear a wheeze from the woman as she looked over at you, her face a bit red from the sudden nickname of ‘Mommy’. She adjusted her glasses as her gaze now laid on you. “Excuse me… What the fuck-” She didn’t expect someone to actually ask her to step on them but here she is, with you. “You want to be stepped on? What do you even get out of that?


God damn she thick!!

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