Some of the fluffies in Maple valley fluffy rescue and breeding. By swiftbitches



GOD, they look like all that fluffies SHOULD be

like majestic mini horse


This is how I imagine the hybrid of Fluffies and Fuzzies to be.


yea even tho i don’t know what fuzzies are


Part of Fall Of Cleveland. Not explored often since their origin is their destruction. I’ll give you the original idea plus what has been added to it by others.

Hasbio product, successor line to Fluffies.

They lost most of the Fluffy research in the fire where they were released, so they ended up starting over.

Fuzzies are closer to MLP horses. Unlike Fluffies, their programming is not organic. A chip is surgically implanted in their heads at birth. It is connected wirelessly, so Hasbio can install updates to fix behavior (and advertise new products and spy on people for research).

Spaghetti Land was meant to be a failure and kill massive amounts of Fluffies, after being the televised event where Fuzzies were unveiled. Forced retirement of old product, tax write-off scheme, and free advertising for a launch all at once.

But an Abuser stole a Fuzzy ahead of time, found the chip while tormenting it despite them not having much brain of its own to feel suffering with. Tapped into the network using the chip, and basically set all systems to kill. While this was happening all the Megaherds converged on Spaghetti Land having come to think it was an Eden by word of mouth. The military was evacuating civilians.

The Fuzzies came online in kill mode, attacked everything. They killed a LOT of Fluffies, but also a lot of humans. Eventually the Fluffies won the war solely by attrition, Fuzzies dying of exhaustion while the military pulled out and remaining civilians hunkered down.
Fluffies had a celebratory orgy, having nothing else to do, and the static electricity ignited the massive cloud of methane from the weeks of Fluffy shit and millions of rotting carcasses of man, Fuzz, and Fluff. That ignited Spaghetti Land and all the fireworks intended to destroy the park, then the rest of Cleveland. How much is destroyed and what happens next differs by canon, but generally Fuzzies are never sold and few if any survived.


I knew none of this