Socially acceptable abuse guide! (By mino mince that fucker)


When abusing fluffys, it’s important to note that due to their status as biotoys, they have no real rights. However, private estates like sector 13 can set their rules on the treatment of them. Here are some common sense things all aspiring abuser ought to know!

X: illegal, will carry a fine or (rarely) jail time
O: green light, carry on! Note you can be asked to fuck off if your abuse is disturbing others sleep, walk in a park, or a trauma victim
M: while not illegal, will get you a nasty rep and banned from most reputable fluffy related shops

Swift death: O
Slow death (i.e. less then a half hour) O but you may be told off by others for the noise
Tourture: with the exception of castration, any permanent harm like ripping limbs off or anything else to put them in ungodly pain is a X, but it’s such a small fine it’s treated as a service you purchase

Killing a feral foal: O
Killing a domestic foal or fluffy: X (major fine)
Killing a domestic knowingly without permission: as above but the owner can 100% sue
Stealing fluffys to breed from owners: X with lesser fine and a restraining order
Stealing from a licensed breeder, specifically alicorns: X with a major fine and a ban from breeding

Miscellaneous (drug running fluffys, lighting them on fire and throwing them at folk) XXX, whatever other charges apply

Any more senarios you encounter, readers? I might just add them!


Foal wind playes: X or M

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I’m gonna regret this, but: what’s that?

wind chimes is it correct name in english, in german they are called Windspiel.

Hmm, if their just dead bodies/bones, should be fine. But in my world, the tortured screams of a fluffy are not exactly lo-fi, so if their alive it’s M


Performing medical experiments (on your fluffs). M

Would not removing the fluffy from the premise, but allowing it to enf a willing participant for breeding carry a fine?

If it’s in a hospital, no.

Well not many folks would care, and those few who do likely have weak bones from drinking soy milk