Smarty Science, Part 1 (By: Ryou)

Several years spent practicing for a medical licence only to lose it over a single mistake. James was so furious when they’d told him. He’d prescribed a patient medicine that wasn’t technically legal, though he knew it would make him better. What he did was a good thing, yet the court of law saw it differently. They charged him with “wrongfully prescribing illegal substances”, and that was that. Gone was his medical license, years of study down the drain over one simple mistake made in goodwill. Many weeks were spent agonizing over it, he didn’t know what to do with himself. And then it happened. The Fluffy outbreak.

At first, James was a bit wary of the potential danger these “biotoys” could bring. Sure enough, in due time, several regulations made it possible for him to start working as a doctor again. A fluffy veteranarian. James didn’t know the first thing about animals, his knowledge was entirely based on the human body, but nobody seemed to mind. In fact, people were happy for anybody willing to treat these pests. They handed out licences to just about anybody that asked.

“Good morning, Lullaby”, spoke James, as he entered his laboratory. Though, the term laboratory was perhaps a bit misguided, as in reality it was nothing more than a repurposed office located in the basement of his clinic.

“gud bwite time daddeh!”

Lullaby was one of James’ first fluffies. Store-bought, well-behaved with acceptable colors, she sported pink fluff with a brown, almost caramel-colored mane. Her little wings fluttered in excitement as she received the affectionate scratches. James put his coffee on the table as he went over to her and gave her a couple scratches.

“coo… tank 'ou daddeh”

While it was true that he was a veteranarian, this was largely to cover the bills and get his hands on lab equipment. In truth, James was utterly enthralled by the existence of fluffies. Ever since coming across his very first fluffy in the wild, James had dedicated himself to better understanding the inner workings of these creatures. He truly could not understand the average abuser, solely focused on harming fluffies for their own sadistic pleasures.

“How are the babies coming along?”, asked James, ceasing his petting momentarily. Lullaby’s pregnancy was in its late stages, it felt as if she could burst any day now.

“tummeh babbehs am gud! wuwwaby gon’ be bestest mummah fow babbehs!”

Fluffy mares were some of the most helpless creatures on earth. It was bad enough that they were almost entirely harmless, but late-stage pregnancy made the poor things sitting ducks, severely reducing their already lacking mobility. Depending on the severity and breed, many fluffies were unable to walk until giving birth.

“That’s good to hear. Let’s hope this batch turns out more promising, yeah?”, James added. The mere mention of her previous babies immediately saddened the fluffy. James was no abuser, but he wasn’t a hugboxer either. For his current experiment, he needed a very specific batch of babies.

“… yes daddeh…”

James sat down at his computer and opened up his digital journal. He’d made a habit of documenting his journey into the world of fluffies, combining both his personal opinions as well as scientific observations. He combed over some articles he’d written…

. . .

. . .

. . .

James took a sip of his coffee. It had been a couple weeks since he began to study the “smarty syndrome”. His research began with, who’d have thought, a smarty. His actual first fluffy was a young colt named after his favorite beverage, Coffee.

Coffee was well and truly the first fluffy James had taken a liking to, he’d met him in a dark alleyway just outside his clinic, where he seemed to have been abandoned by his mother because of his colors, not at all uncommon amongst fluffies. Coffee had dark brown fur coupled with a jet-black mane, and was thusly bestowed the title of “poopy baby”.

Most foals that had colors ranging somewhere between brown and black were often outright rejected by the mother, but the “lucky” ones were allowed to stay, provided they ate the poop of the family and cleaned their behinds. Naturally, these foals weren’t allowed to drink any milk and usually didn’t last long.

Still naive at the time, James promptly took the poor fluffy in. “How could they do this?”, he thought. Showering the fluffball with love, providing it with anything it could ever want, hellbent on “righting the wrong” that had been inflicted on the poor creature.

“gib’ skettis, daddeh! coffee wan’ skettis nao!”

James could still hear the arrogant demands of the unicorn as if it was yesterday. It was the first time Coffee began to show his true colors. Coincidentally, it was also the first time James had ever encountered the smarty syndrome.

Putting down his mug once again, James slowly got up from his desk and walked to the other side of his basement office. He gently opened a door which lead to a dark room with a musky odor inside. He flicked on the light, which was followed by a high-pitched yelping that originated from a cage placed atop a table near the wall.

“EEP! … huuhuu… eyesies huwties…”

“Good morning, Coffee.”, James added as he stepped into the room, wielding a stern expression on his face.

“… huu huu…”

The fluffy merely continued to sob, essentially ignoring James’ presence. James took another step and slammed his fist on top of the cage, startling the fluffy and causing it to unleash a fair bit of feces toward the litterbox that was carefully placed behind him for just such occasions.


“How many fucking times have I told you to greet me when I enter the room?”, James erupted at the already scared creature, causing it to start crying as it struggled to form a sentence.

“… huu huu… g-gud bwite time mun-… daddeh…”

There was a noticeable pause when it addressed James. No surprise, Coffee had to fight an inherent urge to call James by what he truly thought he was, a monster. But he had also learned that James really didn’t like being called that, so eventually the fluffy had learned to correct itself in time.

“That’s better.” James extracted the litter box from the cage and emptied it into a trash can next to the table. He opened up a new package of cheap, store-bought kibble and began pouring it into the miniature trough that was positioned in front of the fluffy.

Coffee began to stretch its neck forward, slowly beginning to eat. He shuffled around, attempting to inch closer toward the trough, though his legs allowed him little to no movement. That’s because his legs had been reduced to mere stumps.

Indeed, Coffee was what was colloquially referred to as a “pillowfluff”, a sickeningly cute name for quite an abhorrent form of mutilation usually reserved for fluffies that are beyond salvation. When fluffies misbehave or disrespect their owners, punishment is commonplace, but the most notorious of fluffies won’t flinch even in the face of severe punishment. In such cases, owners are encouraged to either dispose of their fluffy or pillow it at their own discretion, because rehabilitation for such individuals was often a fever-dream.

James frowned. He didn’t enjoy looking at Coffee in this state, but thinking back to what he’s done, he more than deserved it. Nowadays he mostly kept him alive out of respect for the once abandoned fluffy that he was, though that may very well just be an excuse for James’ distaste for murder.

Luckily, James was quickly snapped out of his melancholy by a loud screech emanating from the office.


Part 2:


Hey y’all. So, I’ve been lurking for the longest time and have been scribbling away at my own attempts of writing. I’ve… never really written much, safe for a few stories when I was a teenager, so this is really my first foray into the creation of literature in general, but particularly fluffy literature.

I have a lot of things planned for this story as its been cooking in my mind for a long time, so regardless of reception I’ll likely publish a couple more chapters, but nevertheless I’m eager to hear of any thoughts or criticisms you might have!

Also, if I misused the tags or haven’t considered something, please let me know.


He didn’t enjoy looking at Coffee in this state, but thinking back to what he’s done, he more than deserved it.

What did you do coffee? WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO COFFEE?!

I love it, I love the premise, I especially appreciate the colored text!

And the formatting for the journal logs, Mmm-mm! You gotta tell me what you used for those cause they look amazing!

Interested to see where this is going!


I’ve simply used the [quote] tag combined with [font=courier new]! I actually spent quite a lot of time figuring out the best way to indicate the journals, I had played around with black background and green text, to evoke a “Terminal”-feel, but ultimately background-color doesn’t wrap for multi-line so it looked a bit off.

When using the quote tag, it’s important to have it be a separate paragraph, or else it won’t do anything. But you can just look at how it’s used when quoting someone!

That being said, I’m very happy you’re enjoying it! Truth be told, you were also one of the influence alongside Karn when writing the story, I’m a big fan of your work so it’s nice to know the feeling’s mutual!


Skimmed it a bit. ( i hate smarties)
but the colored text does help to see who is talking but it may become a bit of a technicolor mess if there are a whole lot of fluffies around though.


Sad coffee turned into what others dont want to have a smarty too spoiled perhaps? Still what he did is unforgivable and punishment is serve.

Hope Lullaby be more better but seems first litter something happen :thinking:

Will wait for next chapter


twist, the family didn’t abandon coffee cause he was brown, but because he was an annoying shithead who reduced their chances at being taken in solely by existing

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